Monday, May 14, 2012

it's funny, the power of just a few words.

I had planned to tell y'all all about my mother-to-be's day weekend. Matt made it delightful--to the extent that even though I'm not a huge fan of the holiday (it leaves people out), and even though I'm not sure if I'm qualified to celebrate it, I actually found myself really liking it!

but I digress...

so, today at 1130ish I got a phone call from a Tulsa number I didn't know. I decided to answer it. And it was my grandmother.

And as many of you know, interactions with my Granny tend to be....let's go with unpredictable. But I answered, and she immediately began to apologize that she hadn't called, tell me how she was overwhelmed by everything in life, thank me for remembering her on Mother's day, said she figured that she needed to let me go because I was at work, etc. I told her that no, I could talk for a few minutes.

So we talked about how she'd finally moved into her new apartment. And about how the floors had to be re-done, and she'd hired a new real estate person to sell her home, and how everything was still in boxes. And then she said "but enough about me, I want to know how things are going with you! and with your pregnancy!"

So I told her. And she listened, patiently, and commented, and asked questions. This hasn't happened for a good while now, you seems like she's always got too much going on to talk about things like how things are in my life. Which is really okay--it seems like there's always a "fire" to put out in my family. But still. It was nice for her to ask.

We talked about how during the sonogram I could see our baby's BRAIN. And about the miracle of modern medicine. And I told her that I'd be calling her next Sunday to let her know if we're having a little girl or a little boy. We talked about how exciting it was to know, because in her time, and even for two of my mother's pregnancies, you couldn't find out the gender. And now you can!

I then asked her if there was anything I could do (from afar) to help with any of her stresses--and she said "you're doing it. Calling you and hopefully getting to talk to you was my treat to myself today."


And then she said--"I want you to know, Carrie, how much I love you and your husband and your--well, your heir. Granddaddy and I both do. I know he's not here to tell you, but I want you to know you all are wrapped up in our love, every day, all the time. We love all three of you and are so happy for you and we are both so proud of you, Carrie. Every day, all the time. I just wanted to you to know that. I love you."

and then I began to cry.
and I also might've just cried while typing this. :)

And I'm sharing it with the blog-o-verse because I want to remember this moment. I know I will need it in the future. And I am so grateful for that little eight minute conversation with my grandmother this morning. So very, very grateful. And amazed at how much I needed to hear those few short sentences. :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

"I've noticed something different about you..."

~my coworker.

So, now that I'm really-for-real-there's-no-doubt-if-I'm-pregnant-or-if-I-just-need-to-lay-off-the-beer, some people have started commenting.

For whatever reason they haven't heard, didn't know, etc. And their way of making sure their eyes aren't deceiving them makes me giggle.

some things I'm loving right now:

fruit, fruit, fruit and fruit. 

no, really. today: green smoothie (spinach and kale, OJ, almond milk, frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, frozen pineapples, flax seed, brown rice protein powder and water. SO GOOD.) cantaloupe. blueberries.

and I've got strawberries, a pear and a banana on deck.

gap's pure body vneck tees.

they're the ones that made matt say I looked like "a fit pregnant woman." they are comfy, thick enough that I don't have to wear a tank under and fun colors!

gap's ribbed maternity tanks.

oh heavens to betsy, I had no idea how much I NEEEEEDED these before I got them. I have two right now and will be buying more because I'm pretty sure I'm going to live in them outside of work. they are wonderfully cut, flattering and don't have ruching on the side, which is spectacular when you want to sleep. they make me happy.

my doctor's office.

I had a very very very teeny tiny scary moment earlier this week. Short-lived, but I called the nurse line at my doctor's office. She said if it happens again they'll want to see me, but otherwise [insert eleven totally normal possible causes here]. This was Wednesday? Or Tuesday. Anyway, this AM they called to follow up and left a message saying that the nurse had discussed it and all was well. :)


fo rizzle. I've been going to see my acupuncturist for pretty basically six months now. He is kind of my personal hero. Just a little. :) I feel better, I genuinely believe that it helped with both conceiving a child and the resolution of our scary hemorrhage (but is not the only reason for either of those, of course!) and many other things. and yesterday, it helped with this pain I've been having in my ribs, the one right below my bra. He said he thought it was a pinched nerve, treated me for it and I am much improved today. Still not 100% but definitely feeling less like an old woman :D

not traveling so much.

don't get me wrong, I LOVE to travel. love, love, love. I want to make sure we travel a lot with Small Fry just so he/she will be accustomed to it. but man, it's been good to stay at home for almost two months straight!

we have some trips coming up--one to somewhere we haven't selected yet over memorial day weekend (I really want it to have a pool!), one to see my fabulous in-laws, one to attend our cousin's wedding...and then we stop. I hope to take one more just-the-two-of-us trip in mid July (close enough to not cause alarm with our doctors) but other than that, I think we are staying put!

that it's friday.

sakes alive, I'm really glad it's friday. this weekend is one of the fullest I've had in a looooong time (still working on paying off that camera!) but I am ultra glad it's the weekend still! 2 sessions in high point, a very short wedding and bridal portraits. and a prenatal massage and a trip to get burgers & brew here in d-town. :)

Monday, May 07, 2012

things I hope to teach small fry some day. and all of our little frylings, too.

I'm sure I'll never think of them all. Ever, ever.

but the state in which I live is considering a very important constitutional amendment tomorrow. one that makes me think of all of the hate and close-mindedness that existed in oklahoma. and it just makes me shake my head and wonder why people's mothers didn't teach them any better.


1. The golden rule. Do unto others as you would have others do undo you.

This is simple and covers a myriad of (potential) sins. Be kind. Smile. Share. Welcome. Love.

2. Do your best to avoid excluding others.

This could be covered by #1. But I think it deserves its own number. When I was younger my mom insisted that Anna and I both get invited to do things unless there were extenuating circumstances. It made for some really awkward moments where I had to call and ask my friend if Anna could please come to the pool party or whatever. Now, as a grown-up, I try to make sure I invite everyone I can. I try to make time for people. I try to talk to people who seem uncomfortable or out of place. Because it's important to me.

I want it to be important to the rest of my family, too.

3. Love. Accept. Encourage. Support. Respect.

I'm not sure this really needs an explanation, but it's getting one anyway. People are people. They are beings that deserve and are entitled to just as much space (physical and otherwise) as you. You may not agree with them. You may think their habits or choices or lifestyles are very different than what you would choose or embrace for yourself. It's okay to feel like you'd want something different--our differences are part of what make humanity incredible! It's okay to respect someone's right to choose even though you'd never choose that yourself. But it is not okay to hate. Or discriminate. Or judge. And that last one is probably the hardest of all.

It breaks my heart every time I see evidence of the self-importance of people. I disagree quite fervently with many people's opinions, political views, lifestyle choices and even, sometimes, their religion. Heck, I disagree with some aspects of my husband's religion, my future-godmother-of-my child's religion, and EVEN MY OWN RELIGION. But I, for one, agree to disagree. And for two, understand that everyone is entitled to their opinions/beliefs/ideas. But I want Small Fry to know how crucial it is that we all treat each other with kindness.

and now, we get a little less heavy....

4. There are hundreds of different colors that are classified as green or blue or yellow. And likewise, many many skin colors, eye colors, etc. that all get lumped into just a few. I want them to see them all and understand that crayola crayons are not the definitive answer. :)

5. The most valuable thing you have or are is YOU. And no one can ever take that away from you.

6. Music and math are the universal languages. Learn to speak them. Small Fry WILL learn to read music.

7. And speaking of reading, I want Small Fry to learn about the joys of reading. If he/she is anything like me, they will be an avid reader. And I want to reinforce that early. :)

8. Take good care of yourself. Wear sunscreen. Drink lots of water. Take your vitamins. This is the only body you've got--if you don't maintain it, you'll pay for it later.

9. Leave things better than they were when you found them. Thank you, Girl Scouts, for teaching me this. It applies to all things--places you visit, the earth as a whole, people you encounter. And it's one of my own personal little mantras. :)

Sunday, May 06, 2012

our second anniversary

was in april. I didn't really blog about it. but I did want to chronicle it anyway.

the second year is cotton. matt got me some SUPER high thread count sheets. he is always taking such thoughtful care of me--y'see, that whole "huge burst of energy" you allegedly get in the second trimester? yeah, I call shenanigans. I've been sleeping every chance I get and taking a LOT of naps. Because my eyeballs don't seem to want to stay open.

so, since the second year is cotton, matt got me sheets. so I could be as comfy as possible during my many, many naps. :)

I did two things--one I've yet to finish. I got a LOT farther on our wedding album. I think I have six spreads to go and a few changes to make. But my goal is to finish it by the end of May. I am WAY pleased with how it turned out, and can't wait to order it!

Thing two, I made him a present. On cotton canvas! I freezer paper stenciled the state. I have wanted state art showing Oklahoma, Georgia and North Carolina (which all end in A's I just realized) for a long time--and still do. But I wanted to make something specific for the state where we met, and where our first child will be born. :)

we haven't decided where to hang it yet, but we will. Matt really liked it! It's the second piece of art I've given him. I still think the first is probably my best painting ever! Loved that trip, and that tree. And you know what's crazy? On that trip, which happened more than 5 years before we'll have a kiddo, we already pretty much knew our kiddo's names. Okay, well we for sure knew George's (people actually asked me if I was going to let Matt name a son GeorgeJosephFryIV on that trip--when we'd been dating for like 4 months! but I already knew the answer was yes, ha!) and I wasn't sure if I'd be going with Claire Cleona or Cleona Claire...but I knew those two, too. Crazy that we knew Small Fry's name that many moons ago. :)

Saturday, May 05, 2012

hello, my treacherous friends.

thank you for joining me here tonight.

~ok go

I have no idea why that song is stuck in my head, but it's been there for DAYS and DAYS. I think I need to break out ye olde ipod and rock out to some ok go. I was OBSESSED with their album over my christmas break my senior year of college. I went to see a show of theirs some place (OKC, maybe?) with my friend Dustin and some other people (look, my senior year is fuzzy. I think I was anemic!) and I couldn't stop listening after that! I remember sitting in my living room, being grateful that my apartment-mate I loathed was away for two whole weeks, and wrapping presents while listening to that cd over and over.

Oh, and watching 24. A guy named Josh from my reaction kinetics class encouraged me to check it out. I was hooked. I just watched. And watched. And watched. I think the blockbuster people thought I was nuts. Moving on...

A new plan is hatching at my home. And no, it's not at all related to Small Fry. It's related to food.

Y'see, previously I was soooooo good about menus. I'd make one for two weeks at a time, I'd research new recipes, we'd get the dishes into the dishwasher nearly every night...

but now? please let me tell you that I would be HORRIFIED if you walked into my kitchen at this moment. I think I need to clone myself and devote one whole half of me to housework. Anyway.

So, thanks to suggestions from a few helpful friends, we are trying something new. There is a 0% chance that we will be militant about it. I'm not a go-overboard-making-sure-this-happens kind of gal. But we plan on going through our recipe books and planning the menu together. Because I need to delegate some of the decision-making I'm having to do. Baby stuff + photography + work + offices + house changes + my family + meal planning = too many decisions I'm making simultaneously. So, I'm trying to pawn some of them off on other people. And Matt is my first victim. :)

With this in mind--I'm asking for recipe suggestions. The simpler the better. And if they are made with real food, that's the best of all. (e.g., hamburger helper? not what I want to be putting into my body. whole wheat noodles, veggies, organic/local meat, etc, though? sign me up!)

In the spirit of sharing--here's one of my favorite recipes. I think it's even better with fish (tilapia works wonderfully). I am more than a little obsessed with avocado right now, so this makes me extra happy :)

Friday, May 04, 2012

"you look like a fit pregnant woman"

that phrase, my friends, was music to my ears. Matt said it to me after I tried on a new maternity shirt from the Gap. (this one, in orange) I wore it to work and one of my coworkers/friends said hello to me as she walked by my workstation. And then actually backtracked to say "WOW, that color looks great on you!"


I've a feeling that I am going to miss some of my maternity clothes this time next year.

I am sure that I will also welcome the return of my abdominal muscles. And I'll enjoy wearing normal jeans and not having to push with my arms in order to stand up without groaning. And sleeping on my stomach. Oh and BEER. For the love of all that is holy, beer.

Which, by the way--I went to the birthday party of a very cute little girl on Saturday. She turned one and I've been photographing her this year, and I think her momma is the bees knees. While there another pregnant gal (and another one of my photography clients) and I were chatting and I said how sad I was that there seemed to be no such thing as a non-alcoholic wheat beer. That 0'd0uls Amber actually wasn't half bad, but that I'm a seasonal beer drinker (I like dark stouts in the winter and wheats in the summer and the spicy pumpkin ones in the fall--though please, please let me skip the IPAs) and I miss the wheat.

one of the guests at the party who was probably old enough to by my parent or uncle said "you miss BEER?!?!" quite incredulously. I responded with "yes, I do. We're kind of beer nerds--we visit breweries, like tasting beers and even brew our own." He just stared. And then in response I said "I've had a couple of different non-alcoholic beers and most of them aren't good at all, but there's one that is. But really I just wish there was a wheat one!" He said, "wait, you can HAVE non-alcoholic beer??? Isn't there still alcohol in there?" [also, WHAT?!? who is this dude?]

I said "um, yeah. It's like 0.5 %. You get more alcohol than that rinsing out your mouth with Listerine."

He said half jokingly/half serious "you shouldn't drink Listerine."

I said "oh, no, I mean, when you use Listerine the alcohol absorbs through your tongue. I don't mean drinking it." and smiled real big.

And then, thankfully, someone else came into the room and the convo changed. Such strangeness!

(and before anybody decides to lecture--I've had a maximum of two in one sitting, I am very well hydrated and seriously?!? there are bigger fish to fry!)

Thursday, May 03, 2012

salsa pasta!

nom nom nom.

I have no idea if I ever ever shared this, but I LOVE it! Matt will tell you I'm quite picky about eating leftovers. Generally I'm willing to have them ONE more time and that's it. There are a few exceptions to this rule--pumpkin pie, mexican casserole and, of course, salsa pasta. I'm sure there are a few others, too. But anyway, yum!

to make:

shell pasta
1 small/medium yellow onion, diced
1 can of corn (I prefer no-salt-added, just plain old yellow corn)
1 or more bell peppers. (I used red this time. Sometimes I do green and orange to make this colorful!)
1 jar Pace thick and chunky (do NOT use picante sauce. I also highly recommend Pace for this--most salsas are too watery)
1 can diced tomatoes (or rotel. or fresh tomatoes. or whatever.)

cook the pasta! I usually use half a box. I've done a whole box before, too. It depends on how many people are eating it, how long I want it to last, etc. You can always add more salsa, tomatoes and/or seasoning to fill out the dish.

while it cooks, chop the things that need chopping.

drain pasta.

put a little (just a little!) oil in the pan you used and saute the onions and peppers juuuuuust a little.

add in tomatoes (reserve liquid) and some salsa. I usually use 1/2 of the jar (the bigger jar of salsa is the one I use). Let simmer for a few while you drain & rinse the corn. Then add the corn. Followed by the pasta.

stir it all up, make sure it's nice and mixed up.

add cheese! if you plan on having leftovers, I recommend putting the salsa pasta into the individual serving size bowls and putting the cheese on there. If you think you'll polish off most of it that night, then you can put the cheese in directly!

and enjoy! it makes a GREAT lunch and is quite yummy!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

22 and 23

oopsie! I am behind on baby bump pics. From here on out I will probably just put them on our small fry website (though clearly these aren't on there, either!)

also, I am THRILLED that it's May now. Because that means in less than 3 weeks we will know if this is little Cleona or little George in my tummy! I am loving the little kicks though! sometimes they startle me, but they never fail to make me smile. :)

23 in gray and 24 in green.

do you think we should do a gender/date/weight poll? anything else you think we should ask in it? and any suggestions of websites to create it?

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

little change = big impact.

No one would look at our kitchen and call it tiny. It's actually quite sizable. But as a girl who loves her kitchen gear, and as someone who loves to cook, I am going to call it inefficient.

There's a big chunk of counter wedged behind our sink, useless and collecting random items. There are only two real drawers, and the folks who built this house made the unfortunate choice not to upgrade the cabinets to the tall ones--so ours are kind of squat and don't house as much as I would like.

And our pantry--though we are really glad to have a pantry--is skinny and deep, making it a bear to keep organized.

So. All of this it to tell you that on Sunday, while at Target, I spent $38 on two baskets. And they make me immensely happy. They sit on top of our refrigerator. This is where our boxes of cereal and various bread-ish items (english muffins, whole wheat bread, bagels, etc.) now live. Before they just kind of splayed out across the top of the refrigerator. But now they look nice. And are organized. AND I can lift them off without too much trouble! (Being pregnant has left much desired regarding my ability to reach for anything on a high shelf!)

Ain't they grand?

Also, day last weekend, I can't quite remember which. Probably Saturday? Definitely Saturday. Oh, baby brain.

So, on Saturday we went to whole f00ds to mosey about and get some steaks and the like, and I decided to check out the protein powders. Ever since we got that positive test I've worried about my protein intake--because you need MORE when you're pregnant and I am just not a huge fan of meat in general. That and sushi is off the menu (well, sort of ) and for a while I found all chicken repulsive! And I've been avoiding cold lunch meat too. So I was eating edamame daily and snacking on peanut butter and having nuts and eating greek yogurt basically doing whatever I could to sneak in protein. And then, months ago, I asked my doctor about protein powder and got the go ahead--and what a relief it was, since mixing some and chugging it was easier than psyching myself up to eat whatever it was.

BUT. The one I picked had stevia in it. And I could taste it every time I used it. And I didn't want to be wasteful, but I also didn't want it. So we looked for alternatives--and I found this. And it tastes better, has fewer ingredients (and none unpronounceable!) and and and--no artificial sweetener! And double bonus, it doesn't foam up in my magic bullet like the other did. Yay for green smoothies without foam!

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