Sunday, May 13, 2007

baseball, beer and sushi.

y'know, a few of my favorite things. :)

here we are at the baseball game itself (which was still fun even though the bulls lost...and I saw a lady from choir who was working the concessions.

and then? then we went to tyler's. drinking outside is THE BEST. and we ran into dmitry--how crazy! more fun pics, of course.

and when I got to the car, somebody had made me these. cuteness. cuteness indeed.

saturday morning I made three friends: boston, who is four, tyler, who is two and a half and a seventeen year old named jessica. where did I meet these peeps? at a soccer game, that's where. it was a tie, but it was fun to watch. ;)

also, there are kaydees EVERYWHERE around here! I went to a birthday party on Saturday night, and while playing beer pong I made some comment about KDs. And this girl next to me said, "wait, what, you're a kaydee?" Yeah. Little did she know that she was the FIFTH kd there (two from high point, one from longwood and she was from georgia southern, I do believe.) oh and? we were all wearing black. ha! fun stuff.

hooray for kaydee,
hooray for kaydee

kappa delta is our pride

we'll be kaydees 'til we die
green and white,
rose and pearl
i'm a kappa delta girl

anyhoo. moving on...

so, beer pong is fun. and I'm not very good at it. but I'm told I've got the standing there and looking pretty thing down, and I did make the "clutch" cup, so it's all good. and there was more cuteness, but I don't tell everything on my blog, y'know. :)

today? today was fun too. I spent HOURS seeing Gobi and Hazel sit like this while I gardened outside--they wanted to come out sooooo badly:

And Gobi was soooooo sweet, when I laid down to take a little nappy nap he did something adorrrable...he, like he used to, climbed up on my pillow and curled up right beside my head. and purred. it was splendid. now he usually just sleeps on the bed by my pillow, but the kitty actually cuddled!

to end up the day, sushi with kim, stefan, kim's friend melissa, lara, kevin and matt. matt, who, by the way, hadn't ever eaten sushi before! he performed like a champ. i did not do so well my first time around. note to those of you who enjoy sushi and introduce people to it: rock the inside-out rolls. they're easier to swallow. :)

(*please excuse carrie and her forgetting-names-ness. they're all right now! :) )

and and and. apparently. allegedly. according to kevin. i am a soprano. kevin who is a director of music for a living. he says all he needs is five minutes and he'll prove it. he's got my curiosity piqued, for sure. don't worry, I'll keep you posted. (and way to end on a pun, eh?)


Jax said...

Good post. Good post. (insert golf claps) and I love the photos!! ;)

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