Saturday, March 31, 2007

"i'm willing to assist in the delinquency of floozies."

~kara schiltz.

this quote was almost as good as stefan calling methodism the caesar salad of christianity. almost.

today the right side of my body is all owie. I bowled last night (and learned something about how to improve my bowling!!!--apparently I'm "killing" the pins, and if I'd just throw it a little softer...), went o-u-t out and then played softball this morning at 10am! between the two of them my forearm and shoulder are s-o-r-e, and I've done something icky to my knee. which, y'know, I love. le sigh.

so, you might want to know about the floozy delinquency thing, right?

1. my date's friends might think I'm a floozy. okay, not really, but it sure is funny to's a bit of a story. at least I had a lot of fun! it's one of those more-amusing-if-taken-out-of-context things. :) and it gave me a chance to use the word "floozy," and how often do you get to do that, really?
2. I think I'm going to go get my tattoo re-done on friday. the first time I got it done was on a good friday, and I figure I might should keep the tradition. goodness gracious, I can't believe that was four years ago. but anyway, tattoos are immoral or something ridiculous, right?!? I think Kim and Kara and I'm not sure who else are going to come with me. When I first got it I went with my sisters--Melanie, Jessica and Tuck--after a tragic thing happened on our house property, and I kind of want to go with sisters again. Perhaps you think that's weird, but I kind of like it, thanks.



I'm really excited about this. I mean, how AWESOME!!! way to go for looking out for the environment. [insert high five here] those californians? they've got good ideas, most of the time. but sometimes, they're crazy. guess that's how it works.

and have y'all heard about the new forever stamp? net present value at work, right? random. and I am SO DISAPPOINTED that the new stamp rate won't be 42 cents. that would have made my day!

happy palm sunday tomorrow, dearies!

Friday, March 30, 2007

let's do smack-smack-smack-smack-smack!

~betsy pearce, said with an overly-cheery and highly-sarcastic voice, while making lots of little quick excited claps

I LOVE FUNNY PEOPLE. Seriously, y'all rule. And half priced martinis and talking about boys? A great way to begin the pre-weekend. :) Plus? I got to talk to Adrienne McVey, my dear dear Itsy. How I have such a wonderful KD family I will never know, but boy-oh-boy am I thankful. And? I might just be going to Alaska in June. Alaska AND Oklahoma. And Alabama. Uh, and maybe New Mexico? (okay maybe I need to spread these trips out, but whatever)

so, I'm catching up on a couple of corners-of-my-homes. only I'm also making this about whatever it is in my house that seems like something I'd wanna share.

1. the breakfast of champions.

I meant to tell y'all about this after I took the GRE. This is what I eat for breakfast EVERY time I have a big test/interview/whatever. A cream cheese danish. I had to go to three grocery stores before I found these guys. I've been doing this since, oh, middle school? Before every ACT, every SAT, visiting TU, interviewing for Top Ten Freshman, interviewing at Burt's Bees, my old job and my present company, before my scholarship interviews, before the FE and most recently before my GRE. It's a thing. Every damn time. And seems to kinda work for me. And come to think of it, the times I didn't eat it have been the times I've not done quite as well. Interesting, no?

2. this guy has to be retired.

Sterling made me buy this mug when I was fifteen. It was in the summer when I went to my cousin Michelle's wedding in Chicago. He had one, y'see, but his mom had accidentally broken it. So I bought one for me and one for him from the Starbucks there. And I've been using it ever since. Today I realized that there was water (and some icky brown mold stuff) stuck inside the insulating-air that's a part of the cup. That means it's time to chuck it. It's a little sad though. I've been using this for, what, eleven years now, almost? It's funny to think how different I was eleven years ago, and all the places I've taken this silly mug.

3. this will always sit by my kitchen sink.

for the whole entire rest of my life, if I have anything to say about it. if I don't have a kitchen sink, it will go by my own sink. this little jar is full of rocks that anna, adam, my mom and me dug up in arkansas. there's also one from cali, oregon, oklahoma, texas, north carolina, virginia and I'm not sure where else. It used to sit under the stairs in my mom's house, and it was something she gave me when I left. It reminds me of home, of how anna and I always lost teeth at the same time (but opposite teeth--hello, mirror image twins, much?), of all of the empty beer cans we found under the stairwell when we tore it out, of the old olds--the white car with red interior where the glue oozed out of the sides of the panels 'cause it was so hot in arizona and of my mom and her fun black light things she kept on the little shelf there. for me, this little jar of rocks means that a place is really my home.

hip-hip-hooray for friday!

Thursday, March 29, 2007


in recent-ish history, the following things I like have been discontinued:

~my bra from VS
~my awesome redken shampoo
~studio 60 on the sunset strip

these? these I can tolerate. but now?

my jeans. they're being discontinued too. my very cute, excellent fitting, rather inexpensive (~$40 a pair!) jeans. they're not going to make 'em this dark anymore (and oh no, is the light jeans trend coming back?!???). I am going to have to order a pair online in order to get new ones.


so lemme get this straight, my mom tends to like things just before they become uber popular (black and white checkers, sunflowers, rainbows, holograms, e.g.) and I like things just before they are discontinued. what a cosmic circle we weave. luckily none of it is THAT important. le sigh.

it's the room, the sun and the sky.

~silversun pickups

for me right now it's more like the cube, the rain and the cold, but whatev. I'm still in a good mood. Despite the impending (and admittedly self-inflicted) busy weekend we're coming up on on, and despite the fact that my review starts in thirty minutes, I am still in a swell mood. I am blogging pre-review, just in case.

I am looking forward to cheap martinis with a few chick-a-dees, singing, pulling those (not really) rusty softball things out of the closet, watching the final four games and getting some sleep. ooh and maybe painting. maybe definitely painting.

oh, and I didn't watch LOST, so for the love of all that is holy PLEASE don't tell me. I plan on watching it tonight. I think.

and, funny Carrie story, for good measure. last night on my way home from choir I was a good girl. I'd noticed that my front tire looked a little low, so I went to air it up. Girl Scout that I am I had my pressure gauge in my glove box (along with random things like tampons and my old honda's registration card--what???) and I proceeded to air up Mattie's tires. I got off the phone with my mom to concentrate, and I called Renee when I was done. I came home, I pulled up to my house, got out, got the mail, and--shit--realized I'd left the caps AT the gas station. Yes, I know you can buy those puppies elsewhere. But they were all there, and only one was smashed. So that's good. But since I totally need new wiper blades anyway, and since I only have another week and change of not procrastinating, guess I should get right on that rose, eh?

also, when did it become thursday? and almost APRIL?!? tempus fugit--not that I'm complaining--must mean I'm having fun?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.

~pearl strachan

I had another one of my weirdo dreams last night. This one, though? It's pretty cool. It makes me want to write a children's book about it. So you? Don't steal my idea. I claim it.

So anyway.

In my dream I was with Anna. And it seemed like we might have been younger, but I'm not sure. And we were somewhere much like here, but not. I couldn't tell if we were visiting or what. But I did know a few things--we were staying at my grandparent's home, and one of my old suitcases was on my canopy bed, and there was something strange about this place. Every single one of your words counted. And what I mean by that is--well, all words have connotations, right? And some of 'em are good, and some are bad and some are neutral, y'see.

So when you said a sentence, you could literally see the words escaping from your mouth. Just floating away and dissipating. They were kinda particle-ee and translucent. And the weight of your words was seen on the world. The neutral ones became dust, settling on the surfaces of the world. The good ones acted as a kind of fertilizer, nourishing the plants and making everything shinier or better or cleaner. And the bad words were like poison. I specifically recall them poisoning the fish. And classes of children would be taken to the beach or the ocean to recite good words in hopes of making the fishes better. Every morning and every night each person would say as many good words as they could think of, and if you said a bad one (or ones) you tried to counter them with good.

When I went in to go to sleep I opened my suitcase, which was sitting on the pink and white comforter that I love so much. And inside of it, along with other things, was a little bear I've had since I was, oh, five or six. I wish I had a picture to show you. It's white and fuzzy and wearing a shirt that says "I heart Carrie." And I hugged the bear, and it made me smile. It’s kinda weird though, ‘cause that bear lives in my G&G’s home. It’s been in my room for as long as I can remember.

and then it gets fuzzy. but there was more, I know. something about studying the fish, I think. not sure.

What does it mean, you ask? Well, some of it seems pretty obvious, about the consequences of your words. And there’s some significance to Anna and my Grandparents being in it. But the thing that got me the most was that bear inside the suitcase. See, suitcase and stuffed animal. Hm. Hmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmmmm.

Things making me happy today: $3.88 yellow daisies from wallyworld (target was closed, don’t hate), some of which are on my desk, the silversun pickups (check out their song on my myspace profile) the fact that I’m going to change my photography blog profile description and remove the word “amateur,” how Nick likes the pictures I took and is likely going to get these four (maybe with the ones of the car body in color) and the yummy green grapes I am eating with my lunch. Ooh, and that I have choir today. yay!

I might have to paint while I watch LOST tonight. It's been an awful long time since Wednesday has been art day at the Carrie household...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

it'll only take a few seconds.

so, if you're married or have ever attended a wedding you're likely well aware that they are expensive. even the cheaper ones still cost a pretty penny.

so please take a minute of your time and help someone else begin their lives together without such financial encumbrances.

My friend's friend and sorority sister Adine Bagheri and her fiance are one of the couples eligible to win a free wedding from a news station in Dallas. Adine was the new member educator when she was a new member in Gamma Phi and she's one of the most incredible people my friend knows. You can read her story on the website, but since graduating from SMU she's lost her father to leukemia, been attacked and robbed, had her house burn's been a bad time. But this would be a great thing for her and Joe.
So, if you don't mind, go to and vote for Joe and Adine. Voting ends today at 5 pm. (central time)

all you have to do is fill in your email addy, and select your vote.

muah! thanks for voting!


that's what sterling and I are going to call our canadian love children--babe-ehs. heh. we be funny, man.

so, today I am thankful for the telephone. See? telephone.

okay, mine sooooo doesn't look quite like that, but that picture is cuter, so let's roll with it. anyhoo. i like the phone. i like talking on it. it's a good way of keeping in touch. and with the advent of cell phones? amazing! included long distance, call waiting and text messages, oh my!

people even write poems about it (well sorta) remember this gem, eletelephony, by Laura E. Richards?

Once there was an elephant,
Who tried to use the telephant-
No! no! I mean an elephone
Who tried to use the telephone-
(Dear me! I am not certain quite
That even now I've got it right.)

Howe'er it was, he got his trunk
Entangled in the telephunk;
The more he tried to get it free,
The louder buzzed the telephee-
(I fear I'd better drop the song
Of elephop and telephong!)

But aye, here's the rub: I've used my phone for hooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuurrrs over the past two days. hours and hours and hours. having lots of convos I've very much enjoyed. y'know, about boys and girls and movies and science class assignments. talking on the phone is fun. and if you're lucky, funny. and believe me when I tell you that I've genuinely appreciated the miracle that is. I talked to some damn wonderful people last night (and betsy, the wine we shared was wonderful--ha!).

and here's a convo snippet:
him: I think I'd have to tackle the dog. I mean, I would feel awful hitting and animal.
me: yeah, me too. i'm kind of an animal lover, y'know.
him: [insert sarcasm here] oh, so that's why you have two cats.
me: oh, no, it's 'cause I really loooove the smell of clean cat litter.
him: no kidding. they should totally bottle that and sell it.

heh. with convos like that, how could one not love talking on the phone, I ask? but in all honesty, I think I might be feeling less like Laura Richards and more like Cake...

No phone, no phone I just want to be alone today No phone, no phone

maybe to let the crick in my neck go away. just for a day. stretch it out. because that combined with my left arm, which is either sore from driving or from sleeping funny, means that I should probably take a teensy tiny brain break from the phone-ee-ness.

and for you, a joke:
how did the telephone propose to his girlfriend?

he gave her a ring.

yeah, you know you love it. lates.

Monday, March 26, 2007

my friends make me giggle.

"your life is like an episode of the north carolina." -sterling
"now all you need to do is get in a fight with your best friend..." -marla, after telling her sterling's quote

"ooh, yeah, but when we fight we'll hafta wear those maternity-looking shirts and carry coach purses." -(best friend) jessica, after telling her sterling's and marla's quotes

"hahahahahahahaha! lol!" -jackie

golly, what a day. i'm not going to elaborate, but I will tell you that you should probably not play "never have I ever" with me, 'cause now I've got a good one. :) also, yikes. luckily, I had a nice long drive during which I could talk to lots of people. thank goodness for cell phones.

so this weekend, went to DC. we had a whole lot of fun--took an impromptu nighttime tour of DC (aka I got lost, but the monuments are pretty at night!), ate really good food, had my ass kicked at pool (seriously, matt switched from playing stripes to solids on the last game when he got to the eight ball--but at least I won with my EXTREME lead that he'd given me!), went to the smithsonian (that planetarium is awesome--did you know that the moon resulted from a collision?!?) and the spy museum (which I can't tell you about or I'd have to kill you), drank beer from a 32oz mason jar, had my first genuine melting pot experience (yum!), took pictures in maryland, went to ikea (!) and had a banana latte. here are some silly pics from the weekend.

also, do y'all say "home again, home again, jiggity jig" or "home again, home again, lickety split?" oh, and this there was A LOT of talk/teasing about me and my oklahoma accent. a LOT.

and jessica? well, she had a bridal shower on thursday planned by the loverly ladies renee and leanne. I sent flowers, (which got there late!) and sophie, leanne's cat, posed glamorously for a photo with them. cute, no? also, shout out to leanne for getting my shipping charge refunded! :D

oh, and my aunt carolyn? sigh. let me just tell y'all this--friend to friend--please never go on a ninety day fast "'cause it's just something you wanted to do once in your life." people, that doesn't EVER work out well. I really wonder when I'll start exhibiting the crazy streak that clearly runs in my family. I mean, I love them and I love being a part of them, but there's a little bit o' the wacko in all of us it seems, and that means I'm likely not an exception. also? shudder. anyhoo. she's going to be just fine, so that's good.

carrie=hap-hap-happy today. I like being happy. :D

Friday, March 23, 2007

like hell, you say.

I don't often get hangovers. It's quite fortunate, but it means that when I do get one, it's miserable. I'd like to think it's because I usually drink enough water, so when I actually get a hangover, I am dehydrated, hence the miserableness.

like hell, you say.

on tuesday I found out that I don't need a root canal. the tooth is calm now--it was just angry 'cause the dentist people didn't use enough cement on the temporary, and it was jiggling around or the dentin wasn't all covered, or sumpin. happy teeth news--for ME! That's two in a row!

like hell, you say.

yesterday I went to a "toy" party. I bought some stuff for Jessica's bachelorette [insert evil laugh here] and I won the doorbell prize. (yes, really, doorbell prize. go with it.) I like winning prizes.

like hell, you say.

my accent gets CRAZY when I drink. I mean "aaah driiink."

like hell, you say.

on the way to the shindig I explained to Kara and Sean what a pun was. they didn't know. or rather, they thought they didn't know. it was fortuitous that I happen to be an expert on all things punny. I should get a degree in it or something! I felt like I was doing a stand-up routine for them. I'll be here all week, don't forget to tip your waitress!

like hell, you say.

I should have my dialing privileges revoked. Friends should not let friends dial drunk. At least I hear I'm cute when I'm drunk. [cringe.]

like hell, you say.

My married or in-a-serious-relationship friends are all living viCARRIEously through me. I'm getting a kick out of it. I'm glad I have interesting, really, I do.

like hell, you say.

I woke up with a hangover. How am I feeling now, you ask?

like hell, I say.

heh. okay slightly less hellish than earlier. but still, icks.

also, I found out that a great cure for a hangover is getting naked.* It yummy and good.

I am glad it's Friday. Glad glad glad. I'm going out of town and I'm bound to have a great weekend, lots of fun and take oodles of pictures--AND add another state to my list! (don't worry, Mary Alise, I know DC isn't a state. But Maryland is!) Yippee! And this nice weather REALLY makes me want to ride a roller coaster. Soon, Carrie, Soon.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

see, they come with torches, to take messiah away.


okay, so, if I can't get these cantata songs out of my head easter's gonna be a loooooooong time coming. I'm sure my choir director would be thrilled to know that I am constantly thinking about the songs, but really? going to make me lose it.

...into the plot they stride...

also, I learned something new. The name of the guy whose ear was cut off? Yeah, it's Malchus. That's your factoid o' the day. We didn't really realize that he HAD a name (or one that was in the Bible anyhow), but I figure that they used it because "guy-whose-ear-got-cut-off" doesn't go so well when you're singing about Jesus' death and that kind of stuff. yeah.


maybe I can get the last song stuck in my head instead. at least it's all happy, yay He's risen, and all.

yesterday? this made my day.

not lost, mind you---'cause it was on during lost. which was eh. I *may* have to give up on it soonish, I'm not all that interested. i mean, this ep was def MUCH better, buuuuuuut. still waiting for some consistency in the goodness.

but this? me like-ee.

and did I mention I have a wee little obsession with Claire Danes? 'cause yeah, I do...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

key-ping it together

so, if you've spent any time with me you probably realize that I have key problems. it's a key issue in my life. and sometimes it key-ps my from getting to places on time.

i have tried so many things--clipping my keys to my purse, a hook by the door, a dish on the table, a spot on the floor. I draw the line at getting a clapper.

but I can never find them immediately, it's always a search that ends in me finding 'em somewhere weird... I've found them under a rug, in the refrigerator, under the mail, beneath a bag of (clean) kitty litter, in coat pockets, in jacket sleeves, buried in my comforter, in laundry baskets, on various horizontal surfaces (counters, tables, chairs, shelves) and most recently, underneath my purse. that happened this morning, and I decided to blog about it.

now, I often blog at lunch, y'see. sometimes it's in the morning, but a lot of the time, at lunch. and as I walked to the break room I was thinking what I'd say. and I got my lunch bag out of the fridge, removed my salsa pasta, put it in the microwave, went to get my cheese out and lo! and behold!

my keys. in my lunch. cold from the fridge. little help?


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

i blame jackie*

*actually this is really cool and I should probably thank jackie instead of blaming her. :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

and the more the glee, the more I'm a merrier me!

~mary poppins

the GRE went fine, just fine. I did not "ace" it, I did not kick its ass. But know what? I got exactly, precisely what I was shooting for. I said to myself (self, I said) "you should get at least a _____" and know what? I did. And my score is 100 points over the average-ish GRE in the MSE program to which I'd like to apply. So I think I'm just fine. Funny thing though...I did better in the verbal! I had some weird problem in the math section that was super hard and I had NO IDEA how to do it--which means I was doing well at that point--but still. icks.

and I am SO GLAD it's over. especially since I almost got stuck in an elevator with a man named Greg. He was quite friendly, taking the GRE for the third time, and I got a little freaked out when he touched me on the shoulder. But he was super helpful, so I'll let it slide.

oh, and? I got to park in space 42. :)

Also, kudos to Mary Alise, the wonderful. She bought me a congratulatory margarita. And I like her style. Yay for her. hip hip hooray and all that jazz. Plus, our waiter was funny, so that was good. And I got to hold a stuffed animal that looked rather bee-like while waiting for our table. good times, people, good times.

and now, it is bedtime. my schedule is a skosh off, from the lack of sleep last night and then a nap, but hopefully I can re-adjust.

check one off of the procrastination list for carrie, thank goodness!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

carrie heart, carrie shamrock.

there were three homophones at the med-school party last night, carrie, carey and carrie. Ariel made me Carrie Heart. The other I made Carrie Shamrock. See?

but I'm getting ahead of myself...first was the tomfoolery at the white's house. I lost my flip cup virginity, and that was fun. And it's been a LONG time since I've seen so much testosterone in one place--the guys were CRAZY! like, it wasn't just that there were a lot of guys, but they were all of the buff-frat-persuasion. 'course, that was prolly 'cause they were a bunch of sean's college frat brothers, soooo...yeah.

and yikes.

but patty, kara and I had fun. and their house was geeee-orgeous.

and miles, their boston terrier, got some action--see, daren and kara with miles? lucky dog! ;)

and then it was off to the med school party. it's so awful being popular, I know, I know. the lovely arrrr-teest! katie helped me draw some stitches on my cheek and neck. they were hot! and very difficult to get off, actually.

so, this place was crazy. the D5 normal vodka went well with some sprite zero (ariel and I are dispensing it above), Katie and I bowled on the wii (and you're welcome for me not sharing the pics!) and I had SO MUCH fun! And of course, talked to Carrie. Here's Carrie, Carey and Carrie.

and the Merritts with their silly "hot beef injections." how scandalous!!!

katie, ariel and I were cute.

but we get even cuter if you add Audrey and Paddy into the mix!

and I think it's adorable when katie crinkles her nose. a-dor-a-ble! it was super cute too--katie's sticker said "kiss me, I'm irish" and ben's said, "hooray for the irish!" awwww.

and I thought this was fun--since we were celebrating their "match day" I brought a location-appropriate thing for all of 'em! audrey was like, "wait, you got me mayonnaise?!?" but it made a whole lot more sense when everthing was together. (that's new england clam chowder--and if you haven't you should try cream of onion soup with hawaiian bread-mmmmm!)

and? Christopher Merritt, damn him. He made me cry. But it was really sweet. And it kinda made me sad--because although I know I will see these people again, it's sad to know that all of these things are going to be changing--the Merritts will be in Hawaii, the Wards in Boston and though the Turley's will be in Durham they'll have Sam to keep up with! And I might be moving too.

It was so sad to think about how there's going to be so much change in the next few months--but then at the same so wonderful to think of all of the fun we have already had together, and the fun yet to come! These six people are definitely a good portion of why I'm thankful that I live in North Carolina. They were some of my very first friends--and Audrey was my very first--and I love love love them. Love. What a lucky girl I am. :)

and last, but not least, I cannot wait to clean my bathroom. what?!???? uh, yeah. because, y'see, I'm taking the GRE tomorrow morning, so my shower kinda looks like this...hooray for soap crayons! cross your fingers for me.

Friday, March 16, 2007

my miraculous liver.

(is the sponsor of this post. promotional hats, tshirts and koozies are available.)

so, I can totally be the driver and still have PLENTY of fun, thanks to my liver. I'm so pleased with it, I'm going to celebrate by buying it a drink! uh, er...whatever. anyhoo last night, after some good ol' gre studying (pat on the back for carrie) kim and I coerced susan into joining us on the t. nelson pub crawl. and hilarity, per usual, ensued. see: group below. yikes!

things that happened.
1. I became a member of a bar.
2. I danced eighth-grade-style with TGo.
3. I ate hushpuppies. With LOTS of butter. And drank Old Speckled Hen.
4. I sang along to A LOT of songs.
5. Kim and I forced Terry and Ryan to do-si-do with us to "the devil went down to georgia." (fire on the mountain, run boys run!)
6. Irish. Car. Bomb. oopsie. (just one for me. i stayed nice and sober, thanks.)
7. darts. heh. longest. game. EVER. (we actually conceded, but I must say they were kicking our butts)
8. dancing with Preston, my I-just-met-him-teammate.
9. getting hit on by a (very likely) gay man, also, Preston. oh dear.
10. getting coached by Tom on the "zoolander" pose. apparently I need to practice being a model.
11. in true carrie fashion I asked "are they sometimes open irregular hours?" upon seeing 518West's "open regular hours" sign. silly me....

so, copious amounts of very funny pictures--mostly from list above!

tom getting his darts on!

dancing with preston. I like how my hair is whipping in that middle pic!

the zoolander wannabes. the dancing.

and assorted funnies from the evening

oh and. mcdonalds? yeah, hadn't had one of their burgers, maybe ever. but at 145 in the morning they said the following: "no, we don't have any cheeseburgers." what?!??? mcdonalds not serving cheeseburgers? crazyness, methinks.

anyhoo. I am tired, it is rainy, and I wanna go home, nap and study! soon enough, my dears, soon enough. and? tomorrow is St Patty's!!!

ooh and, happy friday AND happy birthday to susan!!!

ps-for the record. since it was brought to my attention...there was NOT copious amounts of drinking on the part of Carrie. the miraculous liver was referring to the fact that at 1.5 beers in the other girls were all tipsy, and I was nada, thanks to my liver o' doom. It was a reference to the fact that I'm not a cheap drunk, and that is all..I certainly didn't drink a lot and then drive. that? that would be STU-PID. just wanted to point this out...that is all.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

caesar had an eye for clothes, he saw them spats and said I like those

~the spin doctors

et tu, brute? Man I think of that song EVERY March 15th. All of 'em. Well, since I've known the song, anyway...

So, I registered for the GRE. And while some of you may be thinking, "big whoop!" or "well you should have taken it forever ago, silly!" I assure you, this is a big deal for me. As someone so astutely pointed out, it's a big deal for me to pull the trigger. And here we go...yikes!

Also, my friends the Merritts and the Wards find out today where they're moving--I can't wait to hear!

And seriously, is it St. Patty's day yet? I DON'T WANNA WAIT ANYMORE!!!

tonight? studying then pub crawl. should be a little crazy. I'm sure I'll take pictures! :D

now it's time to return to the lab, make sure my data makes sense and try to avoid death via carbon monoxide inhalation. ooh and do my timesheet!

i heart you.

this is renee. today is her birthday! (and her mom's birthday too!) and i love her.

see, isn't she cute? she's the one in the green.

i could write for hours and hours about how awesome she is and the funny times we've shared together. we've been bfs for a long long time! but instead I'll just say that I miss you terribly, and save the mushiness for a card. one more down, eleventy billion more to go!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

ride, [carrie], ride.

~mack rice/wilson pickett

yesterday was a fun day. not particularly fun, not life changing fun. but fun.

I had my first "commissioned" photography experience, and it was wonderful. I took pictures for my softball buddy Nick--they're a birthday present for his dad. The weather was perfect, the sky was beautiful, the backdrop was picturesque and wowzers. Beeeee-utiful. I'm still processing them and picking out which ones to keep, but so far? Loooooovely. Here are a few teasers.

it's a 1965 Shelby GT-350. and it was awesome. the owner thought I was a car chick since I knew about some old cars--my old impala, our batmobile and david's celeste. thanks, btw, mr. henze, for unjumbling my words and getting the song stuck in my head--ah, mustang [carrie]. also, makes me think of when I got to hear Sally Ride speak at the SWE conference--she was the first American Woman Astronaut, dontcha know? And while we waited for her, guess what they played?

also, the picture taking was also great 'cause I had one of those I-can-do-anything moments. And know what? I sure as hell can. Carrie the now-and/or-future patent lawyer / engineer / photographer / mother / teacher / friend / church-goer / singer / painter / guitar player / crafter at your service. :)

and last night I had a very weird dream about frogs. and wasps or bees (something flying and with a stinger). and a mall--or at least I think it was a mall. "To see frogs leaping in your dream, may indicate your lack of commitment. You have the tendency to jump from one thing to another. Alternatively, it may suggest that you are taking major steps toward some goal." and though those two things are completely unrelated they are also quite applicable. weirdness, much? yeah, crazy carrie and her crazy dreams.also, I love love love love love girl time. dinners with girls = best thing ever. except for maybe blue bell icecream. :)
and I feel like I must include this picture of Kim. mostly because she and I have spent a ridiculous amount of time together recently and I STILL like her! seriously though...I've seen her a lot--at least, um six of the last, what, nine days, or something like that? yowza! anyhoo, hooray for Kim.

oh, and a shout out to jackie for calling me a hussy. you make me giggle.

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