Thursday, June 30, 2005

why, oh why?

So, what's with this thing about getting sick during holidays. I have this unbelievable tendency to do so. It's uncanny. And ridiculous. And annoying. And I really really don't like it.

This weekend is supposed to be spent drinking, cleaning, and drinking while cleaning. (and yes, incase you know about my obsession with leaving out commas--the one before "and" and after "cleaning"--I put one there because it needed to be there. Anyway)

I think this getting sick thing is totally unfair. And why we're on the topic of totally unfair, I'm also not too fun of credit histories. I'm getting it fixed, but I sure don't like it.

I want to go back to bed. Maybe I'll come home early today. Yeah, right.

Sorry I'm cranky...

PS-Am I allowed to buy cute galoshes/wellies?
I'd either buy the "punch" aka pink solid ones or the "swiss dots" one, the orange with polka dots. I thought I'd wear them to my party. What do you think? I need moral support on this one...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

is it okay?

So, I'm going through a huge cleaning out of my stuff phase. I'm throwing away or giving away tons (or tonnes!) of stuff, from dishes and cookware to clothing to well, random shit. So, amongst other things, I'm going through my pictures and getting rid of ones I don't want. I'm keeping all of my negatives, but I'm getting rid of the pictures. I have never thrown pictures away like this before.

What I need approval for is this: I'm chucking pretty much all of my pictures with Justin, Derrick, Fred, Micah, etc in them. there's a few I'll be keeping, like the group shot from prom, or ones from camp that are supercute or whatever, but for the most part I'm chucking them. And of course, I have the most of Justin. I'm going to mail or as Jessica to transport the wedding pics I have and give them to my Granny because there's a lot in there of our family, but other than that they're going.

I feel like I should feel remorse or something. But I don't. I feel like saying "good riddance" and brushing some pretend dust off my hands and going and having a beer in celebration. And then I'd like to take a nap or a bubble bath or something. Ooh, or eat more yummy sushi. (The new place we went last night was awesome. Very yummy. VERY. We had a California Roll, Spicy tuna, Tuna with cucumber, Yellowtail and RTP Roll. The RTP roll was SO GOOD! And the edamame was as well. And through a small miscommunication we ended up getting everything rolled inside out, but that ended up being a good thing. Man, sushi is good. It's another thing on my list of things I thought I didn't like but decided to try and now I think they're great. Sushi. Beans (of all types). Beer. I still don't like mushrooms or mayo that much though. But I digress) Right, enough rambling.

I think I need to look for more jobs. The interview went well, but no use putting all my eggs in one basket. Might as well look around some more, eh?

Time to get ready for another day at work.

Monday, June 27, 2005

i think it went well

keeping you an hour and fifteen minutes longer than they meant to on a two hour interview is good, right?

and if the last thing the lady points out to you as you leave is that they have flex time and four weeks of vacation, that's good too, right?

it was long, but I looked cute, only answered questions poorly a few times, and all around it went well.

i should know by mid-july, she says...that's so long, but not too long, really...


is an important day.

I have an interview at 130. I'm quite sure I won't know whether or not I'll get it for a while, but I'll update y'all on how it goes.

I bought cute, new, very expensive pants to wear today. But they're light gray and beau-ti-ful. You should all go buy some. They're Express Editor pants. And they look kickin' with heels.

The invites are getting mailed today for the British pub party--get ready.

Tonight for dinner--sushi, to celebrate my interview. Hooray! What's a good celebration roll? No eel, please.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

for your information.

I might not be coming to Oklahoma at the end of July. MIGHT. I'm not sure yet.

If you didn't already know, Otto's coming with me so he can meet all you wild and crazy kids. And if we wait to come to Oklahoma we'll get to go for, well, free. Free, you ask? Yes, free. Well, pretty much. Last summer he spent almost 3 months in San Diego for work, and racked up a heck of a lot of hotel points, which can be converted into airline points. Sooo, it seems as though the situation may be this--

-fly to OK and spend almost eight hundred dollars
-drive to OK and be in the car for 36 hours total, for three hundred and fifty-ish dollars
-wait until October and come to OK for no hundred dollars

It's actually kind of a toughie, since I wanna see everyone. But I also like having money, and I'm especially fond of not spending money that I don't have.

Soooo....we shall see. I'll keep you posted.

PS-Savannah was really fun. I'll post pictures this evening, perhaps.
PPS-One of my bestest buds now has a Madza3. I love that car.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


I have none.*
That means I will not get to crochet on our seven hour drive. And no matter how much I like my car companion, I get restless if I'm not a little distracted.

So go to and text me. Or call. Or send good gifts via express mail to the La Quinta in Savannah on Abercorn.

And get excited because I bet I'll have a damn fun time to tell you about when I get back. Like the creepy crawl tonight.

AND, I get to have blue bell icecream. You don't know what you have until it's gone, Oklahomans. Man oh man.

later, gators.

*yarn that goes with my afghan. it's all at my mom's 'cause she still hasn't sent it...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

and I just love this picture for some reason. It's of the bridge to the Isle of Palms. Posted by Hello

and this is when they covered me up with towels 'cause I was wet and wearing a white shirt... Posted by Hello

the seven girls who went to Charleston--this is us starting off our trip with margaritas. Damn mini bottles in SC! Posted by Hello

Monday, June 13, 2005

an update.

So, the kickball didn’t happen. At all. It rained.

Instead we ate pizza, drank a lot of beer and some rather potent pina coladas, and played Mexican Trash Train. Which, if you aren’t familiar, is not a derogatory remark, but instead is a game played with dominos.

And by a lot of beer, I mean me personally. We brought over four cases ‘cause we thought there would be 12-14 people drinking beer and no pina coladas, and we thought we’d have the beer while playing kickball, but no such luck. So now I have a fridge with upwards of 50 beers in it. And we even had some on Saturday after the free Better Than Ezra concert (which was only fun ‘cause of the people and the cigar smoking. Boy oh boy I’m glad I don’t recoil in horror at cigars anymore. My nose was not liking those for a while)

So, I don’t understand. I’m a grown-up, right? Or at least well past middle school, correct? As far as you know, wouldn’t you say? I just wanted to check, because one of my other grown-up-and-definitely-past-middle-school friends keeps playing favorites. I’m too old for people to be playing favorites. And I don’t mean being better friends with one person in a group than another, that’s completely reasonable since people have different personalities and all. What I’m referring to is excluding people and making them feel left out. Odd, that’s what I think. I’m glad it’s happened to someone different this time, but I also feel really badly for her.

This weekend I’m going to Savannah with Otto for his birthday, and I’m pumped. We’re going to go on something called the “Creepy Crawl.” It begins at 8pm in downtown Savannah. We’ll be going to three—maybe four—“haunted” bars. And our tour guide is supposedly very knowledgeable about the city. It ends around 1030 usually. I asked Greg, the man in charge of the tours, why they usually only go to three, not four. He said that that’s because by the time they’re done at the third bar, people are usually using the curb as a handrail. Isn’t that a great phrase? I really like it. And this totally sounds like our kind of tour.

I’m sure it sounds like I party hardy a lot. Maybe I do. Hmm. I guess I feel more free to do so when I choose, since I’m no longer constrained by the one who accused me of being an alcoholic. How downright silly that is. Down-right-silly. But I guess I’ll just remember that [s]he who laughs, lasts.

Speaking of laughing. I made these awesome snickerdoodle cookies yesterday, right? From my awesome Magnolia Bakery cookbook. They seemed like they were gonna be de-lish. I even bought new cookie sheets upon which to bake said snickerdoodle cookies. But I was a little overzealous in the ball making, and I ended up with three sheets of semi-irregular snickerdoodle-cookie-bars. I chose to laugh at this, good and hard. I thought for a fraction of a second that I might cry in dismay, but as it turns out, the cookie-bars ain’t so bad. And I needed a good laugh after seeing Closer, which is a movie with well-known actors and a depressing plot. Everyone is so unhappy. They begin unhappy, become unhappier, and end unhappy. How unhappy. And it made me wish I had bright pink hair.



The shindig is on the 9th of July, and you are all invited. Email me or call to make arrangements. One warning though, if you come there be prepared for me to need some Jessica time on the non-party days, ‘cause she’ll be in town, and she has dibs. But, that’s not to say you couldn’t join us, or that you couldn’t hang around the apartment and the pool… Yay for pools.

One last rambling and I’ll let you off of the hook for reading today now that I finally posted again. A little girl made my day yesterday. We went to the pool, and I sat on the side and read for a while so my sunblock could have ample time to soak in (though I was a good girl and applied it at home) I read about 2 chapters of The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, and then decided I wanted to get in before the slowly-approaching storm clouds finished approaching. This cute little girl who was probably eight smiled at me and said in amazement “are you getting in?!?” I said “yes,” and she asked if I could swim. I told her that I could, and asked if she could do any tricks in the water. She said “like what?” I said “flips?” She said she couldn’t, could I? I told her that I could, it was easy, and showed her. It’s been years since I’ve done a flip, and it was rather fun, actually. She kept talking to me until her mom told her to “leave that poor lady alone.” It was super cute. Apparently I look like a nice person. Awwww.

Ooh, and I have an interview on the 27th of June with a research institution. I’m excited. It could be much more what I want to do, and I’d like that. Look it up, if you like. It's the Chemical Engineer I position. All about membranes and catalysts and stuff.

to bed, to bed, to bed.

Friday, June 10, 2005


So, I need your help. I want to have a British party. Yes, that’s right, a British party. We have lots of pint glasses, so we’re going to get a pony (of the keg variety, not the mammal with four legs and a tail) of a British beer—maybe Bass or Newcastle—and smoke cigars and use cockney slang. The plan is to have the guys wear car coats or silly jackets with those leather elbow patches. And girls will wear…..ummm….any suggestions? Swimsuits, “nothing” or just underwear, etc. are not options. I’m wanting some suggestion. What do british ladies wear? And by ladies I don’t mean actual “lady” ladies, I mean gals/girls/chicks, etc.

Also, if you can think of other suggestions/elaborations please advise. And if guys should wear something else that’s good too.

Tonight, I’m going to play kickball. Yes, really. It should be very very fun. There will be ten of us playing. We’ll be playing in the park or my friend’s backyard, and it should be awesome. Very, very awesome. I will let you know how it goes.
Charleston was great last weekend. I’ll regale you with the rooftop bar-rain tale later. Enjoy your Friday night, and drink one for me!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

moving in

that's what I'm up to. Moving in. there's been lots of painting and organizing and stuff. Except my clothes are still all over the bedroom. Wanna come visit? Jessica is. And maybe my friend Dustin. And this weekend? Yeah, going to Charleston with a bunch of ladies. Wahoo!

I've been a little frustrated recently though. Seems that my old landlord isn't going to invite me to his shindigs, which is a-o-k with me. Except that it seems that there's more to it than that--when I asked his best friend Teddy how the weekend shindig went, and all that jazz (mind you Teddy was extremely drunk and may very well have had alcohol poisoning) and said they should invite me in the future 'cause I'm a hell of a lot of fun (mind you I was also rather tipsy) he said "yeah, but you have a boyfriend." Which apparently means they can't invite me, even though they know they guy. I don't think that Jeff and Teddy like him very much, but that's 'cause 1)each of them has had a crush on me and 2)they suck. At least important people (like Audrey and Ariel and others with half a brain) think he's awesome, but it still pissed me off. Teddy basically told me that I could be invited in the future if I could come to things by myself. How immature.

But this does prove the whole theory about JEff having feelings for me. Even our HR person (who is a year older than me) said she thought that was the case. She was also rather drunk. Did I mention I went to a raging party on Saturday? Yeah, I did. I kind of left a little early (at midnight) and the cops got called. They were being awful loud and had to take the dance party inside. Funny, huh?


Okay, posting done for now. More soon. And pics of the new place!
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