Wednesday, June 24, 2009

wbw--aka "stupid things I did at the KA house."

okay, maybe not stupid. crazy. ridiculous. out-there. wouldn't-do-now-that-I'm-28. and this is just two--there are many, many more of them. sometimes involving bandanas, mechanical bulls, bottles of paint, togas and/or goldfish.

in college, the KAs were my faves. I spent a lot of time at that house. I must admit I'm a bit partial to the theta chis now, as Matt is one of them and some of his frat brothers are really awesome guys, but the KAs will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. aw.

okay, so getting this show on the road...

oooooh, college. I look back on you, and I smile, and I think "damn, that was fun [ -and- immediately.began.getting.better.grades.but anyway]" and also "boy, am I glad it's over."

let's just remember it fondly, and revisit it on occassion, aight?

so: this is for KA's week--Old South, right Turner? Or was that just the dance? I know this once is during my sophomore year. We sang "KA Angel." As in Johnny Angel. I made all those shirts. ALL those shirts. we lost to the tridelts this year, I think. Whoever it was sang a song where they slapped their asses. mmmmhmm.

next up: oooooooh buddy. If you wanna be my lover...WANNABE!! This is Senior Year I think. ME? I am Sporty Spice. I WORE A SPORTS BRA IN PUBLIC and SHOWED MY BELLY BUTTON AT A NON-SWIMMING POOL or GYM. This was slightly scandalous. Okay, more that slightly. I wore tight clothes then, but dangit, they covered everything! I required some serious convincing that a track jacket would not do.

Oh and by the way? This year? WE WON!

and for your reading pleasure--I heard this so many times I can't ever forget itsy had to rap it.

now, here's the story from K-to-D, you wanna get with me, you gotta listen carefully--
we got becky/is in the place with smiles on their face
we got K and stacy, dancin' and an amy b-precious as can be-she she's so sweet
slam the fish down, the party's all around
slam the fish down, the party's all around...

if you want a slamin' party, you gotta go to goldfish...

um, this might also clue you in to what was done *at* goldfish. fish were absolutely harmed in the making of that party. ew. anyway, moving on. oh and, another hit not pictured here: KA Cabana. As in the Copa, CopaCabana...there was another one but I don't recall it.

oooooooh college.


turner said...

Old South was the "dance"/formal at the end of our week, so I'll let it pass. Rodeo was one of the events that week, as was Goldfish.

Yes, the TriDelts won that year because of their ass-slapping antics - that was the year AFTER I was one of their coaches tho. My freshman year, we convinced them to do a remake of "I Love Rock-n-Roll" and change it to "I Love Rodeo." But I think they lost that year? Hmm... it's all kinda hazy.

All I know is that I can't hear "Pour Some Sugar On Me" without thinking of Kappa Delta =)

Jax said...

agh! GOLDFISH!! Love the lyrics to that song.. slam the fish down.. HILARIOUS! And you were so cute!!! I love your little ponytail wearing, sports bra sporting self! Adorable! Agh... how young we were... lol! :)

m-m-m-melissa said...

HA! that is all. :)

Del said...

Hey, I'm in that picture. Scary.

And I feel the same way about those good 'le KAs!!


Stacia said...

did you drink the goldfish? really?

Love the pics

care said...

@turner. well was it called "KA Week" and that was it?

@stacia. ...uh...some people--no, other people may have...well, shaken a goldfish in their hand to stun it, then swallowed it. with a shot or beer or whatever.



I think someone [decidedly not me. I had one. ever. ew.] had like eighteen once.

I heard tell they were sick the rest of the the weekend.


Misha said...

Carrie - I had a ton of goldfish that year. Like 20 or something ridiculous. I really helped our house win that activity. I still don't know how I didn't get sick.

I'm so sexy as Baby Spice.

Becky B said...

OMG. So I randomly happen upon Miss Carrie's blog and this is what I find! :) I'll have to scan some other pictures I have from these events for you... I have a great group picture of our practice run through of the spice girls dance. It even includes the hairbrush-microphones.

@Turner Why Pour Some Sugar? Hmmm...

Becky B said...

Also McVey as a rapping scary spice is one of my all-time favorite college moments!

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