Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"you're like a strawberry daiquiri--people should just drink you up!"

~the best hair lady ever, my dear cheryl

first off, this picture is old. like, from mid-may or something. but I finally figured out how to make my phone send pics to my email. I had a beer at the Village Draft House in Raleigh, and this is what the foam looked like--I kid you not. It made me happy. :) doesn't it look like it's winking?

so, let's see...what now...

I went bowling with Chris.
and had lunch with my grandlittles (well, two-thirds of my grandlittles--and no, they weren't missing appendages, one of the three wasn't there!)
got my hair did by cheryl who made my day
tried to buy a t-town shirt, but alas, the place closed at 3pm on monday--I'll try again!
went to the Lyon's Indian store to get fun stuff for the gift I've gotta give
took a siesta (hey, I'm closer to mexico now, it's justifiable)
had mazzio's for dinner with the fam
saw a tomato plant being grown at mickey d's--I mean, there were stakes and everything. what?!?
and went out with an old high school pal o' mine, michael hulett

so, I have to say, mooch & burn in downtown tulsa is BRILLIANT. oh, the atmosphere is okay. they people there seemed nice enough, but most okies are. but their monday night entertainment? AMAZING! like, a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

know what they do? well, if you do, you can just hear it again. they have a spelling bee. nay, a drinking spelling bee. it goes a little like this--you buy in for $5. they give you a shot. the owner reads from his (new world) dictionary and tells you what your word is. you spell it (and you can write it down if you want, which is kinda cheating, but then again this isn't all hardcore). if you're right? you get a shot. if you're wrong? you have to buy in again to play, and you get your buy-in shot, too.

and? someone gave us cheese. like, american cheese in one of those plastic packets. it was kinda yummy. or I was really hungry. one or the other....

it was awesome. extra awesome, even. two of my fave things--spelling and beer. :)

pictures. then I'll be going to brunch with my granny and embarking on the multi-state picture taking trip!

ps. we did VERY well. except that I didn't spelling rhinoceros correctly (with a U, oopsie!) and michael lost on beelzebub, even though I told him he didn't need the extra vowel he added in. oh well. still LOTS of fun. :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

"i mean, what, were they frying chicken in the next room?"


okay, so. I've been in Oklahoma for roughly sixty hours now and I've taken....oh...four hundred forty plus pictures. That's seven pictures an hour. Except if you take out the time I've been sleeping, well....that's a lot of pictures per hour. Yikes!

I'm not sure I really have time to tell you all about the things I've done--or the liberty to do so--but some key words and pictures and phrases are as follows:

penis mints--"oh, these are big!"
the one with the ________.
pink pink pink
so, I'm gonna ask y'all to do something really raunchy
wanna dance?
and "oh, I have been here before."

so far I've:
thrown/attended jessica's bachelorette
eaten at sonic. and big al's. and chimi's. and had sushi.
attended a wedding with my granny (and got to see lots of people I know, some less than I would've liked)
gone to dinner with jackie and shelby
been solicited/propositioned by a man holding a bachelor party
gotten my very own caravan cattle company cup
two stepped (and twirled. I love the twirling part. thank you for the head-snap, ballet!)
slept on a twin bed (I can't even remember if I've done that since college!)
met a set of twins
gone to woolaroc
been at my fave intersection
gone to TU and saw all the crazy new stuff!
seen real life buffalo, a baby donkey and its mama and aided in saving a turtle
and other stuff.
and now I'm about to go bowling. (note: I still refuse to say "fixin' to.")

tomorrow should be a little more low-key. :)

so, pictures. and then I must bid you adieu.

yay, blogger cooperated for the rest!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

that doesn't leave much time for dilly-dallying.

[jessica] is marry' [cody] in a little less than [two weeks]. So all [I] have to do is get in, [enjoy] the wedding, [have a bachelorette party for] the princess, make [my] escape... after I kill Count Rugen.

'cept for that count rugen part.

life for carrie? h-to-the-ectic. softball today. like, twice. workity-work-work. packing. preparing. wrapping presents for jessica that I so so so want to tell y'all about 'cause they're HILARIOUS 'cept then she might read it and that would be no fun, no fun at all.

last night Matt and I ate cookout for dinner and I learned a few things.
1. it is possible to burn your tongue on french fries.
2. hazel understands the beauty of perfect timing. that cat has some mad skills. perhaps in another life she was a comedian.
3. the prestige is a good movie (for reals go rent it!)
4. oreo mint shakes are far superior to mint chocolate chip ones. we had a taste test.
5. my baking skills are akin to my calculus skills. I can make lemon meringue and pumpkin pies from scratch, but I am really awesome at burning pillsbury in-a-roll chocolate chip cookies. likewise, throw some complicated green's theorem or whatever at me, and I can kick its ass, but ask me to take a derivative? not so much.

so a list for y'all...
in the next, oh, let's say 38 hours...
two softball games
another trip to priscilla's
lots of wrapping (and locating boxes in which to wrap said items)
arrange for a cab
8 hours of work plus the rest of today
a happy hour with the kaydees
a trip to target
more bachelorette setup
finding various power things--cell phone, battery charger, ipod charger, etc
make more lists, I'm sure
talk on the phone
ask jessica question #12,085,679,111
reschedule my doctor appointment
find my jewelry
talk myself out of bringing more pairs of shoes than days I'll be there
confirm the dates I've set
call woolaroc
print out stuff

note: no wrapped packages on airplanes, peeps! thanks for the heads up sjg. guess I'll be wrapping in tulsa, hmmm?

and speaking of the princess bride, I find this all very interesting.

so, I've a plan and I hope hope hope it'll all come together?
think it'll work?

Monday, June 18, 2007

beers, brothers and a boyfriend.

oooh, AND an engagement! hooray for Renee and Mike! I can't wait to see the ring!!! :)

so, saturday I was bizzzzy with bachelorette stuff, getting games and decor and stuff. and buying makeup of the actually-make-my-skin-look-practically-flawless persuasion. and finding shoes. which I'm not sure if I either love or hate. I need an opinion, but I think it's an in-person kind of thing. they're cute little wedges, I just don't know if they're cute on me!

then my boyfriend matt and I [yes, I said boyfriend. :) ] had some yummy dinner and went to see the avett brothers play. they're a pretty universally-likable type of music--a combo of country, grunge, bluegrass, rock and who knows what else. and anyone who can sing, play the guitar/banjo and play percussion at the same time while incorporating an upright bass, a cello and a violin kinda makes my day.

plus, they put on a gooooooood show. all sorts of dancing and movement and wow. we had fun. and drank a lot of heineken. and had good talks afterwards. :D

and on sunday morning I got a huge compliment. our pastor asked me to stay after church to talk to him for a bit, and he wanted to know if I'd be willing to be one of our three youth leaders. I need more info, and I need to think about it, but it's definitely on my list of things I want to do in life. It was pretty awesome to be asked, though.

also, sunday was three months for matt and me, so we had a little dinner o' celebration--we sat outside on the patio and enjoyed some yummy spicy ranch chicken wraps (thanks for the recipe, katie!) and I made some zabligione that turned out sickly sweet. and he brought me some pretty flowers. cuteness indeed.

i am considering beginning to pack for Tulsa tonight, or at least begin setting out clothes and stuff, 'cept I've yet to look at the weather. maybe I should do that, eh?

my goodness I am sooooooo looking forward to friday!

the hammer.

so, a lot of you know this about me--in pretty much any sport I'm either reallyreallyreally on or reallyreallyreally off. that's how I roll.

on friday the operation: set-up didn't go as we might have hoped, but it WAS a lot of fun. except for the part where I suuuuuuuuuuucked at bowling for the first game. like, got a 46. and and and? I threw the ball backwards. yeah it was awesome, I laughed so hard I cried. good lord.

anyhoodle, we're three frames into the second game (one of which I'd rolled two gutters, go me!) and james says, "alright, it's your turn now, hammer."

and know what? I bowled a strike. I continued bowling strikes and spares for the remaining frames of the game, except for a 9 and an 8. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all. I ended up with a very respectable 112, and Matt and I were the best bowlers that game. cool stuff.

here's a blurry picture of me post-game. pity you can't see where he crossed out my name and wrote "the hammer" instead. from now on when I bowl, if I have a say in it, my name will be TH. :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

on the ball.

that's what I am. see?

yeah, those are from last night. we're 4-0, baby! and I hit REALLY REALLY REALLY well. (despite the fact that my stance here looks miiiiiiserable, except I actually blame that on how slow slow slow the ball is coming--I mean, goodness, I knocked one right down the third base line, that's how ahead of the ball I am) and I've got to say, that picture of me catching--hilarious! it's kind of scary playing that position and not having a mask on. except we'd get the cheap mask where you can't see anything. plus I refuse to do that whole rip-the-mask-off-my-face thing like I used to. it just isn't cool unless you're sporting shin-guards and a breastplate thingie and wielding the catchers-glove-o'-doom. :)

and here's the group at amante's--you'll notice that i'm the only girl. they were amused by this. however, I'm also the one who brought the beer!

also, operation: make lists for tulsa is in full swing. i'm going crazy with the listage. i'll take pictures of cute ones, I knooooow you'll love looking at that.

happy weekends and too-da-loos for all.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

also, I am addicted to eating this:

and i've really been enjoying eating these foods. I'm glad they're all healthy.

also, sorry if I just made you hungry. :)
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