Monday, August 05, 2013

it's not that I don't want to write on here....

it's just that it's not highest on the list. and the book of the face serve the same purpose in some ways.

and I'm not sure who even reads this :)

the last two weeks have gone like so:

-my little petunia got two more teeth. on the same day.
-I had a busy week--alumnae chapter things, softball, etc
-Saturday we hung out at the Picc's--bruschetta, paleo tacos, beer in the back yard while our girls played in the pool and crafting = awesome.
-Sunday AM, while preparing for early brunch with the Kocises, I hurt my back. We now know its a herniated disc. :( that day I wore my brace, the Sullivans watched her and we went carseat shopping.

At 5am Monday morning there was an "incident" involving passing out and vomiting and turning a crazy pale green color. It was bad. Poor Cleona Was crying in her crib as all this happened, it was not good. We went to the doc ASAP on Monday morning.

last week:
-laid low
-avoided activities
-was a "squatter" in a standing cube
-slept as much as possible
-took a lot of ibuprofen.

and now:

I'm still in the back brace
Our dining table is now in the basement
And I could use a nap. :)
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