Tuesday, July 28, 2009

it's pouring right now.

as in, when it rains it pours. and not in the literal raining sense. why in the GEEZ does everything happen at once...

so pictures to appease the masses...

these goodies also came home with us from oklahoma. brilliant matt had the foresight NOT to put them in the same bag as all the beer, just in case it leaked on the way home. anyhoo, aren't they loverly? I need to find a home for them in my house. all in good time, all in good time.

also, next up in the blogging world:

-paying it forward
-nc's policies on wind farms (thanks, m!)
-biodegrading those icky plastic bags...
-a giveaway by yours truly!
-and a story about this guy. ground white pepper. oh, silly me.

just you wait. some day I will catch up.

some day.

perhaps just in time to begin something else, hmm?

ps: hope you can read this. I got tired of my layout and changed it up. I'm sure I'll be changing it yet again soon. and adding a label cloud (thanks sarah!). and such.

pps: the MANY grammatical errors and typos have been removed. obviously, I am thinking about other things, ha!

Friday, July 24, 2009

I need to take some pictures...

but I am getting pretty excited about this whole "guest bedroom into Carrie's office/creative space" kind of thing.

and I think I might have a color palette.

and I think I might only paint one wall. a very faint yellow. I LOVE yellow, okay? and at least it wouldn't be green.

picture it:

-hot pink velvet fainting couch (will share pictures once I go to oklahoma in THREE weeks. omg.) to arrive next summer. in the meantime, twin bed.

-wallpaper from my granny's old house. this stuff was in her kitchen, and it is AMAZING. I will take a picture tonight. very colorful, very 70s. floral. I have a piece that is probably 20x24, and I will have it matted and frame it and hang it in the room.

-these guys from the container store. probably not the brown, but maybe.

-and depending on space, either shelving or maybe repaint the $17 piece of furniture I have now, or something. the only thing about the piece is that the bottom drawer broke and it now just has an open shelf area there. which is fine, but kind of jangety, and a shelf might be a better use of space. we shall see.

-and I also have LOTS of pink and yellow and orange pictures that I can put in there if I want, too.

bedroom 2 here is what I'm talking about. I need to buy a desk, and before I can buy anything I need to do a LOT of cleaning and going through and whatever, but this could be pretty rad!

Also: question. [with clarification from before]So, we have two bedrooms in our town home, both upstairs, and the whole upstairs is carpeted. I usually put the cats in this second bedroom at night, and they have torn through the carpet at the door already!

I was thinking about possibly putting (fake) wood flooring in this room instead of the carpet that's now in there (and torn up). would it be strange if the only carpet in the house was in the master bedroom, on the stairs and in the bonus room downstairs? meaning: all of the upstairs was carpeted except for the guest room? I don't want to put wood floors in the whole upstairs ('cause then I'd feel like I needed to do the stairs, too, and it'd cost a TON) but would that be totally strange? Just wondering what the internets have to say...

Thursday, July 23, 2009


we came home with LOTS of breakables when we left oklahoma (yes, I am skipping the middle. I'll get there).

we brought home two big suitcases and a duffel bag. amongst clothes and toiletries we also had
-two orange pyrex oval dishes, one w/ lid
-three pyrex mixing bowls
-two frankoma pottery mugs from 1969 and 1970
-two sixes of boulevard wheat
-one bottle of boulevard pale ale
-22s of Marshall Brewing Company's sundown wheat, atlas and mcnellie's
-some old Golden Hurricane cups
-a Marshall Brewing Company pint glass
-and lots of cookbooks, which I'll share later.

here are the breakables. most of these came home with us, but I already had some of the pyrex dishes. (the yellow casserole dishes and the yellow and orange mixing bowls). I found the orange ones in my granny's kitchen while rooting around for things I wanted, and I almost did a cartwheel when I saw them! And THEN my granny saw them on the counter, realized one had a lid, and it matches what I already have--WOO HOO! I was so happy!

AND they got home all in one piece. the bag o' beer was searched of course, but even with our getting stuck in st louis and all, nothing got injured. yay!

ps: eventually my posts will be less photos and more text. maybe. if I can crawl out of this craziness at work, that is!

pps: in case you think it's weird or rude or something that I say "granny, can I have this thing you own?" it is a)per her request, b)to avoid future conflict, c)not and d)nunya. :) seriously though, this is how she'd prefer it, and honestly she loves the part where she sees people enjoying her gifts o' fun. she knows I will LOVE using these dishes. :)

off to sushi!

it is 1:13 raleighwood time.

I am still awake.
I have been doing work for the past FOUR hours.
with a few very short breaks for sanity's sake, but still.
FOUR hours.
on a spreadsheet I've been working on since thursday.
that they asked me about yesterday.
and TODAY at 345 pm told me they needed at 5.
obvs, they didn't get it.
folks are supposed to review it in the AM.
I am SO worn out.
but softball was fun.
and my kitties are cuddly.
and yes.

see, now I blogged again. :) I'm increasing my # of posts by 20% this month. sakes alive.

more later. like about seeing ARIEL! or my GI doc visit. :( Or how I think I need to hire a chef. and a maid. ha! okay, I might be serious about the maid. or a helper-with-going-through-crap. volunteers? I will pay you good money and feed you! but you must promise not to judge. :) anyhoo. I must sleep now. g'night!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

um, hi, remember me?

your friendly neighborhood eco-friendly blogger?

I just saw that it's the 21st of July and I have only posted FOUR times. this is horribly low. I mean, yeah I've spent the night in five different states already this month (omg I'm going to reach SIX this month) and I've already put in like 4 extra days of work or something and I've shot a wedding, six mini photo shoots and some bridal portraits and I have another wedding this weekend, but that is NO EXCUSE!

er, um, perhaps it is.


I went to Oklahoma. I took some pictures. Here are some of them. the only one that I edited was the very first one--of the weathervane. 'cause there was an undesirable sun flare on one side. otherwise, these are SOOC. (straight out of camera for those of you who don't speak photographer.)

tuesday night we got in late. our flights were both delayed a bit, which ended up working out okay as I got to have dinner at 42nd Street Oyster Bar and destress a bit (flying stresses me out. packing. arriving on time. ugh.) by the time we got in it was midnight central time (1am to me) and we met some folks out at another round on brookside. it. was. awesome. we stayed there until ~245 (at 150 they served us one last round and told us we could be on the patio as long as we liked but they had to lock the door and couldn't serve us anymore alcohol). I met THE Mad Dog from TU (dude, it was like I got to meet Mickey, only creepier) and I got to hang out with Randi, SJG, Miranda, Chris, Ashley, Miranda's matt, Miranda's roommate and Loren. too fun. pictures stolen from fb.

we visited marshall brewing company. their beer is GOOD. their owner/founder/brewmaster/awesomeness and I went to high school and college together. we are doing a tour of their brewery as a part of our high school reunion. yay!

a lot are from empire. we went there wednesday night. I got a little camera happy. my friends were good sports. if you look closely, in one of those beef and lemons pictures miranda and ashley are trying to lick the sticker. it was funny. the beer probably made it funnier. but being so dadgum tired probably made it the most funny of all.

also, loving the reflection in the pics of SJG and Andrea. They say "Guiness. Empire Bar." I heart my 50mm lens, I do, I do.

I love how that one of the lamp right above catches the dude playing pool. and I love the stoli sign. and I even love the one of the cigarette even though I think smoking is pretty gross.

and this brings us to thursday morning. I'll blog that eventually. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

my csa veggie rainbow

and some ground beef! yum!!

Did I mention how much I love my CSA? I pick what I want, the produce is always delish and it looks so pretty! LOVE it!

-post from my iphone!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

wbw. like, waaaay back. like ten days ago.

this is why I go to Oklahoma.

I go to Oklahoma so my brother adam can pick me up and throw me over the back of the couch. So he can do so without any regard for my personal safety or for the couch arm that is located just below my shoulder in this here picture (there are two side by side)

additionally, I am crazy-ass busy, and am trying to stay afloat. I'm experiencing that thing where you have so much to do in such an unreasonable timeframe that you actually start procrastinating instead of working furiously.


back to the grindstone.

Monday, July 13, 2009

this weekend was good for my ego and bad for my left foot.

so, friday night I came home. I took a nap. I got pei wei takeout. And I sat on the couch in my pajamas and watched tv and edited photos. lots and lots of photos. dear god, will the editing ever stop? I mean, I know I chose this, but whoa. must.schedule.fewer.sessions. yes, yes.

saturday AM--bridal portrait shoot in downtown Chapel Hill.
I had about an hour and a half of down time before my next shoot in Raleigh.

and once that was over I came home, showered and got ready to go out with the girls! and I ended up deciding to keep the cute black dress I'd picked up at target. I'd show you, but it isn't on the website. black linen/cotton blend with a cute little belt.

here's the group-well, those who went out after eating dinner at globe (which was YUM but the service was slooooow)


while we were out I
-heard how hot and smart I was. repeatedly.
-was told how skinny I was. [I am not skinny. I am not fat either, but skinny is inaccurate too.]
-was told that if they'd had girls like me at Duke, that this dude we were all talking to might not've ended up with his wife. terrible TERRIBLE sentiment for his wife, I know. terrible. but it's nice to hear how awesome you are, so I actually consider this a wash. I also am writing it off to him being hammered? Eh, whatever.
-nicole talked to my ovaries. this was more hilarious and less good-for-the-ego. see?

I also had a funny moment--Nancy, the bride, drew a card and went to fulfill it. She was having a bit of trouble finding someone who fit the bill, though, so I got up, bought her a shot and presented it to her letting her know that the card was now complete. The requirement? "Get a nerd to buy you a shot." :)

But speaking of Nancy...she had on these killer shoes, right? I mean, these awesome, bright pink, sparkly and tall things, see? (ps, thanks to nicole for all of these pics!) Just, killer.

Well, um...so we're in Hi-Five, and Nancy steps backwards, and she steps onto.my.foot. While rocking these puppies. Oh and I'm getting JUST the stiletto, thank you. wanna talk about pounds per square inch, hmm? So as if that weren't bad enough, she doesn't realize she's stepping on me. And she then starts to lose her balance as the crowd pushes her, and rocks back on her heel. I'm trying to move her foot off mine, and this is all happening so fast, and somehow her shoe gets stuck in my sandal!

She's falling over, I am crying in pain, it's too loud for her to hear people telling her what's going on, and to make matters worse, the people who are, thankfully, holding her up are completely oblivious to what's going on. It was a MESS.

we got untangled, I sat for a while with a drink against my foot, and am now watching a gross bruise slooooowly develop. It's about the size of, I dunno, the diameter of a can of soda? And grayish. And you can see multiple places where her heel dug into me. Don't worry, I'll share pics when it turns yellow and purple. :)

more pics: the girls who like beer and non-sweet drinks, and us w/ some of the guys from that evening. apparently it was very important to someone that I put my leg up and out. NOT my idea. but see the shoes?

Yesterday, Matt and I went to see The Hangover. Which is mostly friggin' hilarious. There's some good casting and we liked it a lot! I laughed HARD. But then there's this whole section that really doesn't make sense to me--with the Asian man, if you've seen it. NOT funny. And with full frontal, which I was SO not expecting. I mean, I expected some nudity, but not that much. Anyway, it's good for a giggle but probably even more crude than you think.

So, when I'm buying the tickets? Two of the girls behind the counter tell me how awesome my haircut looks, and how you have to have a certain bone structure to rock a cut that short and how I do and it looks fantastic. :) Made my day!

Annnnnd, that's it. Other than my updated site, with my new logo and all. :) Check it out!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

being a girl scout came in handy

Before our flight I signed up for text alerts for both flights. I actually ended up informing the nice gate lady that the flight had been cancelled. I'd known for four minutes and they were still unaware.

Yesterday evening we stayed in a hotel paid for by the airline. We chose to keep our luggage checked, which saved us an hour and a half all by itself. I also had clean underwear, socks and a clean shirt! Matt had clean boxers too, so we were good to go. We even had toothbrushes.

things we were missing and wanted:
pajama shorts for me
face lotion
face soap
my memory foam pillow
our bed :) in our house of course...

seriously I even had my retainer! Sometimes people give me a hard time for my carry-ons (not matt, he knows better) but I have to say, times like this make it totally worthwhile!

-post from my iphone
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