Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a really awful adventure

suffice it to say: sick babies are no fun.

Cleona is sleeping in her carseat. She visited the doctor twice in under 24 hours. This is breaking my heart.

And to top it all off, I have a plugged duct. I think it's getting better. I hope.

Also I just learned that you can nurse an infant who is sleeping in a carseat, especially if the carseat is located in a co sleeper.

No amount of concealer will hide my dark circles tomorrow. And no amount of coffee will wake me up. I am (mostly) okay with that.

Welcome back to work, Momma. Good think this cute kiddo is worth it!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


I was thinking of starting a new book. Perhaps the third in the girl who kicked the hornets nest or whatever.

Which led me to think of books I read this year....

3/4 of the Game if Thrones Books (really 3.25 of 5 I think, since he wrote the fifth)

The second Agent X/ Bricklayer book

3/4 of Charlotte's Web aloud to Cleona.

Natural Hospital Birth (SO glad I read this)

Breastfeeding Made Simple

Most of Ina Mae's book

About 30 pages of Happiest Baby on the Block and like four other baby books

A good bit of The Vaccine Book

And I think one more.

I miss reading! And I think I might have to stop buying paper books because I usually only have one hand to hold a book--so kindle ones are better! Plus I FINALLY have a Durham Library Card so I can rent ebooks!

PS: ebooks autocorrects to Ebola!

Friday, January 11, 2013

my how you have grown

I have a four and a half month old! More than a third of a year old! Wow!

She reached for my glasses, pulled them off and then did this.

Also, being a working momma is HARD. I'm at 75% and its hard. I think I average six real hours of sleep a night because I'm always waking to check on her at like 2am.

Work is like so:

10/1015 arrive, having dropped her off and pumped on the way there
1145 leave to feed her
1230 return
330-400 pumpity pump pump
530 or so head out.

Except I've had to stay later three times in the past six workdays. And worked at home tonight.

I'm definitely losing it a little. Thank goodness she is cute! And gave me the chance for some real sleep last night!!
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