Sunday, September 30, 2012

so, when I wrote last....

I was probably in early labor (and didn't know it).

Cleona was still in my belly, my feet were horribly swollen and I weighed 22 more pounds.

The shot glasses in our house were very rarely used. 


She is here and five and a half weeks old! (labor story, pictures, etc to follow)

I am only 5 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight wit with basically no effort-and was at week 3 (don't hate me). Apparently most of my weight that wasn't baby/placenta/fluid was retained water!

I have used every single shot glass in our house. Yep, all of em. For feeding her breastmilk when I pump before feeding (this is unusual, I will explain later)

She is sleeping so that means I need to sleep too. More soon (for realizes, before I forget it all!)
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