Thursday, May 31, 2007

and a vote...

because quite frankly, I think there's some kind of a where-you're-from thing going on, let us know--growing up, did you say something was...

you've got to be joking or surely you jest

so, a girl walks up to a drink vending machine. she's in a *healthy* mood, so she opts for a bottle of water instead of soda. she's just had to walk upstairs though, 'cause the downstairs vending machine didn't sell water. (wtf?!?)

anyhoo, so she puts her sixty five cents into the machine, hits the dasani button and out comes...

this kid.

what the hell?

(ps, notice reno the cute from LA hanging out in the background). but so, lemme get this straight. it is MORE EXPENSIVE PER OUNCE to buy water than soda. like an entire penny. which just blows my mind. why, praytell, is the WATER more expensive than SODA? why why why? ugh.

it makes me think of the time when I was, oh, let's go with nine. and I wanted to buy paper for school. (you know how I love school supplies) and I wanted to buy recycled paper, 'cause it's all environmentally friendly or whatever.

'cept for the exact same price you could get 120 sheets of regular paper or 80 sheets of recycled. even my hippie mother pointed out that the 120 was the way to go.

so little carita (that's what my mom calls me) wrote good ol' mead a letter, suggesting that they amend their practices and make the recycled paper at least EQUAL to the regular paper in price. couldn't they do something? and who did they think they were fooling, anyway, with that HUGE difference in prices. people READ labels, mr. folks-from-mead. you ain't foolin' nobody.

and off my letter went, via the pony express.

know what they sent me? samples of their various regular non-recycled papers, and a brochure on recycling. goodness me.

also, I'm a letter-writer, if you didn't know. and a complainer, when appropriate. so don't cross me or try to fool me, or you just might find out that my pen is pretty gosh darn mighty, mmm? speaking of pens, but of the un-mighty type, i'm also quite fond of mailing in pens that don't perform properly. perhaps I'm insane. but I don't really think so...

on the bright side? the 10.1 ounce bottle has meant that I've walked to the water fountain a lot today. which is good. especially since the rugby soreness is hitting me hard today. owie.

oh and. know what I luuuurve about the spring/summer? fresh fresh fresh produce. at lunch today I had carrots, cherry tomatoes and red bell pepper slices, and I just finished a berry good snack of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. mmm mmmm mmmm I looooove fruit.

only an hour and a half 'til kd girl time with mexican food and beer/margaritas. i'm looking forward to it, fo shizzle.

happy almost weekend, loves.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

she's the second best killer that I have ever seen

~the fratellis

so, see this ball? this one?

yeah, we played with some of those last night. and not to toot my own horn or anything, but I really did surprisingly well.

oh, I was in the group of three that needed the extra practice with the passing. and physically I didn't have the endurance of the other girls. I did, however, have the speed. and then some.

but I gotta say, the most fun part? we were scrimmaging, six on six, playing touch. and the coach (brushee) was in my "lane" on the opposing team, which means he was guarding me, sorta (unless I moved out of line, but whatever).

anyhoodle, we're on our ten or fifteen meter line, so the other team is superclose to their goal, but we've got possession. so the girl on my left (AB or Vicky, not sure which it was) passed me the ball, and with it in my hand I somehow managed to get past brushee and sprint all the way down the field (which is 100 meters long) and woulda scored except there was this rule about all your players being in the twenty-two. but anyway, the important part is I got by the coach and hauled ass to the goal all by my little self the first day I ever played rugby.

let me tell you, the rest of my showing wasn't so spectacular. but that? that felt good.

and, it felt pretty awesome too when the girlies kept saying "are you sure this is the first time you've played rugby?" and "you're really good at this" and "we didn't look anything close to this good the first time we played."


that's the field. there's A LOT of lingo. A LOT. and only throwing the ball backwards? just plain weird.

it's a hell of a workout though. an hour and a half of running/sprinting/jogging/moving. kinda kicked my ass. like a lot. if I keep this up I might have to break my rule--y'know, the one about not running unless there's a ball involved? I'll die if I keep running like this and only do it twice a week. I mean, softball is good exercise, buuuuuut...not that good.

I told 'em I wanted to come to a few more practices to decide if rugby was for me. I'm not sure about the whole hitting part. I kind of like my teeth and I don't want any broken bones. So we'll see.

also, I figured out some things that seem to run in my kaydee family. y'see, I talked to my Itsy yesterday. and apparently playing crazy violent sports does. and being perspicacious. and being honest and it being okay. and drinking, sometimes to excess. and know what? I like it. :)

i am really really really looking forward to rockin out in t-town very very soon. it's shaping up to be quite the faboo trip, peeps.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

twenty two point eight six

centimeters, that is.

that's the length of my ponytail right now. nine inches. one more inch to go. and then I can cut it off and resume having a much more manageable length of hair. and I like that.

I'll wait until after Jessica's wedding, and I may have to wait until sometime in July or early August to actually hit that ten inch mark. but then? it's all going away. don't worry, I'll still have *some* hair left. it'll be to my chin at least. but I am soooo close.

any ideas for how to be patient?


today I will be *attempting* to play rugby. I'll let you know how it goes. Hopefully I return with all of my teeth and appendages intact. we shall see...

Monday, May 28, 2007


I get this feeling in my gut.

sometimes it tells me everything is gonna be okay.
or that things are going to turn out how I want them to.
or that I can just relax and be cool and let things go how they should.

and I like it.

also, I like the fratelli's new cd A LOT. like, I listened to it twice on sunday and three times today. for reals. I kinda spent a good bit of my time in the car or with a stereo. yippee skippy.

oh and? totally a soprano. need to do a little strengthening and stuff, but really? totally a soprano. just you wait. :)

(had a voice lesson today, by the by)

and? this is panning out to be a good summer. we'll see how it all goes, but that's what it's lookin' like. and it makes me joyous. yay!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

i love it.

i love weekends. especially long ones.

and i love beer. and laughing. and boys who scratch your back ever-so-gently while you sit side-by-side. and being really honest.

i love doing random new things. like nascar last year. and watching the ufc match last night.

and i love seeing my friends. it was wonderful to see the wards and the turleys on friday, AND to get to see betsy and terry and all then too.

i love my church. 'cause of words like this:

last week's, "kissing the boo-boo doesn't make the pain go away, it makes the loneliness go away."
and today, talking about how it was the church's birthday, and how maybe there was all this goodness and it was placed in every person, and interacting with each other is a way to perpetuate the goodness.

and we sang all things bright and beautiful, and i love that song too.

i love gardening. (i planted cherry tomatoes, more basil, jalepenos and the spinach and mesclun today)

i love good conversations.

and new cds. like this and this and this. and the ones I ordered from amazon, too. more fun music suggestions when I get 'em.

and the way gobi chases spiders.

and flip flops.

and scrabulous.

and the secret life of bees.

and relative nerdiness, eh eddie and sterling?

and cherries and hawaiian bread and gouda cheese. mmm-mmmm-mm! one of my very favorite things ev-a is to take two ziplock baggies into a movie theater--one full of cherries, one empty. and then I eat the cherries and put the pits in the other bag. seriously, it makes me gllleeeeeful! you should try it, you'll like it, methinks.

and know what? if you're reading this? bet i love you, too. kisses. :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

i know a place...

y'know how sometimes songs pop into your head, ones that you haven't thought about for years and years? and you find you still know the words?

this one did just that. hellllllo, camp tallchief? this is carrie calling. she spent lotsa lotsa hours with you, mmm-hmm.

i know a place where no one ever goes
there’s peace and quiet, beauty and repose
it’s hidden in a valley beside a mountain stream
and lying there beside that stream
i find that i can dream
only of things of beauty to the eyes;
snow-capped mountains towering towards the sky.
now I know that god made this world for me
one can imagine himself as in a dream
climbing up a mountain or down a small ravine
the magic of the peace and quiet always shall stay
to make this place a haven every day
oh how I wish I never had to leave
then all my life such beauty to receive
now I know that god had made this place for me
sitting in silence beside that mountain stream
i thank god for the beauty of my dream
the friendships i have made here the joys that have been mine
the chance for love and caring 'neath the tall straight pine
oh how i wish i never had to leave
then all my life such beauty to recieve
now i know that god has made this world for me.

mattie's got a new pair of shoes.

okay, well, now all of Mattie's tires are good to go. I don't like paying for the tires, but I sure do like driving on 'em.

I am starting to get a little...mmmm...let's go with melancholy. not woebegone, but sad and thinking-of-old-times-ly.

it makes me think of graduating high school. or leaving college and oklahoma. because now, quite a few of the people that make the triangle area my home are moving. oh, not all of you. i'm lucky enough that I can't even name all of my friends here in one breath. but today marks the day when people really, really are going. and it makes me feel like I'm starting a new chapter, and like part of my family that I've made here is leaving.

and I will miss them.

(ps, four of the ladies in these pics aren't moving, well, in addition to me--audrey, olivia, kara and misty)

at the same time? SO excited for them. excited for their new adventures and their new stories. excited that they're beginning the next phase. and TOTALLY excited to go visit. (plus, three of them are moving to states where I haven't any pictures... :D)

last night I watched Music & Lyrics. It's kinda cute and kinda funny, but maybe woulda been better in a theatre.

I am excited for the long weekend. Not sure what all I'll be doing, but I can pretty much guarantee two things--there will be pictures and there will be drinking. ha!

enjoy your memorial day weekend, dearies.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

and i love what you do don't you know that you're toxic

~ms. britney spears

dude, my work softball team rules. i heart softball. HEART. we're now 2-0, and even if we lose every other game this season we're still gonna tie our record from last year. right now we're top o' the league.

and and and? i got TWO good hits. one of 'em good enough that the sh*t-talking pitcher (who i heart and who played on our team last year) said "good lord, girl, when'd you learn to hit?!?"


ps? our team name is toxic waste. hence the lyrics. :)

afterwards we enjoyed beer and mexican food. mmmmm beer. mmmmmm-m-m-mexican! yay!

and then I did the unthinkable.
okay, well not quite yet.

so, I went home, changed into pants and drove to visit sampson, the wonderful kitty of the wonderful mary alise. i talked talked talked on the phone all the way there, while there and all the way back. and then, goodness gracious...

i chose to talk on the phone instead of watch the season finale of lost.

yes, really.

between the cleaning and the not watching LOST I really think I might need to have my head checked. I'm not sure what I think they'd find, but it all seems a bit weird to me.


anyhoodle, I'll watch it this weekend. not tonight. not tomorrow.

oh and. the bitchy mood and hormotionalism seems to have leveled out, thank the good lord in heaven. doing well in softball helped with that. and too, i felt pretty darn neato that people in five states commented or emailed me to say something about how icks it is when you're like this, or that they are a boy and don't get it but they're sorry to hear it.

thanks, y'all.

to end, one of my fave quotes from Sue Monk Kidd's The Secret Life of Bees "I realized it for the first time in my life: there is nothing but mystery in the world, how it hides behind the fabric of our poor, browbeat days, shining brightly, and we don't even know it."

and thanks, 'stina, for the idea of putting what book I'm reading on my blog.

anybody wanna help me visit states? (that's on the right now, too!)

ps-I wanna be a polymath. can I say I'm a polymath? if not, how does one become a polymath? what a damn cool word. polymath.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

well hello mister fancy pants. you ain't but leadin' two things, jack and sh*t, and jack left town.

apparently that is my phrase of the week. I fully intend to say "mister fancypants" today if the opportunity presents itself. I've said "...jack and sh*t and jack left town" at least once a day for the past four days. and I now have an overwheming urge to watch evil dead, evil dead 2 and army of darkness. anybody wanna join in?

because today, I am hormotional. while all of my friends and friends' friends are thinking about getting/starting to try to get/are pregnant, I'm just trying to work on finding a pill that 1)helps with acne, 2)doesn't make me like this and 3)doesn't cost an arm an a leg.

I almost yelled at the man from atlantic tire today. for reals. granted they COMPLETELY disregarded what I had asked, but still. good news: kept my cool and saved myself $22.87 on my tires. saving money is good. i like that.

yesterday kara and I had an evening of relaxing fun: pedicures, wine and sushi. (congrats to her as well on buying/selling their house!) I need to do that more often. I can count on one hand the number of pedicures I've ever had, but I gotta say, they're a nice treat once in a while.

in less than a month I will be in t-town for nine glorious days. please let me know if you'd like to get together. other than wedding stuff, my three-state-picture-taking-excursion and something for anna, I'm free. we should par-tay, no?

okay, time to gear up for some softball. we are gonna kick some ass and take some names, methinks. :)

jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers...

so, these are my (bespectacled)peepers.

and they're affected by these--jeepers!

and now I gotta put these thingies in 'em, creepers!

but now you know how I got them eyes.

note to self: think positive. eye allergies, even ones where they say your eyelid is inflamed and at risk of scratching your cornea if not treated, are better than all those sinus infections. maybe you'll get over all this eventually, eh?

Monday, May 21, 2007

okie dokie pokie.


I'm being a bad blogger again. But I've been busy, and I've been having fun, and I'm [insert title here] with that.

saw shrek three on friday. it was good, and I bet the beer at mission valley made it even better. and if you live in my neck of the woods (or come visit) you should totally go to mitch's. it was fun to see betsy and her boyf mark there, too! matt and I both agreed that j. timberlake wasn't the best man for that job (we like him, we're just sayin') and seriously, it was fun-nneee! Although apparently they're ripping off month python jokes, sayeth pink is the new blog.

and saturday was cuteness 'cause of this book. boys do sweet things sometimes. it made my day. if you've never read it you totally should! it's one of my very most super faves!

I met a girl (who is also a twin AND a KD) who works for this magazine, and I'm gonna check out their photo submission stuff. also on saturday I kinda fell asleep sitting up while watching boondock saints, and then we had to drive home at four in the morning so I could sing my soprano part in church. ha!

if you're one of my fellow pale people, you should totally rock this sunblock in spf 70--it seems to work! granted, it was three o'clock sun and only an hour, but usually we would have had some toasted carrie, hold the butter. I kind of like not.

other fun things:
my $9.99 ross dress for less skirt

and gobi deciding he'd had enough with the tv, I guess. i love him that I caught him mid yawn.

and I got a raise today. of the annual merit persuasion. it's the highest percentage I've ever gotten. for a job where most of the time I don't operate at full capacity 'cause I'm trying hard to concentrate. it's kind of nice too because I've FINALLY hit/surpassed a mark that I really really wanted to. yay for me!

oh and--if you haven't seen heroes yet, you should. like, the ENTIRE season. it's rocktastic. the ending wasn't what I expected, but I liked it. :) more theories later, except I wanna know who the really really bad guy is!

time for beddy bye. nightynightnight. ~the tulsa terror (that's what the guy I nicknamed pappy called me because of my shorts that say tulsa on the butt. now I get teased when I DON'T wear 'em. ha!)

Friday, May 18, 2007

for old time's sake. and owies. and a cleaning monster! and comh.

yesterday we were a wee bit of bad kaydees. it wasn't on purpose, it just worked out that way. we kinda had our own little get-together than conflicted with a kaydee thing. the bad part is that it was a bunch of kaydees. but really? it's just the ONLY time for sure when we could do it and have everyone there since mary alise left for hawaii today and amy moves soon. I kinda feel a little bad about it, except I also know that sometimes things like this just happen and you've gotta roll with them.

y'see, amy, kara, mary alise, misty and i used to meet regularly for happy hours. marla and kara have been integrated. but really any lady is welcome, to be sure. however these are the ones that were there for the discussion about resuming. we all staggered in, but were there by 8! :) and were celebrating all sorts of good things!

i love girl time. and talking and beer and sharing a cigarette even if it's awful and divulging secrets. good stuff.

if you want to come next time email me!

I came home last night and didn't watch Grey's. Instead I talked on the phone. And cleaned. And got in a little fight with my laundry room door. It went a little like this:

chit-chatting on the phone, putting away the rest of the dishes, loading dirty ones in, blahblah blah-ity-blah. went and sat outside since the reception was better. came in to check movie times (we're seeing shrek the third!). went back out. came in and cleaned some more.

got off phone. listened to messages, returned sterling's call. while talking to sterling, finished mopping the kitchen floor. still on phone, went and put clothes in dryer. had a little trouble making the fold-y door shut (part is off its track) so I pushed really hard. and caught part of my left arm in it. immediately i had an inch-and-a-half long line that was bright red and blue.

it needed ice. ice is in the freezer. the freezer is across the just-mopped and still-wet kitchen floor. i wish i could tell you that i fell and busted my ass 'cause that would be hilarious, but such is not the case. i made it safely to/from the freezer. but boy did my arm hurt!

today it is just a red line. i hope it continues to fade. i tried to take a picture of it but none of 'em came out so good...

this morning I woke up at 6am. like, woke up for reals. wide awake. wide friggin AWAKE!

at 6am.

and how did I decide to spend my time while waiting on mary alise and michael since they were coming over around 820 to get a ride to the airport? I CLEANED. like, cleaned the sink (ps, barkeepers friend rules), wiped off the cabinets and the front of the oven, ironed my dishtowels and neatly arranged them in the caddy, all before 7am.

thus, my kitchen is my comh for this fine friday. and and and, you get a close-up of my dish towels, cute containers from everything but grannie's panties that hold my measuring spoons and my recipes (and once really freaked me out!) and my kitchen board that I bought for a dollar at Jo-Ann's. I'm sure that it's super helpful--not just 'cause of the hooks, but also 'cause if I ever forget what room I'm in I can see it there! ;)

my closet upstairs may be a real disaster area, and might be a fire hazard if it weren't a closet, but my kitchen? it's as spotless as I can possibly get it! :)

goodness me I'm glad it's friday. for reals.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

i'm a leader/i'm a winner/and i'm cleaner/'cause i'm awesome/i don't need you/'cause i'm neato/and i beat you/'cause i'm awesome!/that's right!

~the dollyrots

for reals people, I forgot to mention this: I am CLEANING. as in, like, I voluntarily:
-cleaned out my fridge, removing shelves, the whole nine yards
-cleaned my oven, underneath the elements, in the oven itself, even the burner reflector thingies
-cleaned my counters, all of 'em, taking things off and organizing
-cleaned the microwave inside and out, and even behind and under it
-emptied the spice shelf, dusted it, went through all of the spices combining the ones that were multiples, organizing based on use and type (but not alphabetically, I have some self-respect! [no offense to you alphabetizers out there!])

and tonight, once I get home, I plan on putting away the rest of the dishes, washing what's in the sink and cleaning the floor. and changing my sheets. and vacuuming downstairs.

if you know me, you know I MIGHT have lost my mind. maybe. i'm sooooo not a clean-if-i-don't-absolutely-have-to person. i only clean when I MUST. and right now? don't hafta. could get away with the half-ass, no-under-the-microwave type of cleaning. but I'm getting down to the nitty-gritty (pun, yes?) and putting in some elbow grease. ha!

good lord. if you see me start to wipe down the baseboards please please take me to a doctor.


a team with two
singing soprano
crying like a little girl with a skinned knee
potential roommate
bein' nerdy

et al.

but not in that order.

yeah, yeah, I know, I know. I didn't post yesterday like I was supposed to AND I left a box of poptarts visible for those of you who succumb to not-so-subliminal messages. I should be shot. Um, or you should buy me one, whatev.

right. annnnnnNNnnnnyhoo...

so, I heart words o' the day. in college I used to learn a new word daily. i hate word-o-the-day desk calendars though. then you can't think "that word sucks, I'll learn a different one." it doesn't work like that.

today's word that I like? flagitious. isn't it swell? I'm going to call me nights out drinking flagitious times. I'm pumped about this word. pumped, I tell you. I shall add it to my wordie. Which needs new words.

***what are your favorite obscure words, mmmm?***

right. moving on.

our softball game on tuesday night was AMAZING. we seriously had an incredible comeback. nick makes it funnier here, but the gist is that we came back from being 18-2 in the third inning to win the game 20-18! We got 15 runs in the bottom of the sixth to take the lead. It was awesome. If we continue to gel like this we're basically going to be unstoppable!
it ruled. I heart softball. please don't buy me the charm though, okay?

i also went to the dentist and saw THIS. wtf, mate?

like, seriously, bartlesville friggin oklahoma? you've GOT to be kidding. like, the frank lloyd wright office building is neat (but that building gives me vertigo) and woolaroc is pretty damn cool, but c'mon! now, if you're living in OK or a neighboring state (say, Kansas) or within a few hours drive, okie doke. but this was next to adverts for cruises and beaches and safaris!

yeah, I'm totally going to take a safari to bartlesville, ok. rock and roll, people. goodness me.

(but now I do want to go take pictures at woolaroc when I come to tulsa. anybody wanna come with me?)

so tuesday night I cried like an ittle wittle girl. I watched the final episode of Gilmore Girls, and it was just what I would have wanted.

You saw the great characters in true form, many things were resolved, the banter and pop culture references were great and it was so sweet. Seriously, I just kept reaching for more kleenex.

And then I called and left Sterling a message about how I hated him very very much. (for getting me into the show, dontcha know?). But that I loved him too. Odi et amo, mea amicus. :)

apparently it was so funny he saved it. if you ask him all nice-like maybe he'll make an audio file and share!

in other nerdiness, I finally bought this:

and I also bought a kaydee license plate frame to negate some of the uber nerd. just temper it a little or whatever, you know? i'm looking forward to getting it, it will make me smile, fo' shizzle.

also, I kept noticing this man on my street. he lives catty-corner (kitty-corner to you northern folks) from me on my street, and he clearly needs someone to take care of and/or to talk to. he has a daughter my age, and he's just a really nice guy. I think next time I bake I'm going to bring him some or whatever I make. I saw him outside this morning talking to another person in our complex who was walking her doggie, and I thought about my friend John. y'know, diddle diddle dumpling, my [friend] John... :)

last night I went to TWO church things. (overachieve, much? ) one of 'em was softball, which the other team forfeited. I started to just join in the practice, but realized that I could go to choir instead of skipping it. and I'm glad I did.

there were four altos, two basses and two tenors at practice, so joe asked another lady and me to sing soprano. we did. and I told him how previously I'd been told that maybe I was in denial and was actually a soprano. joe said, know what? maybe you are... and he asked me if I might move up to soprano 'cause they could use another strong voice.

oopsie. now I've gone and done it.

finally, I've got two potential roomies I'm looking at. I met with one today for lunch, and she seems like we'd co-exist just fine. I hope to get this all sorted out sooner rather than later, and to find someone who I'd be okay to live with for another 14 months. I really really really like this not-moving thing, and I totally want to continue with it if at all possible. cross your fingers for me.

i cannot wait for six pm. cannot. friggin. wait.
happy thursday, folks. oh, and don't forget to tip your waitresses. :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

what a deal!

so, usually I try to eat healthy: lots of fruit, lots of water, good lean protein, whole wheat bread, the like. I often drink soda with my lunch, but I usually don't drink the whole can, and that's usually the only soda I have and I try to go for izze or iced tea when I can.

i take my vitamins, try to limit caffeine and only have it before 1pm, etc.

but sometimes I get in a mood, or I get a craving, and unless it's for something I can't get here (like blue bell or mazzios) or unless it's suuuuuuuper terrible for me, I usually give in to the craving.

(this week I'm operating on the i'm-playing-three-softball-games-this-week, therefore-i-can-eat-whatever-i-want mentality) anyway, I decided to get some poptarts. my toast for breakfast just wasn't cutting the mustard.

I went the to vending machine downstairs, where they had strawberry poptarts for 85 cents. It would not accept my quarter, and I noticed there were no lights on in the machine.

Someone in the breakroom said that others were having trouble, too, and I should try the one upstairs. So up I went.

they had strawberry poptarts for 80 cents. and hey, if a penny saved is a penny earned, then a nickel saved is great!

I put in my quarter. and my other quarter. and my other quarter. and my dime.

and got back a dime AND my poptarts.

lesson learned: go to the vending machine upstairs, 'cause it's cheaper AND you're burning calories walking up the two flights to get there.


Monday, May 14, 2007

in the postage stamp world you can all get in line...

~rogue wave

this is another postage post. :)

I am disappointed about today. I still want my 42 cent stamps, dammit!

but at least this one looks kinda cool. I hope the issue more comic ones so we can enjoy them at the 41 cent level. icks if they don't.

also, I am already looking forward to thursday and the weekend. and it is only monday. and this is a week where BOTH of my bosses are out of town. which you'd think would mean it would be great, but there's really kind of a lot to get done. I do have three softball games to tide me over, at least.

and I'm going to start something new. I haven't been making lists as much, as of late. I'm going to try making a list every week and adding/subtracting from it as necessary. a weekly list. I'll keep it in my planner. (I think I'm gonna get aqua for next year! for reals, no pink!) and that way I'll know what I need to be doing when I've got some free time. also? i heart lists.


admit it, you do, too.

time to scarf food and go to softball! yip-to-the-ee!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

baseball, beer and sushi.

y'know, a few of my favorite things. :)

here we are at the baseball game itself (which was still fun even though the bulls lost...and I saw a lady from choir who was working the concessions.

and then? then we went to tyler's. drinking outside is THE BEST. and we ran into dmitry--how crazy! more fun pics, of course.

and when I got to the car, somebody had made me these. cuteness. cuteness indeed.

saturday morning I made three friends: boston, who is four, tyler, who is two and a half and a seventeen year old named jessica. where did I meet these peeps? at a soccer game, that's where. it was a tie, but it was fun to watch. ;)

also, there are kaydees EVERYWHERE around here! I went to a birthday party on Saturday night, and while playing beer pong I made some comment about KDs. And this girl next to me said, "wait, what, you're a kaydee?" Yeah. Little did she know that she was the FIFTH kd there (two from high point, one from longwood and she was from georgia southern, I do believe.) oh and? we were all wearing black. ha! fun stuff.

hooray for kaydee,
hooray for kaydee

kappa delta is our pride

we'll be kaydees 'til we die
green and white,
rose and pearl
i'm a kappa delta girl

anyhoo. moving on...

so, beer pong is fun. and I'm not very good at it. but I'm told I've got the standing there and looking pretty thing down, and I did make the "clutch" cup, so it's all good. and there was more cuteness, but I don't tell everything on my blog, y'know. :)

today? today was fun too. I spent HOURS seeing Gobi and Hazel sit like this while I gardened outside--they wanted to come out sooooo badly:

And Gobi was soooooo sweet, when I laid down to take a little nappy nap he did something adorrrable...he, like he used to, climbed up on my pillow and curled up right beside my head. and purred. it was splendid. now he usually just sleeps on the bed by my pillow, but the kitty actually cuddled!

to end up the day, sushi with kim, stefan, kim's friend melissa, lara, kevin and matt. matt, who, by the way, hadn't ever eaten sushi before! he performed like a champ. i did not do so well my first time around. note to those of you who enjoy sushi and introduce people to it: rock the inside-out rolls. they're easier to swallow. :)

(*please excuse carrie and her forgetting-names-ness. they're all right now! :) )

and and and. apparently. allegedly. according to kevin. i am a soprano. kevin who is a director of music for a living. he says all he needs is five minutes and he'll prove it. he's got my curiosity piqued, for sure. don't worry, I'll keep you posted. (and way to end on a pun, eh?)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

an invitation for boozing and the specific heat of very sharp cheddar cheese

yeah, that's what's on my mind today.

something about melting the cheese for my breakfast burrito made me think of specifc heat. i am a dork, no?

also, my itsy is my hero. she makes me giggle.

and and and.
it's raining here. and I've got one of my oh-so-lovely pressure-change headaches. at least it isn't a migraine....

off for more fun. pictures soonish...

Thursday, May 10, 2007


first off, something good and helpful: if you are an animal lover, go here. it takes like two seconds to click, and it funds food for doggies and kitties that aren't as fortunate as the ones that live in our homes.

next, let's talk about money.

things of annoyance.
1. the men on dollar coins.
this is not cool. the coins themselves are cool. they've got a neat little inscription on the side/rim. and now you get 'em at the post office when you buy stamps from the vending machine and get change back.

but really? (and this is kind of silly) it makes me pissed that men are on dollar coins. why? because though four women have been pictured on coins (beginning with queen isabella of spain in 1893), there are were only two dollar coins in circulation, and both had women. at least that's SOMETHING.

because let's face it folks, the ladies don't get a lot of play in this country. we do things and support things and whatever, but significantly less formal recognition. we're still working to be equal. but I digress.

anyway, I'm annoyed with GWash being on a dollar coin. I know it's prolly wrong, but I am. I liked it that at least women had ONE thing that was all them. not least it looks kind of neat. here's the back and the side/front. I do dig the inscription on the side.

oh, and a shout out to Washington, Washington. This is funny. and a little crude. but I still think it's funny.

2. why do we need a ten dollar coin?
at least there are more ladies.

they're making more ten dollar coins too, I think. money money money.

Oh, anyone see LOST last night? (vague spoiler alert) I am SO MAD AT THEM. Finish your story arcs, people. Don't kill them off. And and and-a word to the wise--remaining characters on the island don't start to figure your stuff out. It's bad news for you. Gah!

I still miss Echo (and sorry if that ruins anything for you if you're behind, but seriously, catch up, y'all)

yay for thursday. yay yay yay.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

got it goin' like a turbo 'vette

~sir mix-a-lot

please please please go listen to this. right now. and laugh.

happy hump day. more later.

(and thanks muchly jeremy for passing this one on.)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

eight eight I forget what eight was for

~violent femmes

so, cuteness. and weirdness. and stuff.

did you know:
you can buy practically anything with your sorority or fraternity name on it? like, really. a scooter, an ipod cover or a clock. seriously, check it here. (I couldn't find the kaydee versions of them all so I decided to be panhellenic...after all, I kinda gotta be...)

also, yesterday I learned a new phrase: jumping the shark. apparently it's weird that I didn't know it. I heard this phrase TWICE in like, oh, let's go with 18 hours. This phrase I'd never heard before. I like it. Consider it integrated.

oh and? Good for Claire Bennett: "The universe cannot possibly be that lame." I HEART HEROES. If you're not watching it I really really encourage you to check it out. This show RULES. go watch the eps PRONTO. you will not be disappointed. if you are? I will send you a cookie. okay? okay.

other things:
1. I hate having my hair wet. It makes me a little crazy. I actually made my date wait while I dried it (I missed his call, didn't get the message, my softball game went over and if I hadn't checked my phone again it's highly possible he would have knocked on the door while I was still in my underwear. which, all in all might not've been terrible for him, but still).
2. apparently I can float. Like, in softball. At second base. And my team thought it was rocktastic that I held my ground on my base despite the runner barreling towards me. this is nothing. recall: blood blisters on my left leg in the shape of the ball stitching and my time playing catcher during fast-pitch softball. goodness me.
3. i am nervous about tomorrow at 845pm. I'm having my picture taken for the church directory. and while, on one hand, this is awesome 'cause I've actually found a church I love and all, on the other hand? I'm having to be in that picture all by my lonesome, and that kind of freaks me out. I also don't know what to wear.
4. it is cute when a guy says "aw, shucks." and means it.
5. i love love love it when people like my photos. more specifically when people compliment them directly and go out of their way to tell me so. this pleases carrie greatly! what he actually said was "so, while you were drying your hair (see #1) I checked out your photos again and I've really gotta say, they are great. I really like them. I just looked at them all and I kept thinking, 'wow, I really like her photography.' I went around and looked at each of 'em--and then I saw one and I thought 'I don't really like this one as much as the others' and I felt kinda bad, but then I saw that it was taken by someone else! your pictures are exactly the type of photos I like to look at." this kinda made my day. anyone who's an artist prolly understands.

alright. one last thing: wedding crashers is a very hilarious and highly quotable movie. you should watch it. and? the rappin' granny is in there, and she's a kd! :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

fits and starts.

ever feel like that's how everything goes? in fits and starts? or, y'know, by them. whatev.

sometimes that's how I feel I operate--in fits and starts. gogogogogogo-stop. gogogogo-stop.

so, pictures from the fun this weekend: pity kara and susan couldn't join us, but marla and I had a spleeeeeeeeeeendid time. see?

and and and I bought m'self some pretty pink roses that smell DIVINE. which is especially nice since I can smell, y'know, since I couldn't (and sometimes still can't) after those sinus infection and surgery of yore.

also, how often do you get to use "yore" in a sentence? only slightly more often than "daft" methinks. oh, and then there's methinks... :) you can see where this is going...seriously though. I DID get to use "daft" last week. yay!

so, we had to forfeit our softball game. :(
and the wonderful betsy-lou (can I call you that from now on) came over to watch heroes. yay! :)

and I am tired. so I shall sleep. night night.
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