Thursday, November 29, 2012

when it happened...

I was actually about to brag on Cleona and say to the FB world--"look how good at this I'm getting!" I was about to upload this pic.

And then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her roll over to her left!!

I put her back on her belly and she rolled to her right. So I put her back up again and after a few she rolled to her left--and I got a video!!!!

She did it for us one more time tonight--and rolled to her right. 

This kiddo is impressing the hell out of me! And doing pretty awesome by developmental chart standards ;) (

Super proud mom over here! Way to go my little petunia!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

all before noon I...

-fed Cleona four times (counting the 3am feeding)

-bathed Cleona


-put away a load of dishes and reloaded the dishwasher

and got ready for a photoshoot. I felt very accomplished! Matt wasn't feeling so hot...which seems to happen after Thanksgivings in Augusta--not due to the food but prob due to him overdoing it! So during that time I also made arrangements for Auntie Jen to take care of Cleona during my shoot--and she had a great time, see? :) they walked around Umstead and had a delightful time! Cleona definitely loves nature!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

this photo is of terrible quality.

but it's the best thing I've seen in days.

we've been in augusta visiting the frys. Cleona has had a grand old time seeing her cousins. But her sleep schedule is meeeeeesssssed up. Travel + growth spurt + crazy stimuli = bad news bears.

Wednesday night she woke at 1230, 440, 700 and 1000.

Last night she would.not.go.down. I think a little of it may have been that we forgot to tell some people about her just-before-sleeping cries. But she didn't nap during the day until 4pm, when she zonked out in the moby. I ate thanksgiving dinner with her strapped to my body, and then we went for a walk, too!

And then, like I sleep til Brooklyn, which apparently means 1am in Cleona time. Poor girl.

But tonight at 1025 I laid her down. And she's been asleep for two hours. And this makes my heart oh so very happy!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

the worst first yet.

Cleona has her worst first yet. I'm quite certain it isn't her worst first ever--but it's certainly no fun.

And it is a "who-can-tell-for-sure!?" thing.

She has her first runny nose (a cold?) and her first fever (nose related or from yesterday's vaccines?). It was 101 this afternoon at 99.8 later in the day. We now own infant tylenol. It took trips to two stores--the lady at babies r us talked to my like I was asking for a unicorn or the easter bunny. She said infant Tylenol doesn't exist. Clearly she is wrong. Anyway.

In any case it is no fun. For anyone. She is fussy and snotty and making the little high pitched whistle noises from dry nose yuckiness. Poor kiddo.

Hopefully she will be right as rain in time for her baptism Sunday!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Cleona, this is called being trendy. You'll understand when you're older."

Today I bought five pairs of skinny jeans. Two or three will be taken back. But it makes me feel SO GOOD to have pants that fit.

Y'see pregnancy kind of reorganizes your body. Things move, redistribute...etc. I think my hips got wider and I now have what I like to call "padding" on my abdomen. Except I am only a couple of pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight--so I'm sure it's the shifting of weight, yknow?

Anyway, today we visited Nicole, Sloan, Kara and Leo at the mall play area. Quite fun! And then Nicole and I went shopping. And then more shopping. And now I own skinny jeans in dark wash, tab and a purple pink. (And ones in another brand that are dark and purple pink--gotta decide)

And I feel a smidge trendy. And I'm totally okay with that.

Also, Matt has a theory about why girls fall in love with shoes...because of how moms buy clearance shoes in all sorts of colors and then have the kiddos rock 'em. I think my non-moving almost-three-month old has more pairs of shoes than her father does (not counting cleats). And my shoe collection? Lets just leave that be :)

look at her neck skillz.

we will see if this works. it's cleona's first time in the bumb0!

Monday, November 12, 2012

if it weren't so late...

I would be more eloquent. :)

We went to a rehearsal dinner. Matt stayed for the wedding. Compliments were heaped upon us. It was amazing. see: FB status (aka photo 3)

The $5 sling from the consignment sale, the one I really just bought because I liked the fabric, is awesomesauce. Additionally I kind of want to see my own sling. I think I'm gonna.

I also want a new sewing machine, an iPad mini or kindle fire (for Skype and/or facetime) and a point and shoot camera. In other words amazon will be getting serious cash from us over the next several months.

Cleona rocked the tie-dye onesie from Asheville today. Then pooped on it. And once changed, she ate and then took a delightfully cuddly nap on me. Baby cuddles make my heart sing.

And so does Cleona. She is, hands down, the very best thing I have ever done in my whole life. Just FYI.

I think when we have future kiddos I'm going to have to grow additional hearts (yes plural) to hold all the love. Mine is already bursting at the seams ;)

Friday, November 09, 2012

my mom is very good about reminding me.... write stuff down.

today I donated thirty servings of my breast milk. Cleona's breast milk.

I had 85 feedings worth in my freezer when I decided to do so. I now have 62ish. So it's not like I'm up a creek from doing this. But that's nearly a gallon of milk I gave away.

I gave it to a woman I don't know--not even her name or the gender or her baby. I know the baby is four weeks-ish old and the mom was diagnosed with cancer and has started chemo. It's my understanding that that is why she cannot breastfeed.

It's her second child, so during the first two weeks she was able to build up a small supply before starting chemo. Thus far, this kiddo hasn't had formula. Moms from all over the US have shared and sent their milk so that this child can have it because that's what the mom had wanted to do so much.

I find this amazing. And such a testament to the power of women.

My mom reminded me that one day I'd want Cleona to know that I did this. Breastfeeding is important, in my opinion (and in science's, but moving in). I also believe that giving to others is important.

But this gift was not without guilt--because what if my supply dried up next week?! Thirty feedings would last six days! That's almost another week.

I did it because I can.
I did it because I believe a woman who would ask for this kind of help would do it for another if the situation were reversed.
And I did it because I can't help but think that it is one shining star in this mom's life right now knowing that her child is being fed so well, and that the baby is getting a stronger immune system because of mommies all over.

In a few weeks, if my supply holds up and she needs it, I hope to be able to give more. Though it has caused some difficulties for both Cleona and me, I am grateful that I have milk aplenty and was able to share. :)
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