Monday, September 28, 2009

excuse the absense...

but I have been making friends with my rx painkillers, a sitz bath and not lifting things over 5 pounds. I had my surgery on friday, y'see.

not so cool things:

-I am still quite sore.

-I am not able to operate normally (weight limits and other not-for-blogging goodies)

-I kind of super-freaked-out-panicked when they started walking me to the operating room. for one, I was WALKING not being carted in. plus they didn't tell me to get my kiss from matt. and I could see the blood in my IV 'cause it was lower than my arm. AND then they walked me into the room where there was a gigantic table of shiny metal objects. I think I might've almost yelled "I can't see that--I cannot handle seeing those!!!" I was crying. The nice anesthesiologist told me he would make me feel better. the last thing I remember is saying "I feel kind of dizzy..." At first I felt bad about it, but then I was like "um, I don't think most people want to see a tray of metal objects and come to the realization that those objects are about to, y'know, remove things from their body."

cool things:

-I made the nurses laugh. They didn't have to do part of the procedure because my symptoms had stopped. And apparently I kept asking "did you have to use the b0t0x?" The answer (thank goodness) was "no." but I had asked about seventeen times, apparently. so, i'm sitting there, they're coming back to take the IV out and I say "I did have one question....did you have to use the b0t0x?" I waited a beat while both of their eyes got wide (I seemed to be awake....) and then told them I was kidding. They got a good giggle out of it. :)
-I seem to be handle life with ibuprofen or tylenol instead of the rx painkillers--which means I can drive as of 5am Monday morning!

-the nurse after was named Debbie and she was very nice. She told me to make sure to eat lots of vegetables--I said I could totally do that--I had just picked up some from my CSA the day before. She asked who and I told her and get this--her other job, besides being a nurse? Working for the same farm where I get my CSA allotment! I will totally be saying hi to her at the Durham Farmer's Market :)

-AND I knew I was definitely all-together when my anesthesiologist came back sort of to check on me, but also because he'd overheard someone ask what I did for a living, and I mentioned how I'd worked on the greenh0use g@s stuff that had just been passed (and which took up my whole summer). Well, he wanted to know more--about why and how and what about industries that hadn't been covered yet. So just-out-of-surgery, still-slightly-hazy Carrie gave him a little play-by-play of the rule and the reporting requirements and why they put everything into CO2 equivalents.

so: tomorrow I go back to work. my sleeping schedule is alllll out of whack (hence the late-hour blog post) but I think it will be okay. I hope? At least I don't work in a lab anymore--I keep telling myself that!

and if anyone is out there going "hey, wait, surgery? what for?" just email me and I'll tell you if you really want to know. I just don't want to describe it in detail on the blog--or have people google and find it. I'm sure you understand :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a different kind of wbw.

also, a kind of positive pat-on-the-back.

and a reminder that one month from today? 29 baby. last year of my twenties. which, to steal Jackie's blog title? ROARING.

so, just shy of a year and eight months ago I went and picked up my brand new camera. I had decided to buy it with my inheritance from my grandfather. I am quite certain he would be immeasurably proud of my for selecting something that is both fun and practical.

before that, I was using my cute little point and shoot. the two versions of it I had had been good to me--they captured the mustang and my first set of engagement pics that I took. And my #1 best selling print of all? taken with my point and shoot. while hungover. in my friend's front yard. without even actually looking. (hey, wouldn't it look cool if....maybe I could....OOH! WOWOWO!)

but so. getting to that wbw...

here's the third picture I took with my Rebel XTi, my first digital SLR.

and here are four of my favorites from the shoot I did yesterday. and maybe you can't tell, as one is of a cat and the other is of two rockin' people who are very much in love, but I can--this wbw is about the long way I've come. and as I keep editing I'm feeling kind of pleased with myself, so pardon this outburst of bragging, k? I knew you'd agree. :)

next week? cute pictures of youngin' Carrie. I found some while Renee and I were cleaning last weekend. which reminds are pics of the room. we didn't take before pictures, but I think that's ulimately okay, as I probably wouldn't have shown you them anyway :)

to give you an idea though...the bed was where the shelf is. and that piece of furniture (which was $17. and I spray painted. and the hardward cost 2.5 times the cost of the actual furniture!)--well, the area on top of htat blue piece of furniture is a pretty good indication of what the entire room looked like. Renee and I hauled two big laundry bags, a crate and a box full of stuff to Goodwill, threw away 2 big bags of trash and 3 smaller ones, and recycled a lot of paper and cardboard. I have little bins for about 60% of the shelf (see the white one at the bottom?) and eventually the amazing pink velvet couch will have a home here.

oh and by the way? getting the piece of that shelf up both flights of stairs was probably the most ridiculous thing Renee and I have ever done together. Let's just say there was a lot of sweating, giggling, cursing, straining and I'm a hoss. And that shelf is going to stay in that room until I pay movers to take it out. And even then, it might have to stay 'cause it is heavy :)

the end.

and thanks y'all for the emails and the comments and the warm fuzzies. I am lucky to have people like y'all in my life--so THANK YOU!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


so all I could come up with for a title right now involved a queen song or those insects that you "shoo" because I'm kind of feeling a little overwhelmed. neither title would be at all appropriate. so you get "ummm..."

this already rough year just got a little rougher. one very sad thing and one very unfortunate thing happened yesterday.

the unfortunate was that my 18 year old brother's car got broken into last night, during the crazy rain in tulsa. it was parked in our driveway in the brookside area. his window was bashed in and his ipod and his nice cologne were stolen (he keeps the cologne in the car because my mom is allergic. ps she gifted me with that allergy). the ipod, yeah, yeah, it's his fault for leaving it in the car, but at the same time he's 18 so cut him some slack.

AND because of some bizarre Oklahoma insurance law, the ipod and the cologne are covered under my mom's homeowner insurance but the window is under the car insurance--so my mom would have to pay two $500 deductibles to get everything fixed. she can't even afford one of those.

and now, onto the unfortunate: my Granny Ann passed away. This isn't my Granny that I talk about often--my Granny Ann is/was my stepgrandmother. But from when I was 8 until I was 19 or 20. So she was definitely a significant person in my life. My Papaw, her husband, passed away earlier this year. My Granny Ann was in a nursing home, and my mom is light on the details, but apparently something happened, and somehow my Granny Ann was at St John's, and her death is under investigation because it appears that someone gave her a shot of insulin which put her in a coma, and then she died. she was not diabetic, but her Alzheimer's was pretty bad so she likely wasn't in the frame of mind to tell anybody she wasn't diabetic.

and my poor mother just called to tell me. And then we realized that her cousin Steve, my Aunt Mary Ann, our dog Gracie we got 14 years ago, my Aunt & her sister Carolyn and Papaw and Granny Ann have all passed away this year.

That is a long, sad, list people. I think I'll just try not to think about it too hard. but man. please send positive vibes to my fam. :(

Monday, September 21, 2009

livin la vida LOCAL

so, my fabulous friend Renee visited this weekend, and we accomplished a LOT. I'll put that in a second post, but she mentioned something so I decided to look it up...

y'see, something that I REALLY wanted to make sure we did was go to the durham farmer's market. for one, I wanted to ask some questions about the durham central market--I think for my birthday this year I'm going to buy a bicycle and join a co-op--who AM I?--but I also wanted to purchase some local eggs. I think they are yummier, and they are definitely more eco-friendly.


Renee mentioned that her local farmers market has crummy hours. Like, Wednesdays from 3-6 or something. And I thought about people who don't even KNOW that Durham has a farmer's I googled and found an entire website dedicated to farmers markets and finding them!

for instance--if you want to see other farmers markets near decatur, there's a whole list here.

there are a WHOLE bunch in the Tulsa area--Brookside, Cherry Street, Jenks, etc. check it out!

and here in Raleighwood/Durham--there's the Durham, Carrboro, Raleigh and even NORTH Raleigh markets! wow!

I could talk for hours about why buying local is good. Like, literally hours on end. Lower emissions. Some foods help with allergies. Sustainability. Supporting the community. The list. goes. on. forever.

And? It's fresher, it's yummy and lots of the time it's actually MUCH cheaper than the grocery store since you're buying in season! LocalHarvest can also help you find CSAs, Groceries/co-ops and more. Check it out!

oh and here's the yummy pizzas we made for dinner. ingredients=

local bread (farmer's market)
local red tomatoes (my CSA)
local yellow cherry tomatoes (from my CSA)
local basil (from my deck!)
local shrimp (caught on NC's coast on Wed, bought when I got my CSA Thurs)
local creamery cheese (from earthfare labor day weekend)
local asiago (farmer's market)
local goat cheese (farmer's market)
organic olive oil for the pesto--not local, can't find any local!
organic italian seasoning--not local, but at least it's a try, lightweight product
pine nuts--also not local--can't find 'em local
and organic mozz (not local, unfortch. had it from two weekends ago and they didn't have any local mozz at earthfare. but I usually hvave local!)

aaaaaand we had dinner with local wine from Lauryl Gray winery in the Yadkin Valley. :)

and it was deeelish!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm not sure how to title this one...

Sooooo....just got this comment from Anon--in case you missed it, thought I'd share

"i don't mean to be hater because i'm not a hater. your blog is on my g-reader and everything. but, your blogs lately have been, well, boring. you seem to have lost a little of your care-for-the-environment edge that you had a year ago. i enjoyed reading about how you are trying to be more green and now your blogs are just about how busy you are. i submit these thoughts as a fan, not a hater."

Of course this isn't the kind of comment you want to see first thing on a Friday morning, and it did sting a smidge, but I believe Anon that he/she isn't a hater. And I would be lying if I said that he/she didn't have a point.

So, let me respond, and please believe me when I say I'm not being defensive or making excuses. I'm just letting you know what's going on. :)

For starters, I have been busy.
- I can't tell you the last time I spent two weekends in a row at home. Oh wait, yes I can--early JUNE.
-I have also been working like crazy on the M@ndatory Greenhouse G@s Report!ng Rule. Seriously, ten-twelve hour days, working on the weekends, etc. It was insane. That is over and should be signed any day. However, I can't really talk about the MGHGRR. And I can't talk about a lot of what I work on--at least not in any level of detail. So it's taking up all my time, it's eco-friendly and mum's the word.
-I have been having some minor-in-the-grand-scheme-of-life but currently-majorly-miserable health issues. I'm having surgery for it from a week from today, actually. At 730 AM.
-and? my photography business is going overwhelmingly well. I am thrilled! But I am also busy with it. This is the "busy season" y'see (June-November) and since I also have a full time engineering job, between the two I end up "working" oh, 50-75 hours a week, depending.

But yeah, you already knew that. And this part is probably more important anyway.

I have lost my eco-fodder.

-I have done a LOT of the things that a someone with the care-for-the-environment edge is gonna do. I haven't, like, given up all things but hemp and decided to walk everywhere, but it's kind of like I've been there and done that. Reusable bags, laundry detergent, alternative transportation, composting (which btw, has not been working right since April which totally bums me out! I blame the pollen when I dried it outside) , eating local, reducing my intake of HFCS, buying eco-friendly products (makeup, clothes, shoes, pens, binders, etc). I do that. I blogged about 'em. I'm kinda stuck, y'know?

-I used up a lot of my info doing EH2ED. Which I REALLY enjoyed, but kind of exhausted my eco-reserves. I know that was a little while ago, but since then, please refer to the 12 weddings, HS reunion, trip to Colorado, Florida twice and Georgia I've gone on since March.

-I also used to get my information from A LOT of sources:

~National Geographic's The Green Guide--which doesn't exist anymore.
~5 Minutes for Going Green--which hasn't really been happening the last six months.
~Scientific American's Earth 3.0 Magazine--which they stopped writing.
~I am still enjoying The Daily Green--but it has been a long time since something jumped out at me and made me want to blog.
~I also get Cool People Care's emails, but those are more social and less eco. I still heart them though!
~I get Ideal Bite, but again, no fire.
~I haven't been to in a LONG time. I should probably fix that.
~And my Air Pollution classes the last two semesters were chock full of eco-friendly goodies. This semester I'm taking a Water Resources class that so far is about how to calculate the head and flow in looped networks, and isn't giving me any eco-nuggets of goodness.

I also think that:

-there was a LOT of eco-talk going on last year because of the election
-I used to have people ask me questions/send me links/etc. Like, I'd probably get one every ten days.

And, last but not least--I, well, I have been, let's go with "informed" that my eco-friendliness can come on way too strong. Which isn't stopping *me* from being that way, but is maybe


I feel like lack of time + reduced info/idea resources + already doing all the "typical" greenie stuff + lack of questions/ideas = lack of eco-blogging.

TOTALLY fixable. I mean, I'm going to be in town for THREE consecutive weekends, so that's an improvement right there. :) And I did just blog on two eco-friendly topics in the last two-ish weeks. Well, one was a little ranty, but the other you should definitely check out if you missed it.

So: Thanks for the input, for being honest and for calling me out 'cause you're definitely right. :)

Now: I'm turning the tables, and saying "hey, you people who miss the eco-ness, what's on your mind? Maybe you wanna know why XYZ is bad for the environment. Maybe you wanna know an eco-friendly substitute for blah-blah-blah. Email me. Ask me. Pretty please with sugar on top? "

Help me get back on track and I promise to be the eco-friendly girl I really am. :)

ps: I do have two eco-posts I've been learning about and researching, both from suggestions. But one is kind of weird and I want more info, and the other just frustrates me 'cause it's a big not-in-my-backyard (NIMBY) problem in North Carolina. So, yeah. I'll work on those. And you email me. k?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

so, let me get this want me to what?

I'm writing a thing about stor@ge tanks at work. It is riveting, I tell you.

just riveting.

So, we talk about the t@nks and how to measure the em!ss!ons and all, and talk about a program that the EnviroProtecAgency provides for free. It uses annual meteorological data and has ~200 cities in the database. (by the way, yes, Tulsa is one of them!)

Well, so it uses the annual average temperature, wind speed, etc and not the monthy average, and that introduces some variability into the data, right? And I mentioned that.

so, after I talk about the program, what it does, how it does it and what the results mean (and how they may be inaccurate on a monthly basis, but not on an annual average basis, which kind of matters and kind of does it)

I am then supposed to illustrate the potential discrepancies in emissions that might occur. Oh yeah, and this is the document where we're saying--if y'all have stor@ge tanks, you need to do this. and use this program. and now we're going to tell you how it's flawed.

So I'm telling them to use something and then telling them why it's not very good. Yeehaw.

back to the typing and the trying-not-to-roll-my-eyes. yeesh!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

think big picture, people, BIG PICTURE

oftentimes my engineer training keeps me from getting my panties in a bunch, so to speak. I hear a fact or piece of information, and I ask questions like "under what conditions was that data collected?" or "was there a control group?" or "what's the baseline ambient concentration of chemicalinquestion?"

I do this before I can react or be appalled by the horrors of whatever it is. I can assess the information and get the "actual" meaning instead of the implied.

This is how my brain works. Like, all the time. (and also, thank you, TU, for doing your thing.)


I read this article shared on this blog--'cause it's a shared item of Maria's. It's about how some people in the US have awful, polluted, toxic water, and how it's making their skin burn when they shower, breaking down the enamel on their teeth and causing cancer. It is an awful, horrible, unfortunate thing.

but one of the people interviewed said "“How can we get digital cable and Internet in our homes, but not clean water?” "

and to that I say:

Dear People of the United States:

Please realize your actions have consequences.



Seriously though--right now I am sitting at a fake-wood desk with my laptop with two computer monitors, an external keyboard, a set of speakers, my iphone, my ipod a TI-83 calculator and goodness only knows how many bits of plastic, ink, etc. With those come Volatile Organic Compounds and Hazardous Air Pollutants. Most anything that plugs in? It has some kind of metal in it. Toxic, scary, don't-try-this-at-home metal, not your average stainless steel.

Your mattress (and sheets. and clothes. and carpet) offgas formaldehyde.

That apple that I just ate was grown on an organic farm in North Carolina (and tasted GREAT by the way!), but most grocery store ones come from, like, Peru and are slathered in pesticides and probably have some residual diesel particulates from the drive here. But anyway.

what I'm getting at is: that cable and internet in every home? the SUV in the driveway? that's the PROBLEM. It's part of why these people have such dirty water.

I mean, the scary chemicals, yeah, you can treat the water and remove them and provide clean drinking water. But unless you're able to dissociate the chemical into its constituent elements (which ain't pretty or cheap, often), you've gone from a large volume of low-concentration scary stuff to a small volume of highly concentrated scary stuff. and that's gotta go somewhere.

So we can't expect to have cable and internet and five flat-screen TVs and SUVs and iphones and berber carpet and stereo systems and wiis and abrasive cleaners and highlighted hair and digital cameras and bookshelves full of books (which offgas more scary stuff you don't want to know about) and set our house at 72 degrees year-round without CONSEQUENCES.

Matter goes places. Pollution doesn't just disappear. All of those things come at a cost--to our pockets, sure, but more importantly to our environment.

I definitely get what that lady was getting at--she meant, how can we live in such a high-tech world and not have the capability to give everyone clean water. But the answer is in her question.

cable and internet = pollution.
pollution = dirty water. (any many other things)

and I really, REALLY wish people would realize the consequences of their actions. be it driving to the mailbox when you live less than a block away, getting a new cell phone/pda/ipod/gadget when your old one works just fine, bleaching the hell out of everything when you clean your home or eating food containing high-fructose corn syrup-there's a LONG process before and after you get and use your item, and in almost all cases it is damaging to the earth. We should act accordingly.

okay, off soapbox.
thanks for reading. :)

marginally less...

I am marginally less stressed today. Or maybe I've decided to care less. And I've made a nice long to-do list, so that's actually helpful. :)

I'm quite sure hanging out with some of my favorite people last night helped, too. And we went to a totally cool new place in Durham, called Vita. It just so happened that their martinis were $4 last night, and the olive app was AMAZING, and they had some of the best bruschetta I've ever had. I wasn't wowed by their Margherita pizza, but it was definitely good, and the PLT was great and mmmmm was that ravioli yummy.

And, they are fans of all things local, so you should definitely go check them out!

Also, here's my WBW. I've been saving this one. But now that it's fall-ish and I have pumpkins and pie-baking and orange/red/yellow on the mind, it is time. :)

That's Anna, me and my mom. I'm guessing we're 3? In any case, we're totally cute. And surprise surprise, dressed as opposite as you can get! Can you guess which one I am?

Okay, back to that whole working thing. And hopefully checking things off of my to-do list! I have 25 things left to do...yikesies! But it sure is wonderful checking them off. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

i am in a b*tchy mood.

and I have not been blogging much partially because I am feeling whiny, and I am afraid that someone is going to take what I say the wrong way. but, that's out the window 'cause I need to b*tch. and this isn't ABOUT anyone, this is about what's going on in my mind.

so: I am tired of feeling obligated.

Please do not get me wrong--I have very, VERY much enjoyed the weddings and the family trips and the parties the past few months. I am thankful I could be at every single one of them--to support the couple, spend time with people I love, etc. VERY. BUT. For pete's sake. ease up already.

I feel like there is always something to do--and yes, I can absolutely say "no, but thank you for inviting me" but inevitably that comes with some level of either a) guilt on my part or b)discussion amongst others about my absence. and for the record--I am not so full of myself that I assume people talk about me when I'm not there--I've heard tell. And I've heard what's said about others who don't make it out.

And yes, it is very very flattering when you are missed, and I'm not complaining about that either. I am very thankful for my friends--and very lucky to have them in spades. I guess I'm just frustrated because it seems that at every turn there's something else I'm "supposed" to do. I am blissfully happy being busy when it's of my own choosing. When it's out of obligation, implied or actual? Not so much...

take this weekend for example:

My BFF (for half of my life, I've realized!) Renee is coming to visit. I am SO EXCITED! We are going to hang out and have girl time and she is very graciously helping me tackle a gigantic project at my house. Her visit means I'm not getting to do some other things (which I feel a little guilty about, but I'm also making it up to the bday girl, so all is well). And I also have an obligation to a client--so that's taking away from our weekend, and I feel guilty about that too (though I know Renee understands). And it means that I'll adjust life accordingly before/after so I can just enjoy my time with her, you know? It's not often that one of your oldest friends comes to town. And this? This is the kind of voluntary "busy/obligated" that I am happy to make room for.


I just boils down to this: I have been looking forward to a break and it doesn't look like I'm gonna get it. For the past four months I've been going to weddings or out of town two of every three weekends--either for my friends or Matt's friends or clients. I've been taking every single photography opportunity offered to grow my business--and I've LOVED that I'm getting clients like gangbusters without even really advertising, but since "wedding season" was over I was looking forward to finishing what's already on the books (two weddings and a corporate event), doing some holiday sessions and calling it a year. I've also felt like I've been almost "ignoring" my friends--well, unless you happen to have been attending one of the million weddings or associated events with me.

and again--not ungrateful. just overwhelmed by everything all at once.

and now, now every weekend that was potential free for the next eight weeks? filled.
this weekend: renee.

next: surgery and if I'm up to it, a party (that I'd really like to make since EVERY time I've been invited I've had to decline). oh AND going by the KD cookout.

next: what was supposed to be just the beer festival is now a double date, a larger group at the festival and a birthday outing for a friend. and a session for a senior who has been putting off getting her pictures done for months, and now needs them urgently.

next weekend: shooting a wedding on Friday. saturday we're supposed to leave on our road trip. we've already moved it once for a wedding and then had to postpone it. my new obligations at work make it look like we might have to postpone it again.

next weekend: supposed to be returning home on that Saturday, leaving Sunday to recover. Instead, we're going to an out of town birthday party Saturday and coming home Sunday. Which again-LOVE the birthday boy. SUPER excited to see the couple. anxious about the overwhelming aspect.

next weekend: my birthday. which we may not even get to celebrate on the day (and which is a whole other headache because I'm afraid if we do something small those who aren't invited will be hurt, but now a big-to-do could only be held on my birthday, and spending the week of my birthday cleaning for a party isn't my idea of a good time). saturday I'm shooting that corporate event from, oh, 530-800 or something, and I'd hoped Matt and I could do something chill after. instead, there's a wedding party thing to attend. oh and that following Tuesday? Test #2.

the next weekend: well, we'd been thinking about a few things...doing bday stuff that weekend, or maybe I'd go to Oklahoma since I need to do my Christmas card sessions, and hadn't decided when to do it, and then I could celebrate with Anna. I figured we'd wait and see. We also just got invited to a Halloween party (which sounds like it'll be a LOT of fun!) but which also means that the potential Halloween/belated birthday party Matt and I had discussed as a possibility for that Friday or Saturday is out. Which is totally fine, I mean, we hadn't told anyone about it or anything (and halloween itself wouldn't've worked anyway, 'cause our neighboorhood has like no parking and lots of kiddos to trick-or-treat), but leads me back to the whole thing where I don't want to fill up other's calendars when I know they're already full, but I also want to cry at the idea of not celebrating my birthday with my friends. But trying to decide how to do it without hurting feelings or putting myself out is making my head spin.

the next weekend: we're into november, folks.

I guess I had been expecting the fall to be: finally take a trip to the Northeast, celebrate my birthday, go to the fair, study for class and take some pictures. and let our pocketbooks recover.

not five parties, trying to fit in a trip to OK, TX and GA, surgery, possibly not doing anything for my bday at all, working my ass off at my job and feeling obligated.

and if anybody out there is thinking a snarky thought right now (e.g., "woe is carrie, people want to hang out with her" or "must be hard being so popular")--'cause I've heard it before and I'm not very fond of it--to you I say: come join me at all the parties, events and study sessions, oh and let's rewind and let you be a part of my last four months of life. then? then let's see if you're so snarky, hmm?


more soon. and I'll return to my sunshine and daisies self, promise.


your over-scheduled, grouchy, busy and likes-to-please-everyone friend.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

at least the fever is gone.

soooo, I had a SPLENDID Labor Day weekend.

Friday night--Matt and I got dressed up and went to dinner at Tosca--which is a cool little restaurant in Durham. It was actually really nice, except they were having a photographer shoot their food, presumably for their website, and it was annoying.

She had her setup and umbrellas and all, but I really wanted to go over to her and say "look, um, I'm a photographer too and I can tell you aren't using the flash on top of your camera for any light at all as it is all being directed towards MY face and not your subject. So could you pleasepleaseplease direct the flash AWAY from the restaurant's patrons? Turn your camera the other direction, angle the flash away, whatever. Let the slave flashes do the work. Right now I'm using my menu to save my eyes and you're ruining my experience."

I didn't go say it. But I really, really wanted to.

Saturday I went to the farmer's market and got all sorts of goodies--green beans, NC apples, potatoes, sunflowers, plants (lemon verbena, cilantro, rosemary, a plant for my office whose name I can't rmeember), blueberries, etc. It was fabulous! I had a really good time with Megan and her friend Ruby.

And then Sunday I skipped church (for SHAME, I know!), slept as late as I could and we headed over to our friends Jeff and Christy's in the early evening to make dinner--we had burgers from local beef with local potatoes, local green beans, local tomatoes (oh my goodness the heirloom tomatoes were SO delicious) and we attempted homemade icecream, but failed since the canister for the machine wasn't frozen. :( And we shared some firefly sweet tea vodka--Arnold Palmer style--yum! We also played Apples to Apples and Jenga at the same time--and got really into Jenga, ha! Oh and I got to hold their turtle, who loooved the hardwood floors. :)

On Monday I was being good and watching my lectures and trying to catch up on life, but I felt a little yucky so I took a nap. I firmed up my dinner plans only to cancel them an hour later because my stomach didn't feel right. And then, lucky me...lots of getting sick. stomach cramps/pains. etc. oh an a fever of 101. I was miserable.

I didn't go to work yesterday and I slept most of the day. Probably was up for like 6 hours total. My fever finally went down last night, but I'm still not eating normal food. Oh and? I've lost five pounds since Sunday. yuck.

But, my fever is gone and applesauce seems to be agreeing with me, so it's baby steps people. Work is REALLY glad I'm not coming in an exposing all of them to this, so I'm glad about that as well. But yeah. I sure do hate being sick.

[edit] oh and I totally meant to put this in before, thanks anon for commenting and reminding me!

yes, turtles carry salmonella. I distinctly remember my little brother crying 'cause he couldn't have one 'cause kids were like licking turtles' shells and getting it (ps: probably a blessing in disguise. can you imagine how many turtles have had toxic substances spilled on them to see if they'd mutate?).

BUT after I held him (their turtle, not my brother!) I washed my hands. and then I realized I had to go to the bathroom and of course, after I washed my hands a second time.'s definitely a possibility, but rather unlikely 'cause I did use soap and hot water both times. I told my doctor this, and she said it could be from that ('cause my stomach isn't in great shape anyway, so I'm likely more susceptible to even the smallest of amounts) but that she'd also talked to three other people that day with similar symptoms--so it could be that too.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

way back wed-thurs-day-ish

um hi. it's one in the morning. I am watching a lecture. er. sort of. I am using both laptops. :) right now this class is a review of my college hydraulics class, and I just am not that interested. I've never liked lectures--give me real problems to complete please!

and it's superbizarre because he's writing on the overheads and you can't see it. but he provides a pdf of the overheads after class. so you have to kind of guess.


so, I am still missing oklahoma. yes, I went there three times this summer. but they were all busyBUSY. and this time? I saw Anna for ~10 minutes on Thursday, and after that I didn't see any of my siblings or my relatives until 130 on Sunday. And I had a 340 flight to catch.

[oh and I haven't mentioned this yet, but somehow Matt's cellphone got left in our rental. and we were running LATE. like we had 7 minutes to get our bags to the counter late. and we were 50 feet from the car when he realized it, and the car was ALREADY GONE. to be cleaned of course.

so I had to carry all three bags to the counter. plus my backpack. between the books I was bringing from my granny's and the OK beer we bought, our three items together weighed nearly as much as *I* do. Plus my backpack, I'm sure I doubled my weight. getting it to the southwest counter was MISERABLE. I was so exchausted after. but matt got his phone and the nice lady let us latecheck it. anyway. more on that later.]

so. I saw Adam for like 5 minutes total. Anna for 15 minutes total. And Harvey for like 40 minutes 'cause I took his SENIOR pictures. Holy crap my baby brother is a SENIOR.  I took some for his best friend Brandon too. I shall share soon. But anyway he's a senior. Holy cow. anyway.

It made me miss these folks. (I miss my mom too. but she's not so huge on being in pictures. besides I think she took this one. it was her picture of her kiddos on her birthday)

our instructions for this picture were: be a fish! you can see there are two fish (the good kids) one monkey (the baby bro) and a moose--that would be adam, sort of doing what he's supposed to do, sort of defying everyone. :)

I miss my siblings. happy wbw. :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

okay, so I haven't talked about anything green in a while

but I think maybe I've been avoiding it. because, well, you see...Matt's dad reads this blog (hi George!) and lots of boys read this blog and I still tend to whisper the word "tampon."

but it is time.

and if you're squeamish about the topic then please just don't read. :)

since, oh...april-ish I've tried something new in the world of feminine hygiene. I've started using The Diva. I am highly amused by its name, because, well, if you're using one of these then you're kind of being the opposite of a Diva, but whatever!

So, Wikipedia can tell you all about the way it works and some interesting facts--like the first menstrual cup-type item was patented in 1932!

so. I shelled out $38ish for this at my local organically minded grocery store.  I'm sure I've already saved more than that by not buying tampons--and it's good for ten years. But I kind of made a deal with myself--I was totally chicken about trying it, and I convinced myself that I HAD to try it for three cycles--and if I didn't like it I could go back to the tampons, because, well, I wouldn't want to add more misery to that time of the month, you know? But I owed it to my eco-friendliness to try.

I have to tell you, the first three days were WEIRD. And, well, a little messy. I didn't ruin any clothes or anything, but I did end up using some extra tissues.  But now that I've got the hang of it? I LOVE it. And I have zero intention of going back.

It's easier.
Now it's less messy.
I don't have to worry about leaks or if my tampon in full.
I don't create lots and lots of waste!

And, of course the A #1 reason I tried to try it--in addition to being wallet friendly it is very, very eco-friendly. (Yeah, it's made of plastic. But sometimes it's the best option! Plastic is just overused. Anyway)

fun facts:

-Switching from tampons to a menstrual cup has the same environmental impact as switching to reusable bags!
-something like12 billion sanitary pads and 7 billion tampons are dumped into the North American environment each year. Diva cups eliminate the pads and the tampons!
-Diva cups do not contain surfactants, adhesives, additives, polyethylene or dioxin. Or bleach. Or other scary chemicals that leach into groundwater. And for that matter--those things that leach into the groundwater? Yeah, you're putting them in direct contact with your skin and some sensitive areas--doesn't sound so brilliant, eh?

-There are no wrappers or applicators. There's one carton/box--and then you're good for ten years.

If you're someone who "doesn't like the sight of blood?" Well, let me assure you that this is different altogether. I mean, it's not a wound, and it's supposed to be there. If you can handle tampons and pads you can handle this.

And yeah, it's a little messy at first. And I'd be fibbing if I said it wasn't kind of gross at first too. But not any grosser than a tampon or pad! (well, once you get the hang of it) And since I empty mine less often than I changed tampons, I figure the net grossness is definitely less. :)

But you know what? I LOVE it. I feel better using it than I ever did with tampons. There's no dryness from using too high of an absorbency or removing a tampon too soon.  I was super-afraid of leaking the first time I used my Diva--but it didn't and it hasn't. I've played catcher with it in, and believe me ladies, if anything's gonna leak, that's the time. 

Long story short:
Go get a menstrual cup. Just try it. It's better for you, better for the environment and better for your pocket.  The end. :)

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