Monday, December 12, 2011

oink, oink.

I get emails from a website called Feed The Pig. I can't remember who referred me to it, but I find some of its little tricks helpful. And clever. And of course it helps me keep up to date on some tax law changes and the like.

So. I read today's--and found out that FS@ amounts are being capped in 2013.

Last month Matt and I upped my FS@. (if you don't know what a flexible spending @ccount is, google it) We realized that he was eligible to spend money from it, and that we could use it for his teeth/eyes/whatever, in addition to my medical expenses, in the event that we aren't graced with a small fry in 2012. We did the math and will be covered either way. I am a HUGE FAN of FS@s. They are simple, pre-tax $$$ and I don't have to worry about it because it's already taken out of my paycheck. It's easy-peasy. AND before I ever signed up for it, one particularly terrible-for-my-health year I was like $450 away from being eligible to deduct my medical expenses on my taxes--and since I hadn't put anything in flex spending, I just got to pay with all of that with post-tax dollars. yeehaw.

But now? Should-worry-less Carrie just found herself thinking "huh. if it takes us more than X more cycles, not only will we not get to use that $$$ for a small fry, but we also will be limited by what we can contribute in 2013. stupid money. stupid system.

up next? acupuncture. it's kind of really stinkin' awesome. :)

Thursday, December 01, 2011

more of the dreams.

last week I had a dream that a little red bug was biting the palm of my right hand.

last night I had a dream that I pulled a piece of hair out of my eye.

I read about them. I'm not sure what they mean. But I think they are strange.


I am ready for the weekend. Jessica and Cody and little bitty Caroline are coming to visit! And I get to take pictures of three really amazing groups this week--all people that I really love to hang out with! :D The three I just mentioned, Emily & Dave and Evan, and Lisa and Richard (and the bump!). It's the best kind of weekend when all of my photography is for people that I call my friends--it always means the best pics!

And, I did something a little crazy. I bought a new lens. A crazy expensive investment of a lens. It's an upgrade of my 50mm that Melissa encouraged me to get years ago. And I KNOW I will love having it! I am super excited to do the sessions!

I swear I have more interesting things to blog about! I will get there some day, I promise. :)

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