Monday, June 29, 2009

getting prepared for oklahoma...

is like running a marathon. and getting together my disaster kit in case of tornado. and anticipating a birthday party. all at the same time.


so, I made a schedule, see?

while in Oklahoma and Texas I'm shooting a wedding (yay Leanne!) and six mini photo shoots. And possibly three others that are not yet confirmed. I am trying really, really hard to get all my editing done before I go. I finished the wedding and I am almost done with the newborn shoot from a few weeks ago, and all I have in the backlog other than that is my session from this weekend and the one of the newlyweds last weekend.

thankfully, I have learned how to effectively edit photos in the car. :)

so....I have some open time to hang out and enjoy adult beverages on Wednesday and Monday. Any takers?

this weekend was looooooow key for Matt and me. I spent a LOT of it editing photos. We also cleaned up for Matt's dad's visit, which ended up being very fun and chill. We got to see pictures of him from 40 years ago 'cause George was on his way to a reunion. And we had yummy food for dinner--most of which came from my CSA!

and yesterday we slept in (and yes, I skipped church! I hadn't slept in siiiiince...since.....June 6th. It was time.) ate breakfast at brig's, I got a massage and then edited some more and did some work at home. yay. :)


m-m-m-melissa said...

tee hee, your schedule is really cute. did you wear glasses while making it? winkety wink. :)

Jax said...

Your schedule is indeed uber cute, lady! I cant wait to see you. I'm free both Wed and Monday, but Monday MIGHT be better just b/c I have a bday dinner Tuesday, a bday happy hr Thurs, my actual bday Friday... Sooo.. yeah. But, I'm down with absolutely anything!!

care said...

um, yes I was wearing glasses. [blushes]. and I still am. :)

and Jackie, what you're saying is "please add me to your schedule on Monday," right? let me know your color of choice.

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