Monday, March 18, 2013

gobi leroy.

tomorrow I will have more to say.
tonight I just have to write, just for a moment.
I lost a friend today.
I know it sounds silly, but he was my friend.

he was there when I had no friends in the state where I lived, and there as I've cultivated my local flowers, so to speak.

He loved heights, especially the top of banisters and the china cabinet. He LOVED being outside and rolling around on cement. He would "flop" for me, where I would pet him and pet him and pet him until he would flop on his side in delight. He would always try to lick my forehead. I told myself that meant that he loved me too.

he has seen me through a divorce, a marriage, two sinus surgeries, a colorectal surgery, pregnancy and birth. Gobi would cuddle with me when he knew I was sad. I know I posted about how I think he and Hazel were trying to help "small fry" in my belly.  He has lived with me in every place I've been in NC--all five of them. He was kind and loving and very protective of me. I know you fellow pet lovers understand--Gobi was my furry child. I raised him from a teeny tiny kitten on. His meow caught my attention at the shelter and I heard it every day.

He didn't like Hazel at first, but eventually they became fast friends. I can tell she misses him already.  We cuddled a lot tonight.

He was even good to my daughter. She would pull on his fur (because six month olds don't do anything gently!) but he would let her. He protected her. He was jealous of her but knew she was important to me.

I got twice as long (and more) with that cat as they estimated. The problem was his heart. A good friend said today that perhaps he also lasted so long because of his heart--the metaphorical one. :)

I'll add a picture tomorrow.

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