Saturday, February 23, 2013

after having been a momma for six months I can confidently tell you....

nothing can prepare you for it.
it is incredible. in a way I cannot truly articulate.
I hope to do it again. more than one more time.
it is difficult and stressful and exhausting.
and it is the best decision I've made to date.

happy half birthday little petunia!

Monday, February 11, 2013


is not for the faint of heart.
or those who require copious amounts of sleep.

except maybe it is. you could argue that I fell into the above categories. and I'm told it is terribly obvious--I absolutely adore being a momma.

this little girlie sure is hilarious! her giggles are infectious and practically EVERYONE notices her everywhere she goes. we went out to brunch today with a lovely gift certificate (thanks grandmom and pop pop!) and I kid you not---people were stepping up to our table to make googley eyes at my baby girl. she shares her smiles and smizes and winks!

I am trying to teach her to high five. in twelve days she will get her first solids--my plan is local sweet potatoes! She can almost sit on her own!

Everyone laments how Cleona is growing too fast....but little CeeCee isn't doing that--she's growing so wonderfully! And it's so fantastic seeing her change and develop! I am impressed with her, proud of myself for growing her and feeding her and totally in awe.

She is still teeny--in the 13lb range. I bet she will get to 14 for her next appt later this month. The RSV/bronchiolitis set her back a little weight wise too. But she is strong, smart and observant!

Last thing--one of her favorite things that I do is return her smile. Sometimes she scrunches up her face with her eyes closed tight and then opens her eyes while letting her whole face explode into a grin. She LOVES it when I do that to her! It makes her smile all the way to her little tiny toes! :)
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