Friday, June 22, 2012

pretty much linear. and my r-squared value is pretty high, too!

~me, to my OB.

At week fifteen I was, as the doctors put it, "weight neutral." I lost weight at the beginning, made it back up to my original weight and sat there and sat there. I was REALLY excited to gain, like, two pounds, according to my scale, at 17 weeks. I was showing by then (clearly) but I hadn't actually gained weight. It was all very bizarre.

and now I feel like I am growing at a rapid clip, even though technically I'm pretty much linear.  If I keep up this rate I'll gain 28-ish pounds during pregnancy. And right now I really do feel like nearly all of it is belly! I can tell a different in my face, and of course parts of me are swelling (face. fingers a little.) but overall, wahoo!

as I say every time someone asks me how I'm feeling--"I'm feeling pretty good most of the time"--and I'llllllll take it. I know women who have had it so, so much worse.

other things:

-I'm starting to get a little anxious about labor. I think the prepared childbirth class will help with this. It's hard not knowing what to expect, really.
-I've started having little contractions. I know they're terribly normal. They don't hurt, but they're uncomfy. And sorry if this is TMI, but they make me feel like I have to pee very badly! It's a strange sensation.
-So far, no new stretch marks, no line in the middle of my belly button and I'm still an innie. I'm thinking my belly button is going to pop at some point though!

Oh and we have now driven three cars, researched a TON of them (multi-tab spreadsheets, people!) and are driving more tonight. I hope one of them is "the one" and we can be done with this process! But I don't want to not look around enough and regret it later!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


that word sums up so I feel (pretty swell), what my feet tend to do (swell up), how the cartilage attaching my ribs to my sternum is behaving (it's inflamed, and that means it tends to, you know, swell)...


BUT as pregnancy goes, I've got it pretty good, I think. This rib business is annoying (this is an explanation of my "condition") and I did actually get sick for my first time (I come from a long line of women who feel nauseated but don't actually get sick during pregnancy), so all in all, I shall count myself as lucky. :)

I want to remember to tell y'all about father's day weekend. So this is my note to self. It's better with pictures!

Oh, another fun(ish) thing...Matt and I are going car shopping! After much debate we've decided that the new car, which will be a small SUV-ish type vehicle, will be "mine." I put fewer miles on a car in any given week than Matt does, so it'll help with that. But we will also use it to take our trips. We're keeping my Mattie the Mazda and his Dodge is going to that great big junkyard in the sky. Well, we're trading it in. We took it to get inspected, and knew it was leaking coolant, and it was going to be more to fix the dang thing than it is actually worth in trade-in.'s time.

Although we weren't really wanting to do this right now, we figured it's better that it's happening now than, say, two or three months from now when we have a little tiny baby. So we'll thank our lucky stars for that.

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