Tuesday, June 30, 2009

giving in gratitude

my friend, maria, is sponsoring a contest...she wants to know what giving means to her friends. and here's my post: (and also, happy birthday maria!)

I give because I am thankful. To show that I am thankful. And grateful. And appreciative.

I realize that in my life thus far I have been given many, many amazing experiences because someone else chose to allow me the opportunity. Experiences that have nothing to do with how much money we (didn't) have or what kind of clothes we wore or food we ate--instead ones that taught me about God and about love and about sailing and photography and how to tie a sheepshank or slide into homebase. Or take care of this earth on which we are so lucky to live.

Someone else gave their time. I now choose to give mine.

to return the favor, to complete the circle, to follow the Golden Rule.

I also realize that a good part of why I am so thankful is because of the skill sets and life experiences and knowledge that I have gained. And that is why my organization of choice today is the Heifer Foundation. If you don't know who they are--from their website "Heifer Foundation envisions a sustainable world where hunger and poverty no longer exist. Its mission is to partner with people in the global movement to end hunger and poverty and care for the earth."

They teach people in impoverished places how to care for livestock, which will provide them both a source of food AND a source of income if they sell their extras. Their goal is to help people become self-reliant--teaching the man to fish instead of just feeding him for a day, as it were. We often supported them in my church growing up--we had these cute little Noah's Ark collection banks--but I didn't really *get* it until just a few years ago.

Thank you, Maria, for giving me the opportunity to think through this--it gave me a nice little recharge. :) And thanks for putting on the contest, too!

Monday, June 29, 2009

getting prepared for oklahoma...

is like running a marathon. and getting together my disaster kit in case of tornado. and anticipating a birthday party. all at the same time.


so, I made a schedule, see?

while in Oklahoma and Texas I'm shooting a wedding (yay Leanne!) and six mini photo shoots. And possibly three others that are not yet confirmed. I am trying really, really hard to get all my editing done before I go. I finished the wedding and I am almost done with the newborn shoot from a few weeks ago, and all I have in the backlog other than that is my session from this weekend and the one of the newlyweds last weekend.

thankfully, I have learned how to effectively edit photos in the car. :)

so....I have some open time to hang out and enjoy adult beverages on Wednesday and Monday. Any takers?

this weekend was looooooow key for Matt and me. I spent a LOT of it editing photos. We also cleaned up for Matt's dad's visit, which ended up being very fun and chill. We got to see pictures of him from 40 years ago 'cause George was on his way to a reunion. And we had yummy food for dinner--most of which came from my CSA!

and yesterday we slept in (and yes, I skipped church! I hadn't slept in siiiiince...since.....June 6th. It was time.) ate breakfast at brig's, I got a massage and then edited some more and did some work at home. yay. :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

working two jobs--one for your mind and one that you love.

before I begin, the typical Carrie-caveat. After it happened ONCE I am now uber-paranoid that people will think that I talking about them when I am talking about *me.* I am simply not that subtle or passive-aggressive. So, this isn't mean to reflect in any on any of my artsy, camera-clicking, paint-brush-using, leather-working, bead-making, etc friends, okay? Okay.

also? I really wish I didn't feel like I had to put statements like that on my blog. But I seriously don't even want to talk about the drama that could ensue when people decide that you were definitely talking about them when you very very much weren't. anyhoo. yeesh.

So, I am getting more and more of the same line of questions--are you a full time photographer? oh, you have a second job? when are you gonna do it full time? you totally *should!*

and while that is totally a huge compliment, and thank you for saying so, my answer is still the same: I really like being an engineer. I worked really, really hard to become one, and I enjoy my job SO much! I love photography--it is such an important part of my life--but I am a photographer because I choose to be. Because I love it. I don't want to make the switch to relying on that for income.

I mean, what's that saying--it usually applies to relationships, but I think it applies here--to be happy you've always gotta want and love something more than you need it. And in the foreseeable future, I don't want to need it.

It was actually kind of refreshing talking to a) my best good friend Sydney C and b) this dude, Nate, who worked in a camera shop and takes awesome pictures and was a friend of Adam, who got married this weekend.

Nate told me something that no other photographer has said to me: keep it as a side thing. He actually urged me to do so. And for the very reason I say I want it to stay that way--because you fall out of love with something when it becomes what you rely on for your bread and butter. (not everyone, mind you--there certainly are exceptions. but a whoooooole lot have it happen. particularly in fields that rely on artistic talent.) I seriously needed to hear that.

Syd and I were talking about her wedding plans--two months and three days! I am bridesmaid in her wedding, and I was editing photos while talking to her. She laughed and then as we were making plans for next week we realized I was going to go try on my dress, she was gonna teach a riding lesson and then we'd meet up for beers, so she was kind of in the same boat. Her second job--the thing that she loves--sometimes interferes with her life, but it's worth it. And it's also not something she wants to do full time.

anyhoodle. things on my mind this week. as I've spent the past two weeks editing constantly and work is crazytown and cows. (I seriously might spend this entire weekend either editing photos or doing work so I can go out of town other than the haircut, seeing Dad Fry and a Saturday morning photo shoot. yikes.)

ps: I bought a new site for my art prints!
pps: I had to make a collage. you might have seen it on facebook. but I'm uploading it again 'cause this long post needs a picture!
ppps: I have this totally rad thing called a lensbaby, right? well I just pimped it out and saved $40 in the process. I cannot possibly tell you how excited I am--it is the most "Carrie" lens ever, and I just made it even more versatile. Just. You. Wait.
pppps: no more photo purchases until August!
ppppps: that is all.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


my mom just called to tell me that our doggie and fabulous boston terrier, gracie butterfly, has passed. sad, sad news. we got her when I was thirteen. so we had her for more than half of my lifetime.

-my mom and sister noticed gracie had a tumor. turns out it started in a rib and was around her heart and going into her spine. so far there were no outward signs of pain, and the vet said it was growing rapidly, but we probably still had a while before it began to hurt her, so my mom decided that she would wait to do anything further until I came to Tulsa and got to see Gracie one last time. this was about two weeks ago.

as a doggie:
-she thought she was a cat. The other two animals in the house were both cats, Rainbow Sunshine and Bluey Moonbeam (Anna and I named them when we were 5, can you tell?) and she thought she was one of them. Gracie refused to eat her dog food--and loved Deli Cat so much that once we found our about her tumor that was only able to be operated on if they built her a new ribcage after, my mom had some shipped in from another state since OK doesn't have it anymore.

-she was so easy going. a great cuddler and I loved LOVED it that even when she hadn't seen me in a long time she would hear my voice and come-a-runnin.

-she would dance on her hind legs. sometimes with our help, sometimes not.

as a puppy:
-someone stole her. (no joke) we got her back because some little girl (too young for elementary school even) saw the picture we held out and said "I saw her as such-and-such's house." Gracie had escaped from our kitchen door one time at the end of a school day (we lived directly across the street from Eliot) and the neighbor had apparently taken her home--but we knew it wasn't some sympathetic lost dog thing--we saw Gracie scurry out the door, followed her immediately and then couldn't find her anymore. And of course Gracie had on a tag, and we were out looking, and whoever grabbed her was right next to our house!! So, my mom followed the lady to her neighbor's house, saw Gracie in those people's yard, asked the little girl in the yard (a different one, she said probably ten years old) if her parents were home, and she said no, so my mom asked about the dog--her parents had come home and said "look what we found!" gave the girl the $50 in reward money and took Gracie back home.

-Gracie REFUSED to pee on anyone. Before she was actually paper trained. She'd pee anywhere else, and sometimes make it to the paper, but she never peed on a person. I one time wrote an entire paper with her on my lap, picked her up to put her down and she began to go immediately. I was kind of impressed 'cause she knew enough not to do it on us, even without our telling her.

-She got hit in the head by car on one of her infamous kitchen-door-escapes. She had a huge bare spot on her head that slowly filled in, but even, what, fifteen years later, it's still there. Poor doggie was thisclose to not being alive. She got better though. :)

Some people don't get about how animals become a part of your family, a part of your life. But they do. My mom wanted a Boston Terrier her whooooole life. And she got one. :)

I will miss my Graperoo-Grapes-Grapetastic-Graaaaaaaaacie. I'm quite sad she won't be there next week, but I'm relieved she isn't going to suffer, and my mom isn't going to have to decide to put her to sleep. :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

wbw--aka "stupid things I did at the KA house."

okay, maybe not stupid. crazy. ridiculous. out-there. wouldn't-do-now-that-I'm-28. and this is just two--there are many, many more of them. sometimes involving bandanas, mechanical bulls, bottles of paint, togas and/or goldfish.

in college, the KAs were my faves. I spent a lot of time at that house. I must admit I'm a bit partial to the theta chis now, as Matt is one of them and some of his frat brothers are really awesome guys, but the KAs will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. aw.

okay, so getting this show on the road...

oooooh, college. I look back on you, and I smile, and I think "damn, that was fun [once.I.decided.to.let.loose.and.not.obsess.about.grades -and- immediately.began.getting.better.grades.but anyway]" and also "boy, am I glad it's over."

let's just remember it fondly, and revisit it on occassion, aight?

so: this is for KA's week--Old South, right Turner? Or was that just the dance? I know this once is during my sophomore year. We sang "KA Angel." As in Johnny Angel. I made all those shirts. ALL those shirts. we lost to the tridelts this year, I think. Whoever it was sang a song where they slapped their asses. mmmmhmm.

next up: oooooooh buddy. If you wanna be my lover...WANNABE!! This is Senior Year I think. ME? I am Sporty Spice. I WORE A SPORTS BRA IN PUBLIC and SHOWED MY BELLY BUTTON AT A NON-SWIMMING POOL or GYM. This was slightly scandalous. Okay, more that slightly. I wore tight clothes then, but dangit, they covered everything! I required some serious convincing that a track jacket would not do.

Oh and by the way? This year? WE WON!

and for your reading pleasure--I heard this so many times I can't ever forget it...my itsy had to rap it.

now, here's the story from K-to-D, you wanna get with me, you gotta listen carefully--
we got becky/is in the place with smiles on their face
we got K and stacy, dancin' and an amy b-precious as can be-she she's so sweet
slam the fish down, the party's all around
slam the fish down, the party's all around...

if you want a slamin' party, you gotta go to goldfish...

um, this might also clue you in to what was done *at* goldfish. fish were absolutely harmed in the making of that party. ew. anyway, moving on. oh and, another hit not pictured here: KA Cabana. As in the Copa, CopaCabana...there was another one but I don't recall it.

oooooooh college.

Monday, June 22, 2009

damn you, camera that keeps killing batteries.

I LOVE Canon cameras. LOVE. they rock my socks. but one of mine is also kind of annoying the heck out of me right now--my powershot. It did this once and now it's doing it again--it's eating through batteries at a rapid clip. good news: I use rechargeables. bad news: it's not like I keep fully charged double A's with me at all times. le sigh.

so, pictures will have to wait. well, some of them. here's one of matt and me, and here's one of our icecream pit stop. mmmmm. we visited this place last year, too! we both really wanted to go, so we took adam and kristin's pictures, took back the tuxes (~20 minutes away) and then came back to downtown annapolis just to get icecream and walk around. :)

short tales from the trip, pictures later.
A. here are the first three sentences someone that I actually *know* said to me each of the times she saw me.
1. hey, carrie, how are you? (friday)
2. gosh, carrie, I don't think I ever see you wear anything but green, ever. (post wedding)
3. I don't think I've ever known anyone else in my whole life who gets sick more than you. (reception)

B. Saturday after the wedding (which I'll share in detail later, but it was BEAUTIFUL, the church was incredible, the bride was breathtaking and I didn't cry at the ceremony but I DID cry at the reception wow!) we went a downtown bar called Pusser's. Totally cool, patio/deck area on the water, loved it. Much later in the night I was finished my last beer before we were going to go to another bar (which turned out to be kind of lame but whatever) so, I'm standing there, talking to Chris and...

my beer is no longer next to me. the bus-boy took it. he's cleaning things off the table I'm standing next to. I turn to him and...

I say: Um, hey, where'd my beer go--did you clear my beer?
he says: It was empty.
I say: no, it wasn't. There were at least two more drinks in there (note: it probably had 1-1.5 inches of beer in it, I would guess)
he says: well, it's already in the trash.

[pause as he continues to clean and I just kind of stare at him waiting for anything resembling an "oops!"]

I say: Well, it wasn't empty. And in the future when someone is standing right beside a beer it would probably be a good idea to make sure they're finished with it before you take it away. Especially if there's still liquid *in* it.
he said: ma'am would you just please chill out.

I. Was. Pissed. I thought about talking to the manager, but then thought better of it. I told the dude at the other end of the table instead--he'd been coming to collect empties from our table all night and was really polite and easy-going. I told him what happened, saying I thought someone needed to know but I didn't want to make a huge stink. He asked me if it had been the dude with the bowl-cut. I said yes. He said "yeah, he's kind of a douchebag. I'll talk to him." I said "okay, but just to warn you, he's going to tell you that I'm a bitch." And [this I love] the guy said to me "Well, if he says that I'll be defending you. You have been nothing other than nice and polite. He was in the wrong, he should have asked."

A bit petty? Absolutely. All the dude had to say was "oh, my bad, sorry" and we would've ended it there. Le sigh.

C. There's a shot called a B-52. It is not good. If someone is trying to give this to you they probably have alien taste buds, are not actually your friend, or have been drinking something other than gin and tonics all day.

D. I am still sick. I was sick alllllll weekend. I was getting better, but then we got back way late and now I'm not feeling so hot again. I think it is time to go the route of antibiotics. She was hoping I wouldn't need them, but now I've been sick for 8 days and I am taking two steps forward, one step back, wellness-wise.

E. I took some *just married* photos for the happy couple! I did their engagement pictures last year, and here are just a handful of their pics--I wanted them to see some before they headed off to their honeymoon!

the end.

ps: It was BIZARRE coming out of the reception after, oh, 7 hours from ceremony start to reception finish only to find that it was just 8pm and the sun was still out. Bizarre.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am afraid some of you really REALLY aren't going to like this post...

but hear me out...and pardon me while I vent a little.

I am not a fan of father's day.
Or mother's day.
Or grandparent's day.
Or valentine's day.

I am even a little on the fence about National Women's Friendship Day, which was founded by my sorority, which y'all know I kind of love like crazy, but I still am not exactly a fan, though I do like it better than the other days, but I digress.

So, you're probably asking the question "why?"

the reason is simple: it leaves someone out.

Which I HATE. Like, HATEHATEHATE. I actually reserve the word "hate" for occasions just like these, because it's word I think is FAR over-used and has much bigger implications than most people realize. Also, kind of like LOVE.

I am quite well aware of what it's like to be "left out." Very familiar with this feeling. As a child, I experienced the kind of left-out-ness that many people felt at one time or another. Your clothes weren't matchy-matchy Laura Ashley and you wore neon orange high top converse with blue socks--left out. You had "pizza face" because your lovely hereditary acne--left out. You were smarter than a lot of the other people in your class--left out. And even as an adult? Still getting left out. It bothers me much, much, less now, ps. Actually, it just makes me giggle at the people who do it.

But more to the point--another time I got left out, time and time again, was for anything that involved a "father." Sure, my granddaddy was there to fill that role, but remember, I have a twin sister. So anything we did? We needed two fathers, because that's just how those things work. (e.g., father-daughter Girl Scout dance)

When it came to college? My father died in a house-fire my freshman year. When it came time for homecoming shirts a few years later, my sisters wanted to do a shirt that said "we'll always be our daddys' little girls." I pitched a fit, and we realized we couldn't make it mom's either, so we decided to say "we'll always be your little girls." More PC. Not everyone even HAS parents, you know? But we were all little girls, once.

and even on my wedding day? no father to dance with. granddad was not in good enough health. and I ended up dancing with my Uncle Bill, who didn't even want to dance (we had all figured granddad would have enough energy to make it through the first dance)

but these things? they're all about *me* personally. and they're what made me realize this. so, let's broaden it a little.

remember my friend who lost her baby? yeah, mother's day? five days after her daughter passed.

grandparent's day? makes me celebrate my granny, but also mourn my grandfather and my grandma la la.

valentine's day is kind of miserable if you're single and generally cheesy if you're not.

and if you haven't caught on to the father's day thing yet then you really aren't reading. :)

but it makes me think...
what about children who were never adopted?
or people whose parents hurt them?
or what about the mother who couldn't have children?
or the father who lost his wife, the mother of his child?

and? why the heck don't we celebrate these people in the moment? why does it require a special day?

I guess I just don't get it.
maybe I'm an over-complimenter. or maybe I tell my feelings more often than other people. but I just don't get it.

but that said? I still celebrate. I cannot imagine the kind of pride and love that comes with being a parent--and I hope to know it some day. This Father's day? We are absolutely calling Matt's dad George (who is fabulous. and who reads this blog. and who thinks I am the bomb.) and wishing him happy father's day--because like I'm sure most of you would feel, we are each in different ways very thankful to have him as a part of our lives, and just 'cause I don't agree with having these types of holidays doesn't mean I'm going to inflict my opinion on someone else and deny them their celebration in protest. I can share it here though. :)

I guess....
I just wish we could be more respectful of the have-nots in our society.
And I wish we could be more empathetic for those who don't have those figures in their lives. Particularly the ones who grieve for them still, or never had them to begin with.
And I hope we can be mindful of our differences instead of expect everyone to fit the mold.

off: soapbox. it's just something that has weighed heavy on my mind recently. thanks for reading.

ps: I am okay with Christmas. And Easter. and Thanksgiving. And 4th of July. And even MLK day. Christmas and Easter (Christmas moreso than Easter) have come to be more about taking time to celebrate with those you love, not necessarily those to whom you are related. 4th of July? Hello, you choose to live in America. MLK day? Life lesson valuable to ALL humankind. And Thanksgiving? again, you choose to live in America. Etc. I'm sure I'm missing lots of holidays, but you get the gist.

pps: I know there are a million pros for holidays like this, too. eg--the spouse or child who never remembers to show appreciation will be more likely to do so. it teaches children about appreciating their parental units. etc. And people who are parents and grandparents and the like? A lot of 'em TOTALLY deserve a party. I'm not denying that part at all. It just makes me think of those who don't get to be a part of the celebration.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what I decided to do...

a little update--remember a month and change ago when I asked where and to whom I should give my $100 in donations? and y'all gave some great suggestions?

well, I took care of that today. almost.

I gave $50 to the SIDS foundation.
And $10 to MDA in honor of Mark.
And $10 to Make a Wish in honor of Nicole.
And $10 to Wine to Water in honor of Karen.
And $10 to Koinonia Farms in honor of Leanne.
And I'll be mailing a $10 check to NEEV just as soon as I can find my checkbook, in honor of Gurdas.

some of those are little tiny amounts, but I believe every penny counts. :)

oh and I must tell you though, this whole "in honor of" thing is for me, personally. So don't expect a card saying I made a donation in your honor, 'cause I didn't fill in your info and I didn't ask them to send you one--the ones that gave the option only mail cards to people, they don't do e-cards, and I didn't want to ask them to go through the trouble or add the expense. I am sure you understand. :)

thank you, again, for your suggestions!

just one picture from our trip. well, one of each!

because I don't have time for more than that right now...

while we were out and about visiting wineries we saw some prettyprettypretty spots! made me wonder if in the future I can talk an engaged couple into visiting a winery for pictures because they are BEAUTIFUL! It also made me think that if Matt and I do engagement pictures someday (okay, who am I kidding? when Matt and I do engagement pictures someday...) we should do some of them at a brewery. :)

here's Matt and me at the barn behind the original house from Westbend Vineyards. The grounds here were just AMAZING!

and here are our friends Courtney and Derek. What a RIOT! Derek is doing the classic kick-up-the-leg pose typical reserved for the women in the relationship. Ha!

We were not in love with this place's wine (except for their sparkling one that was thirty-friggin-five dollars a bottle!) but the grounds were just stellar. I took 146 pictures at this place alone, and we were only there for an hour!

More about the wineries soon. Now, back to work!

Monday, June 15, 2009


so, I'll tell you about my weekend later.

right now I really don't feel like typing. or posting. or thinking. however: I want to share some pictures.

so, here are some things that are making me feel better right now (I am at home sort-of-sick. It's more like I've felt kind of icky all weekend since Saturday night, and I think I'm just a bit run down. It hasn't all been the same thing, either. first it was stomach problems. now it's sinuses. boooo)

sidenote: I haven't had any of that yogi tea today. but I'm thinking about it. which isn't a good sign. the "throat coat" tastes HORRID. but it works like a charm. if I'm thinking of drinking that (and I am) you know it's not good.

additional sidenote: I love it when things I have make me think of people who are important to me. like that loose mint tea? makes me think of renee. and the trip to atlanta. the tea ball? jennifer lee--we each got one at morgan's imports (which if you've never visited? you TOTALLY should). and that sourwood honey? makes me think of matt, but then also of lisa and richard and janice et al who went skiing in boone. :)

oh and? I made zucchini bread last night. and took some pictures of how the light makes my home look in the evening. so it's like a c.o.m.h./i'm sick post, all in one! and those curtains are one of my favorite things. they are totally vintage, from france and were a gift from my granny. and I love them.

time to take a cat nap (likely *with* cats!) and chug some tea before my 3pm conference call.

Friday, June 12, 2009

oh yeah, and the hair update.

still no picture. I will make Matt take one this weekend while we are out. visiting. wineries!

our friends Courtney and Derek are going with us, I am excited! we are possibly visiting..

Raffaldini (okay we're actually DEFINITELY visiting this one--SO pretty!)

Laurel Gray, Shadow Springs, Dobbins Creek and/or Buck Shoals.

We've been talking about it for a little bit, but I finally started planning it yesterday--and luckily a wedding blog I follow featured a shoot at Raffaldini and I KNEW that's where we would be going. Seriously if you only click on one link, make it that one. Or, if you must, just wait for my pictures. :)

They are all nestled VERY close together, like 10-15 minutes apart, maybe less in some cases. And I am excited!!

But about the hair...it is getting MUCH cuter. see: before. My bangs have easily grown half an inch. and when she trimmed it up a week and a half ago she made it a little shorter, and I like that too. So, this is REALLY good news. I'm still growing out the shortest layers and the bangs, but I am way WAY WAY happier with the look now. :) I actually style my hair and think "hey, that's kind of cute!" Whew. I have been waiting for this day.

okay, back to getting work done and then I go to pick up my camera!!

deja vu.

um, so remember a month and a half ago (TO THE DAY) when I posted this?

well, do a double take. except that this time? my camera is sitting in Raleigh waiting for to come pick her up! After the wedding I did two weeks ago, I realized that if the 50D I had broke, and I had to use my XTi? I would be hard-pressed to get photos that were as good as the ones I can take with my 50D.

now before anyone starts thinking that you have to have a fancy camera to take good pictures, let me assure you: you don't. you can get amazing stuff with a point-and shoot. most of my early work y'all love? (the tree from underneath? the mustang photos? the sunflower photo published in Our State? and while we're at it, ALL of these?) point-and-shoot.

and furthermore, just 'cause you have a fancy camera does not guarantee you're going to get breathtaking shots. believe me, I know. you have to learn how to use it right, and then...then it's beauty.

but I'm rambling here.

SO I realized that if I'm at a once-in-a-lifetime event (e.g., a wedding) and my 50D were to malfunction and I had to use my Rebel, I would be mucho disappointed to downgrade my equipment for the rest of the day. I don't think the bride would know, but *I* would, and that's enough that it made me decide to look for a second 50D.

I was going to rent a camera for the weddings this year--for Leanne's, Beverly's and Julie's, etc. I was going to spend about $480 total renting the dang thing one week at a time. So, as long as I use it, I'm good. And if I suddenly decided to stop doing weddings (which is SO not what I'm expecting, but I like to logic things out, here...) and sell the camera ('cause I would TOTALLY keep one of them) then you know what? As long as I didn't lose more than $230 in the process? I win. :)

and I really don't think that eventuality is going to happen anytime soon.

so anyway--decided I would start looking. maybe find it, maybe rent for Leanne's wedding.

But you know what? I found it. And I saved $250 off of what it would've cost me new. Someone sold it to a camera shop in Raleigh--Peace Camera. They'd taken ~300 pictures with it, and for whatever reason, decided they weren't going to keep it. It works perfectly, it comes with a warranty/guarantee and it is now owned by yours truly.

(sidenote though: the people at Peace? Their customer service is LACKING. I'm hoping it's just 'cause they don't like talking on the phone or something. But they were less than pleasant. I think I'd say gruff. But for $250 in savings? I'll take gruff.)


and enough about photography for one post. :) except that now I'm thinking about getting rid of my rebel altogether, maybe. hmmm.

more later this afternoon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

this is your friendly neighborhood "greenie" blogging to tell you...



This morning I woke up, got ready and carried my coffee, OJ, purse, backpack and lunch downstairs. I put them in the car and proceeded to go collect the mail--Matt was really good about it for a while, but that's just when he was waiting for the gov't to send him his refund. It's here now, and I'm the one waiting for checks, so I guess that's how it works. But I digress.

As I walked there I saw a red car in the open garage two doors down from the mailboxes. They are a 45 second walk from my house, and she lives in the set of houses next to them. I live two further than that.

I heard her car start, saw her back up and saw her PULL INTO THE SPACES in front of the mailboxes (into a handicap spot, by the by) leave her car running and get her mail. she stood there and leafed through it while her car ran. then got in and left.

I assume she was going to work or something. And if the mailboxes were where the trash compactor is, I wouldn't be having a hissy. Those things are a good 5 minute walk away, and sometimes you don't have 10 more minutes on work days. But there is her house, another house, another house and the mailboxes. I am probably doubling the distance--it's probably more like 75 feet from her front door. It takes me longer to walk to the bathroom at work than it would have taken her to walk to the mailbox.

oh, and? I've seen her do it before.

peeeeeeeeeople. stop being so damn selfish. you're ruining the earth for the rest of us.

::this has been a public service announcement, you will now be returned to your regularly scheduled programming::

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

monsters walking 'cross the floor

thanks Corrie for sharing this! It made me smile. A lot!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I am.
for a vacay.

I know, I know. I travel a lot. Wasn't I just in the mountains and Florida and stuff? Absolutely. And I had so much fun. And I go to Oklahoma in, gosh, three weeks from today. And to Annapolis in ten days. And to Colorado in six weeks.

But these are trips. With purposes (photography. weddings. family.). I want a vacation. A go-and-lounge-and-eat/drink/sleep and RELAX vacation. Obviously I'd bring my camera, but I want to take the pictures of my choosing without anyone paying me to do it. :)

Matt and I have a roadtrip planned in September/October-ish timeframe. Not sure when yet. And we have been talking about taking a weekend and going somewhere fun just the two of us (perhaps to visit a brewery or to a bed and breakfast or something?) but again, no dice. We seriously don't have a weekend that's free of un-cancel-able commitments until....until...August 1st. and then Labor Day weekend. yeehaw.

happier notes:
TOXIC WASTE is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! We had our first practice yesterday. Man, how I love playing with that team. And I think I'm going to get a new bat--mine is just too heavy. We had a good time and I am SO looking forward to the season. Today, though? I am looking forward to stretching because I am SORE!

also? tonight is a triple date with two of our very favorite couple friends. yay!

and and and, this weekend it's trips to NC wineries. that should be VERY fun. I probably need to get on that whole researching thing though. :)

Monday, June 08, 2009

we went bowling on friday...

and in honor of janice, I am rating it. overall? an 8!

-1 for being in sketch-town a little. and for the google directions sending us down a scary looking gravel road near a motel, which made you wonder "exactly how many drug deals have gone down here, you think?" it wasn't a great part of town but it also wasn't *that* bad, and matt was there.

-.5 for not remembering my nail clipper. I tend to tear the hell out of my thumbnail when I bowl.

and -.5 for the lane repeatedly messing up on my bowls. it was kind of cool how she kept legitimately anticipating my score when she was fixing it though.

positives: $8 for a pitcher of beer. AND they filled up a cup too! The counter lady was so nice too. And for bright colored bowling balls, fabulous company, the beginning of Claudia's birthday week and for scoring a 121 the first game. That game I had the highest score other than Matt!!

Thanks, Janice, Claudia and Brian!! We had fun! :)

-post from my iphone!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

hot, cold, warm.

something happening in my life just made me think of these beauts. I had a heck of a time finding a picture of them.

who knows where they are, hmm? and can you tell me how they came to be painted as such?

and exciting photography things...

so, first off. wanna see the wedding pictures from this weekend? go to my website, and to the gallery "from your session" and enter the password "jessicaandmark0530." :)

tonight I am doing my first corporate gig. it's a couple of headshots for a local company, nothing difficult or complicated, but still. they need this kind of stuff semi-often, so I'm hoping that I can be their "backup" (they already have someone they usually use).

AND I have found out that my work will be featured on not one, but TWO vendor's websites. it's not on either's yet, but that's the word on the street. one will be saturday's venue, and the other's a secret for now. and once it's up I'll put it on my photography site and let you know it's there (don't want their statcounter to lead them back to my person blog, y'know?)

anyway, EXCITING!

this month I'm anticipating: just married portraits in annapolis, a family session, a newborn session (possibly two) and another set of headshots.

next month: bridal portraits, two weddings, five mini photo shoots in dallas, three mini photo shoots in tulsa, and maybe another family session.

WOW. wowowowow.

I am so thankful. :)

um, so, I didn't tell you about my hair.

or do wbw. I have something, I just need to take a picture of it. but for now, the hair saga: continued.

tuesday evening I rolled over to the salon to have my hair "looked at." I'd called her last Thursday, telling her I was unhappy and my hair looked, well, a mess. I said I wasn't mad at the girl, and maybe it was just my hair, but this cut didn't look "right." And, the color, though not too shabby, was the one thing I hadn't asked for: darker. As a matter of fact I'd specifically requested not darker.

and here I was with darker, redder, choppy hair that I have liked exactly once since I cut it.

so. roll in. she is SO nice. we go outside and she's like "yeah, it's not a bad color, but I can see why you wanted it lighter. I like these pieces here (which were lighter to begin with)." she suggested we wait 2-3 weeks and try again--she said if I could deal with it until then my hair would be much happier in the long run.

next she checked my cut. she had me show her the pictures and then said "um, yeah, she should have encouraged you not to get that one of paris hilton. double processed hair bends in way normal hair does not." and I explained that I had mentioned that, indeed, I knew my hair wouldn't do that, but I liked the idea, and I liked the others too, and this is what I ended up with.

she looked at my hair, moved it around a little and said "I'm going to be honest with you--she should have never let you get this cut. It's all wrong for your hair type, and she cut WAY too many layers into it. All I can do for you now, unfortunately, is smooth it out, and to make it look right I'm going to have to cut the bottom shorter. Then we'll just have to wait while it grows out."

which, though unfortunate, is still good, 'cause it made me feel like I wasn't a crazy lady. :) she also said that she didn't think my bangs should be so short either, so we'd just have to let them grow.

and then she cut. and shaped. and gave me a styling lesson. and exchanged my shampoo. and gave me a certificate for a free pedicure.


I'm going back at the end of June when my hair has had time to grow. We'll shape it up but keep it short. Really the problem isn't the overall length at all--it's the length of the layers. And though it's still not what I wanted, I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaay happier with it now. And in June? I'll enjoy wine and a pedicure prior to my haircut.

thank goodness.

I know, I know, you want to see a picture. Perhaps I'll take one tonight. :)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

this is probably not good...

but I am already looking forward to the weekend.

and it is tuesday.


why? 8th grade dance at Matt's school, a mini-massage and a pedicure, a little date, sleeping in and other sundry errands, perhaps some brunch and some shopping. carrie=like.

PLUS I will be getting to edit some o' the fab photos I captured this weekend. looking forward to that too. especially because eventually some of them are going to end up on the wedding reception venue's site! and they're paying me for them. woohoo!

so yeah, shot the wedding this weekend in the mountains. geee-or-geee-ous. and sunshiny goodness. and FUN. that bride was a hoot. and she LOVED the pinwheels I brought!

and then did a 20 people family session on Sunday. by the way, that city is Star, NC. It's the geographic center of the state. :) it sprinkled for a very short bit in the middle of the shoot, but other than that it was perfect weather. I really enjoyed it. And we got to have Olive Garden for dinner. mmm.

what else...what else...

I need new music. suggestions? and I need a nap. and I'm reading the 4th Twilight and LOVING it. I liked the first one. I did not think much of the second and third. This last one is kind of awesome.

And I think sushi and champagne are two of the best things ever. I very much enjoyed that last night. :)

pictures soon, I promise.
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