Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what I decided to do...

a little update--remember a month and change ago when I asked where and to whom I should give my $100 in donations? and y'all gave some great suggestions?

well, I took care of that today. almost.

I gave $50 to the SIDS foundation.
And $10 to MDA in honor of Mark.
And $10 to Make a Wish in honor of Nicole.
And $10 to Wine to Water in honor of Karen.
And $10 to Koinonia Farms in honor of Leanne.
And I'll be mailing a $10 check to NEEV just as soon as I can find my checkbook, in honor of Gurdas.

some of those are little tiny amounts, but I believe every penny counts. :)

oh and I must tell you though, this whole "in honor of" thing is for me, personally. So don't expect a card saying I made a donation in your honor, 'cause I didn't fill in your info and I didn't ask them to send you one--the ones that gave the option only mail cards to people, they don't do e-cards, and I didn't want to ask them to go through the trouble or add the expense. I am sure you understand. :)

thank you, again, for your suggestions!


Nicole Faby said...

Awesome Job!! Thanks!!

Leanne said...

You are totally freaking awesome!!! http://www.koinoniapartners.org/ will use that money wisely, I am sure. Next time you're in Georgia (and you're not visiting Renee) stop by Koinonia. You'd LOVE it!!

Jax said...

This is awesome! Way to go, chica!!! Every little bit totally counts.. TOTALLY.

gurdas said...

You are one champ at spreading goodness! Your $10 is welcome and NEEV is grateful for not just the economic value of that gift, but also the thought behind it.
I'll gladly accept cash, and make an e-payment to NEEV from my bank in India.

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