Monday, July 31, 2006

bad day.

so, I had this blog post all worked out. 
I was going to tell you all about this ridiculous and annoying situation involving eggs-over-hard, yummy bacon, good coffee, coupons, mistakes, liberals who make me look conservative and how they'd like to punish the worl for stupidity.
but instead I'm going to tell you that I'm tired, I've been up since 515 when Otto left, that 6am is NOT a good time to have an arguement, and that apparently it is impossible to draw blood from my veins. they tried, poked, prodded, I passed out, they gave me juice, I felt better, we tried for the other arm and still, no flow.  dammit.  I have to go to a lab to have it done, now. but I'm going to wait until the bruises heal, I think. apparently the dermatologist thinks that sun-related rash might be due to a disease or something.
so, I'm tired, grumpy, cranky, hungry and sore.  with two holes in my arms.  oh, AND it's my first day back at work after a week's vacation, and otto is out of town.
of course, it could always be worse.  but keeping that in mind isn't making me feel better like it sometimes does.  
i think i need a nap with the kitties.  which is exactly what I'll be on my way to do in an hour and a half. 

Saturday, July 29, 2006

ooooh, pretty!

a shell I found at the beach today. Otto says I need to start taking pictures for "postcards and shit." :)

Friday, July 28, 2006

sun, sun, everywhere!

I'm still at the beach. Except not.
It's been sunny and hot! That's excellent beach weather. We keep going to Oregon Inlet 'cause the water there is warmer and the water is shallower for longer. It's a twenty minute drive, but soooo worth it.

But I'm not there today because I have a rash. :( It started on my chest just below my collarbone--that was on Wednesday evening--but now is on more of my torso-down to my stomach--and my arms. I don't know if it's the sun or the ocean, but it's definitely not the sunblock. I use that stuff all the time for softball. Whatever the case, it's a double boo. So now everyone else is at Oregon Inlet, and I'm at the cottage chilling, blogging, doing laundry and getting ready to start another book.

Speaking of books, I finished this one:

I liked it. It was really interesting, and I enjoyed all of the math, music, science and deciphering in it. The end wasn't what I expected, but it was right on. I now see why Brooke drew chess pieces after reading it. I kind of want to draw a knight, myself! It isn't a fast read, but it's definitely a good one.

So, some beach hilights...
it rained on Tuesday, and while we sat in the ridiculous traffic heading from Duck to Kitty Hawk I took this. We didn't want to spend the entire day inside, so we drove up to Corolla to go on the beach there. That evening was karaoke. Tres fun. Maybe later I'll put up the pictures of Otto making out with the pirate--maybe.

Wednesday was SUNNY! I took that first picture at Oregon Inlet. That day was just gorgeous. We spent ~6 hours at the beach, and I spent ~5.5 of those under the umbrella. I looked for shells and swam in the ocean a little too. The water was SO CLEAR, and the temperature was perfect. Cool and refreshing. And we saw dolphins! They were too far away for a picture though. Oh, and there were some people on the beach with horsies!

Otto and I ate dinner at the Rundown Cafe. I had some Asian noodle thingy with mahi in it, and Otto had coconut shrimp. And we had some deee-lish tuna bites. But the best part of the meal is shown to the left--the Shark Attack drink. It came with a plastic shark filled with grenadine to add to the lemonade and vodka. I had a second one--just for the toy, honest!-and now we each have our very own shark. Toofie and Teefie. Don't ask. Just go with it. These little plastic sharks have given us all sorts of ideas--perhaps you'll see them soon at a party near you! Seriously, though this place was awesome. $8-$14 entrees with yummy drinks, good beer AND an ocean view from their outside deck. Fun fun fun, let me tell you.

On Thursday morning Otto and I went to see the Wright Brothers Memorial. It was quite impressive, and we see why they dubbed that fourth flight a success. It was neat to know that right there, in that very spot, the beginnings of an incredible technological breakthrough occurred. Wow-o. This is the memorial. It's on top of a rather sizable hill, and it was hot outside. My rash didn't like it.

After that we went back to Oregon Inlet w/ lots of beer in tow. sssssh! It was crazy windy! I could barely use my umbrella! So, we did what any rational engineer would do--used the plastic thingies from the eight pack of propel as a support, along with a racheting strap. Eventually I decided to sit in the shade at the back of Rubie, 'cause it didn't look like the umbrella would be holding much longer--but imagine what it could have done if we hadn't strapped it!

We went to Kitty Hawk Kites today, and I bought a little tiny kite, but I won't be flying it for awhile. Silly sun. I find it a wee bit ironic that at the place where I'm least likely to be allergic to something--ocean air has almost zero allergens--I can still manage it. yeesh!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

at the beach.

well, actually, not at the beach...


It rained Sunday on the way here and once we got here, but we made the best of that with some of my yummy enchiladas and beer.  And yesterday morning it was crazy hazy, but it cleared off and I spent a nice day under my umbrella hiding from the sun.  It was sunny out, and we had a good time!  And then had sushi and saw Clerks 2, which was funny, but raunchier that the first one.  (is it raunchier?  more raunchy?  hmm...)

And now it's 1045AM, we're all up and ready to go drive the jeeps on the beach at Oregon Inlet, and it's raining.  It's supposed to rain for the next two hours, and there's a 50/50 chance it will keep raining ALL DAY!  Boo!

Sooo, maybe we'll go by koozies for our forties.  Because we'll be having them on friday. And the guys want to watch Ren & Stimpy, so I'll be making myself scarce. 

PS-naps on the beach are the best ever.  Even if you have to hide from the sun.
PPS-say a little prayer for Desi Turley, Audrey and Ryan's black lab.  He's having surgery today, and though we all know he'll be fine once he heals, it still scary.  I hope he's having dreams of chasing squirrels, playing with Lucy and running with his mom and dad.  Because he'll get to do that again soon!

back to reading. So far I'm really enjoying The Eight by Katherine Neville!!!

and since everyone else is doing it...having a bloody mary at 1045am. 

thank goodness for stolen internet...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

so, my camera batteries died

but I did get a few pictures...audrey took some though, and is sharing them with me, so until then, here's two to hold you over. Mystery Dinners are AWESOME. you should try them.

more after my pedicure. yay for going to the beach!

Friday, July 21, 2006


Like how the hamburglar says rabble-rabble-rabble, but not.

So, is it weird that I’m kind of excited about dressing up for tonight? I am supposed to dress all gothic for the Mystery Dinner I’m attending. It should be fun. I’m a little concerned that I’ll get pulled over on the way there and I’ll have to explain that I’m going to a party, blah blah blah. We’ll see. I am pleased that I’ve found something other than black pants to wear. I hate them, you see. With a passion. I pretty much refuse to wear them. I have a pair of black wool ones, and I’ll only wear them because they’re warm (and satin lined!). But otherwise? Veto on the black--in pants form. I think I’m too pale to wear the black on bottom. I’d rather wear gray. That’s weird, eh?

I need a suggestion for a good book to have a lot of people read. It needs to be lighthearted and appeal to various age groups. We’re thinking about discussing books at our Third Thursdays.

Do y'all ever go on color kicks? My favorite color is pink, but lately I've wanted to buy orange everything. This happened to me another summer-2002. I wanted to buy orange everything. I even bought orange shampoo! Earlier this year I was on a green kick. I've been on blue and yellow kicks too, and of course pink isn't a kick it's a way of life! But now it's orange.

Also, I’m frightfully worried I’m going to forget something for the beach. Our space is
SO LIMITED because Otto’s Rubie is tiny, and we have to bring the back seat—otherwise we might as well bring my car. I’m not sure how we’re going to fit all of our stuff in there—I wish I had a Mary Poppins bag. We’ve planned for the basics—towels, suits, beer, clothes, beer, sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrella, beer, water bottles, etc. And things like medicine, shampoo, and items on our list for the group, but I’m just afraid I’m forgetting something. I made an excel list with checkboxes.

Yes, really.

Gah! I wish people wouldn’t talk in the hall. It makes it impossible to concentrate (hence the blogging instead of working).

I bet I’ll post pics from tonight tomorrow and then that’s my last blog for at least a week! Well, unless some idiot has an unprotected wireless connection at the beach that we can use—which I’m sure would go snail slow since everyone would try to use it. But I’d be thankful for that idiot, at least.

Expect book updates when I return. I’ll have read a ton of ‘em, likely.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

glad the AC is fixed, but...

I wish I'd seen this during my eight-seven degree night...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

signed, sealed, delivered!

I can't wait to use these! And I can guaran-damn-tee you Sterling can't either.

hot hot hot.

and annoyed.
1. restaurants close too early.  that was frustrating last night .  I played softball-showered-had a peach on my way-got my hair cut-tried to buy a tomato cage at Kmart  and by then it was 930.  And NOTHING was open other than fast food.  Grr.
2. I come home with my Earthfare food (edammame and mediocre-but-still-fresh sushi) to a home that is EIGHTY-SEVEN degrees.  Earlier, when I'd bopped in and out of the house and grabbed a ~3 minute shower I'd noticed that it was pretty warm in there, but figured it was just from playing softball in the 100 degree weather.  I was wrong.  After flipping the breaker--to no avail--I just decided to go to sleep.  My bed felt like it was made of hot lava--you know how it's meant to reflect heat?  Yeah, that. I was actually relieved to get to work since the temp is reasonable here!
I briefly considered going and sleepign on the kitchen floor, but toughed it out upstairs.  I think I woke up eleven times, sticky and uncomfy.  By around 5am the temp had gone down a few degrees, so I was able to use a sheet ( I detest sleeping without some kind of cover--blanket, sheet, whatever).  It was miserable. 
at least they are fixing it today.
3. Mattie's alignment is out of whack.  She's pulling to the right. And normally this means I'd just have Otto drop me off at work and he'd take my car to the place ~a 2 min walk from his office building.  But now I had to ride with some lady named Rose with a strong NY accent in order to get to work.  Thank goodness Paul has agreed to take me to pick it up.  Yuck-o/
on the non-annoying front, I'm very pleased to have planned all of the events for the KayDee Raleigh-Durham Alumnae Association from now until the end of December.  As VP-Programming this is my job, and I'm ~60% done with it now.  I've just got to set up some evites, arrange some details and ta-da, I'm finished!  I hope all goes as planned!  I'm excited!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006



Are not people. You can develop an emotional attachment to them and they'll show you love and you'll show them love, but they still aren't people. HOWEVER, my take on pet care has now changed. Gobi, my adorable tabby, has something called HOCM, hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy. I give him beta-blockers daily, and so far he leads a normal life. He will likely die in four years or less, or so the vet says.

Gobi has already gone through a full evaluation, including an EKG, and they want me to do it again. This thing is quite, quite pricey, and it will not fix Gobi. The best that it will do is tell us whether or not the meds are working, and maybe help adjust the dosage.

Up until Sunday, when this occured to me, I had come to terms with the concept of never spending lots of mulah on animals. Though I do love my cats, I also know that I've already given them a second chance at life. So with that in mind, to some extent, I thought--why spend exorbitant sums on an animal? It how I told myself I wouldn't pay for an EKG for Gobi.

But now I realize the distinction. No amount of testing will cure Gobi. And even if we get the medicine PERFECT for him, we're not talking about a significant addition of life for this cat. It's not like he'd be all better, or live a normal length cat life, or anything else. Monitoring his blood pressure will get us close enough. However, if Gobi could be fixed, and it cost a lot, I just might do it. I mean, I still don't think I'd spend $3,000 to give a twelve year old dog a new hip, but I do think I might give a three year old cat a better chance if I could.

So, that's it. It's about cures versus analysis.

Change A LOT. It's so crazy! Jessica, Renee and I are now in our ninth year of friendship. In that time at least one of us has had, at some point and time, a bad haircut, braces, a crappy boyfriend, a change for the liberal, an affiliation with a sorority, a fight, a death in the family, a new pet, a new address, a new address in a new country, a house, a disgusting housemate, an embarrasing picture taken, a 2am freakoutandcallonthephone, a hysterical laughing fit, a homemade headscarf, an overwhelming urge to recite the lyrics to slim shady, a sleepover, a grown up moment or a disastrous driving incident.

We've been like sisters--getting along well, fighting like cats, uniting in our mutual digust/dislike, and sometimes embarrased by the realities that we lived while going to our separate schools. (One time I apologized for them seeing a picture of me in a tube top--silly gangsta function!) I miss them a lot. We're looking for a fantastic-but-inexpensive vacay to celebrate ten years.

Operate differently. Some of them seem downright insane, in my opinion. But still, if that's how they do it, so be it--it must work for them. And sometimes I have to remind myself that my mother is a hippie, my brother a used-to-be-bad-boy catholic, my sister a bisexual pagan and my youngest brother a solid-minded rock-star-to-be. That kind of set-up wouldn't work for a lot of families, but it seems to work okay for mine.

and that's what's dawned on me in the past few days. I've had more than my fair share of light bulbs, methinks. and I'm ready to read some good books and veg out on my vacay next week. Nag's Head beach, Fun Friends, Beer, Good Books and a 100SPF umbrella, who could ask for anything more?

Friday, July 14, 2006

to tube or not to tube?

but really whether or not we're going is the question.

We're supposed to be going tubing in VA this weekend, but I just don't know if I can handle it (or if we'll even end up doing it, but that's another story).

Amongst other reasons, because it's so damn slow. About 85% of the time I've been on a river it's been with my dad, brother and sister on the Illinois. Anna and I always had to be in a canoe together, and we fought the entire time and once paddled so damn fast it took half an hour for my dad and brother to catch up with us. I remember going on church camp float trips, taking rafts instead of canoes, and again, though the seats were more comfy--super slllllooooowww. There's just something about going so slow that I don't like.

Oh, that and the sunburn I'm almost guaranteed to get. This SPF 55 is doing wonderful things, but I just don't know how it will handle a trip down the river.

I mean, even when sailing I was happiest when I was hiking out. I didn't like hoping for a gust of wind...I liked maneuvering the boat to take full advantage of the wind, or tricky sailing because it was thisclose to being too windy to sail.

Honestly, I'd rather stay home this weekend and do some much-needed laundry, tend to my garden, go to the farmer's market, eat guacamole, paint these yellow poppies I have in my head and not have to make my pizza in a rush on Sunday for our weekly dinner. I'd also like to spend some time with Otto, who's been traveling a LOT. By the end of August he will have spent at least 3 and possibly 4.5-5 weeks out of town without me for work/fun and then another week out of town with me. That's so much traveling!!!

Also, notice it's, oh SIX POINT FIVE hours from when I'd be leaving to go to C-ville, and we still don't know if we're going. It isn't Otto's fault, and I can handle last-minute notice if it's a last-minute thing, but we've been discussing doing this for almost three weeks now. I wish someone would make a decision.

Sometimes I really really hate being a planner. Really a lot.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

the nerdlympics. or, beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy, sayeth Ben Franklin.

So, the boys schooled the girls at scrabble. Of course, it was dirty scrabble, meaning you got double word score for anything dirty. Weiner(s), vag, et al were played on the board. I earned 44 points with the word poo. And during this, I found out that Michael prefers the inappropriate-to-use-on-a-blog “c” word to the “p” word. Which I thought was odd.

Most girls get offended by the four letter “c” word. They may or may not might the five letter “p” word, but it’s often not nearly as offensive. And guys normally think along the same lines--that the "c" word is worse to use.

But not if you’re Michael.

Anyone else find this unusual?

Also, we drank far more beer than we realized. We were shocked to discover that the beer they’d brought was gone, and that what had been two empty bottles had turned into this.

Riiight. Tres fun, though.

And at this point we decided we needed a nerdlympics for Michael and me so we can settle this once and for all.. It’s going to be a seven part competition, but we’ve only come up with a few.

1. Scrabble. Real, official, by-the-book Scrabble. Best two out of three.
2. Tetris. A-type, best overall total score from three games.
3. Wood block building. Points will be awarded for highest structure, wind/weight resistance and beauty.
4. that’s all we got. Ideas?

I took this picture on my way out this morning, and I like it. Especially because of my little friend in the lower right hand corner.

And to end, remember the lesson taught to us by the Star-Bellied and Plain-Bellied Sneetches. I thought of it today.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

i've been having a weird week.

WednesdAy night I made peaCH goo instead of peach jam, Bummer and a haLf.
thursdAy I Drank until waaaaay too latE.

on friday, The power at micHael's wEnt out while I waS looking at the yEllow acRylIc paint. thus, I was unablE to have enough time to paint, aS There was sO purchasiNg of saId paint until the danG power came back on (and, since the power was out in the wHole enTire shOpping ceNter, traffic waS idiotic.)

also on friday, once the Power came back on, I went to BJ's, where they had a complete lacK of shopping carts. I managEd To carry a Very heavy combo of a gal of milk, 2 gals of OJ, 1 lb of salmon, electric toothbrush heads and a magazine all at once, but for the first time since I've owned it, my watch fell off. a lady had to Put it back on foR mE--Thank goodness she was so nice.

saTurdaY was rosy and sunday was relaxing. well, excePt for my tomato p Lant drying out--but a littlE wAter perked that puppy right back up.

So comEs Monday, when I get peppered at ThIrd ALL GAME, and then I juSt plain lOst my flip flops iN my house. And my keys. and I spill beer on myself (Though only oTto saw it).

yEsterday I Nearly fall off of the elliptical machi Ne. man, that momentum was awful. I must have looked like I was flailiNg about. I also almost ran out of gas on my way hom E, but notiCed too lat E to make it to the gas statioN withouT having to tuRn Around--I was ~2 min from my apt.

and this morning??? this morning I Looked for my pink polo shirt for ~5 minutes before finding it. I put it on, I'm drying my hair and drinking my coffee and I spill coffee on my shirt. I never spill coffee in the morning! Also, when I was geTting sometHing out of the dryer I wAs ambushed by soda caNs! We Keep the fridge boxes on top of the drYer and just put a few sOdas in at a time (or Use ice) and the damn things actually fell on me. I have a little mark on my arm. And then, after getting gas and getting to work my lunch broke through the bottom of my bag on my way in. Fortunately I had a grocery bag in my car and I could use that, but still.


it's just not my week. at least tonight is guaranteed fun?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

tongue in cheek or foot in mouth?


Birthday fun at Mellow Mushroom!  I have no idea how the seven of us had so much beer and so little pizza.

I must vow to never discuss uber-feminists ever again.  Ever.  It turned into a discussion of some pretty stereotypical and likely not common traits of those who are ultra feminist.  Which, PS, I kind of admire.

I also learned the phrase "bump-and-hump." Which, unfortunately, refers to a pick-up method.

And I learned that sometimes girls really do respond to cheesy lines, and guys are lucky that the do.  Especially if the guy's name is Michael.  Who, by the way, ENTIRELY brought me back to high school days, playing spades with Eddie, Kendall and Hulett, or sometimes Jonathan or Christina whoever else was up for it.  And arguing over touchy subjects (religion, feminists, race, whether or not Oklahoma is in the Midwest, what a "Southern" boy real is, politics, etc), and only half the time wanting to change the other person's mind, and the rest hoping to glean some knowledge from them.  And a little bit arguing just to see who would give up first. 

It made me miss you guys.

On the enjoyment scale, high school < college < now, but sometimes I wax nostalgic.

And in this particular case, I'm pretty sure the beer helped.  Well, that and my now much MUCH more liberal mind. It's weird to be on the other side of the fence and really mean it.

Monday, July 10, 2006

rosa rosa rosa est est

weekend was fun. as a surprise, otto took me to the rose garden behind raleigh little theatre. I took oodles of pictures--actual oodles. blogger, however, has a case of the mondays, and will not arrange my pics as I want them to. so here's just one to tide you over. more will appear on my photogblog in the near future, I swear!

also, Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead Man's Chest??? eh. It was okay. The first one was better (big surprise there). And the lead in to the sequel was a little hokey. But I liked the guy who played Davy Jones.

weekly dinner with friends? splendid per usual. I'm so glad they came up with that idea--next weekend is pizza, I hope! And Happy Birthday to Mary Alise--mmm mmm mmm mellow mushroom tonight!

Friday, July 07, 2006

someone was running a vacuum in my head this morning.

Or at least that’s what I thought in the shower.

Last night was Amy’s birthday celebration at the Carolina Ale House. Those folks seriously need to rectify the parking sitch. I had to cross SIX lanes of traffic to walk to the Ale House because there were no parking spots to be had. And I think it’s weird that they’re building a Goodwill store 1)in a new, expensive shopping center and 2)next to a Carolina Ale House. Damn construction. I had to park by Moe's and hoof it!!! I did one, two, three, four, FIVE u-turns before I finally gave up on finding a spot. But whatever. Anyhoo...

So, the birthday stuff was fun. Amy had a good time, and I think she enjoyed the little paper wand thing I got her at Pier 1—you know, the plastic stick with the paper coiled around it that you flick and the paper flies out? Very fun, I promise!

I had a wonderful evening, discussing topics like feminists growing out their underarm hair, whether or not technology will improve to meet demand, and organic produce being so expensive (and not being organic in the chemistry sense), and how dumb it is to truck tomatoes hundreds of miles when there’s someone selling them just down the road. Yuengling was $3 a glass and refreshingly cold. And my company was excellent.

But anyway, back to the vacuum. So, I’m in the shower, washing my hair, and I think “My God, how much did I drink? I don’t feel bad, but I swear it sounds like someone is running a vacuum inside of my head.” I’m picturing a blue hair with a floral dress with buttons and orthopedic shoes pushing around one of those old vacuums with a pattern on the fabric bag. Hazel is trying to come into the shower (she’s recently gotten adventurous, she used to just lounge on the toilet lid) and I’m looking around, wondering if the bathroom exhaust fan is malfunctioning, and the vacuuming stops. I’m bewildered and confused, but thankful.

I go downstairs to make coffee and the vacuuming begins again--and how! It’s louder now, and I don’t like it. My head didn't do anything wrong, why is it being punished by this unfortunately-clad, vacuum-pushing grandma?

I go in the back room to check on the plants on the patio, and I see it--the source of the vacuuming! It's the damn people mowing our apt complex yard for the first time in three weeks!

I find it mildly alarming that I could hear that upstairs. In the shower. With the exhaust fan on. While shampooing my hair.

Have a good weekend, dearies.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


So, things are a little effed up in Carrie-ville. It’s a long, ridiculous, non-blog appropriate story (especially since a certain person is still reading this blog) and all I have to say is sigh. I need to have a little convo, and hopefully it will all get better.

Instead, I’ll share more fun plant-ness. See? The left pic is the first tomato that showed up on our big tomato plant (I forgot which kind they are) and the right pic is it from today, six days later. That puppy is really growing! It's a little hard to tell, but it's doubled twice in size, I think.

On Sunday night Otto and I took Gobi for a ride in the car. He freaked out at the noise when Otto put the emergency brake on in his Jeep, and I think Gobi prefers looking out glass windows to plastic ones. But he had fun. He looked like this at the door, so we couldn’t help but take him with.

And Hazel had a boxy weekend--she really dug the box that my Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 came in, and cuddled my crayons on the couch. She’s a silly cat, that Hazel. PS, that program is sloooooooow. It does awesome things, but it sure takes its sweet time.

I also made strawberry jam and peach jam this weekend. I’d take pictures, but I haven’t put the cute fabric on top yet. First I need to get pinking shears! Or, I need to find some of the cute lids like these. Ooh, and I got my scholarship certificate in the mail--yay for Carrie! It's a pity I couldn't go to NLC and accept it in person... :( But I'm pleased to have gotten it, since it means I can take classes this year!!!

Blade: The Series was good last night, I enjoyed it. I’m surprised they killed Fritz, but I have a theory about it, we’ll see how it pans out. I talked to Sterling for almost TWO HOURS after that, so needless to say, I’m a sleepy girl ‘cause I went to bed at 130 in the morning. And I’m also one who just doesn’t have lots of fun stuff about which to blog. Eh, whatev. Time to eat lunch.

Oh, and PS, because I never told you, Sterling and I are going to France to see PJ, wethinks.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

no happy fireworks for me.

so, I didn't get to see any fireworks this 4th. I heard 'em, and I tried to see 'em from my apt, but no luck. Otto had to get up at 4am today for work travel, so he wasn't so keen on going out to see fireworks. I was hoping Frankie's would have them, but I think they had theirs on Sunday.

but really, it's no matter, 'cause the other three Fourth of July fireworks sessions I've seen have been pretty crummy. UNC's are lame, and the ones in Durham are boring too. Seriously, I'll say it again--Tulsa has wonderful, wonderful fireworks on Riverside. There's just something about fireworks over water. And it's not just a Carrie-hearts-Tulsa thing, either. When I was much younger I saw fireworks in Chicago over Lake Michigan, and they were breathtaking.

But I'm feeling less sad now (seriously, I almost cried a little yesterday) because I found this. Whew.

back to work now. will blog more later. now it's time to get cozy with excel. again.

oh, and highlight of the weekend? having a real, true midwesterner confirm my belief that Oklahoma is not, as lots of "southerners" put it, part of the midwest. yee-haw!

Monday, July 03, 2006

survey says...

so, Audrey had a version of this, and so did Sterling. and, um, now I do.

5 things I hate:
1. bad drivers
2. hazel's tendency to claw my feet in the morning (though it's usually followed by cuddling, so I can't hate it too much)
3. changing the kitty litter
4. that I'm such a sucker for good deals
5. the uncertainty of the immediate future (indeed, sterling, indeed).

5 things I love:
1. Otto
2. Gobi and Hazel
3. art--photography, painting, sculpture, kid's crayon drawings, you name it--making, viewing, admiring, creating, etc.
4. science. chemistry the most, but anything good and nerdy.
5. flowers.

5 items I can't live without (other than the five basic needs, of course)
1. sunshine
2. laughter
3. medicine
4. music
5. orange juice (no, really.)

5 TV characters I would want to be for a day (man, I don't even know if I'll get five.)
1. Buffy--a la vampire slayer.
2. Angela Chase.
3. Carrie Bradshaw.
4. Rory Gilmore.
5. Kate Austen.

5 favorite clothing items
1. jean skirt
2. my medium-dark pair of AE jeans.
3. death cab tshirt
4. my purses
5. my heels--especially my pink ones
know what though? I'd look awfully silly wearing all that at the same time...

5 things in my bag/purse
1. lip gloss with SPF 20
2. wallet/cash
3. pens. yes, plural.
4. camera
5. migraine meds, tylenol and ibuprofen

5 favorite stores
1. Target.
2. Hobby Lobby.
3. IKEA.
4. Old Navy.
5. Lowe's Grocery store (I really like grocery shopping--that's weird, huh?)

5 nicknames I've had in the past
1. Carebear. Or Carebear Butt, if you're Anna or Adam.
2. 'Rie and/or Care
3. Sunflower
4. Louise (LONG story. oh, and PS, my name--is not--Louise)
5. the-hot-chem-e (no, seriously, ask randi)

5 people I'm tagging
do I have to do this part? people who read my blog, do it, if you want. or not.
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