Monday, June 22, 2009

damn you, camera that keeps killing batteries.

I LOVE Canon cameras. LOVE. they rock my socks. but one of mine is also kind of annoying the heck out of me right now--my powershot. It did this once and now it's doing it again--it's eating through batteries at a rapid clip. good news: I use rechargeables. bad news: it's not like I keep fully charged double A's with me at all times. le sigh.

so, pictures will have to wait. well, some of them. here's one of matt and me, and here's one of our icecream pit stop. mmmmm. we visited this place last year, too! we both really wanted to go, so we took adam and kristin's pictures, took back the tuxes (~20 minutes away) and then came back to downtown annapolis just to get icecream and walk around. :)

short tales from the trip, pictures later.
A. here are the first three sentences someone that I actually *know* said to me each of the times she saw me.
1. hey, carrie, how are you? (friday)
2. gosh, carrie, I don't think I ever see you wear anything but green, ever. (post wedding)
3. I don't think I've ever known anyone else in my whole life who gets sick more than you. (reception)

B. Saturday after the wedding (which I'll share in detail later, but it was BEAUTIFUL, the church was incredible, the bride was breathtaking and I didn't cry at the ceremony but I DID cry at the reception wow!) we went a downtown bar called Pusser's. Totally cool, patio/deck area on the water, loved it. Much later in the night I was finished my last beer before we were going to go to another bar (which turned out to be kind of lame but whatever) so, I'm standing there, talking to Chris and...

my beer is no longer next to me. the bus-boy took it. he's cleaning things off the table I'm standing next to. I turn to him and...

I say: Um, hey, where'd my beer go--did you clear my beer?
he says: It was empty.
I say: no, it wasn't. There were at least two more drinks in there (note: it probably had 1-1.5 inches of beer in it, I would guess)
he says: well, it's already in the trash.

[pause as he continues to clean and I just kind of stare at him waiting for anything resembling an "oops!"]

I say: Well, it wasn't empty. And in the future when someone is standing right beside a beer it would probably be a good idea to make sure they're finished with it before you take it away. Especially if there's still liquid *in* it.
he said: ma'am would you just please chill out.

I. Was. Pissed. I thought about talking to the manager, but then thought better of it. I told the dude at the other end of the table instead--he'd been coming to collect empties from our table all night and was really polite and easy-going. I told him what happened, saying I thought someone needed to know but I didn't want to make a huge stink. He asked me if it had been the dude with the bowl-cut. I said yes. He said "yeah, he's kind of a douchebag. I'll talk to him." I said "okay, but just to warn you, he's going to tell you that I'm a bitch." And [this I love] the guy said to me "Well, if he says that I'll be defending you. You have been nothing other than nice and polite. He was in the wrong, he should have asked."

A bit petty? Absolutely. All the dude had to say was "oh, my bad, sorry" and we would've ended it there. Le sigh.

C. There's a shot called a B-52. It is not good. If someone is trying to give this to you they probably have alien taste buds, are not actually your friend, or have been drinking something other than gin and tonics all day.

D. I am still sick. I was sick alllllll weekend. I was getting better, but then we got back way late and now I'm not feeling so hot again. I think it is time to go the route of antibiotics. She was hoping I wouldn't need them, but now I've been sick for 8 days and I am taking two steps forward, one step back, wellness-wise.

E. I took some *just married* photos for the happy couple! I did their engagement pictures last year, and here are just a handful of their pics--I wanted them to see some before they headed off to their honeymoon!

the end.

ps: It was BIZARRE coming out of the reception after, oh, 7 hours from ceremony start to reception finish only to find that it was just 8pm and the sun was still out. Bizarre.


Jax said...

The beer thing made me laugh...but only b/c I've been that girl. Seriously. Sometimes its just principle and needs no other explanation! I immediately thought of one hotel owner on a trip years ago called me "snippy" and told me he had no intention of refunding said moneys for his mistake. I told him "Excuse me, but you own this hotel, right? Awesome. Well, when I get home, I will be blasting it on I suggest you make this right and get your finger out of my face and refund my money. Now." He did. LOL! (long story.. we paid money to reserve massages at said hotel, said hotel cancelled them on our last day without telling us...after we waited there for an hour being ignored).

And yeah, I did blast him on every travel site known to man. B/c I hold grudges. hahahaha!

Dont take Carrie's beer. DAMNIT. :)

Jessie said...

Huh. I like B-52s.

care said...

yeah, I am sure B-52s are good if you haven't been drinking gin and tonics all day. if you have though...not as yummy.

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