Monday, June 08, 2009

we went bowling on friday...

and in honor of janice, I am rating it. overall? an 8!

-1 for being in sketch-town a little. and for the google directions sending us down a scary looking gravel road near a motel, which made you wonder "exactly how many drug deals have gone down here, you think?" it wasn't a great part of town but it also wasn't *that* bad, and matt was there.

-.5 for not remembering my nail clipper. I tend to tear the hell out of my thumbnail when I bowl.

and -.5 for the lane repeatedly messing up on my bowls. it was kind of cool how she kept legitimately anticipating my score when she was fixing it though.

positives: $8 for a pitcher of beer. AND they filled up a cup too! The counter lady was so nice too. And for bright colored bowling balls, fabulous company, the beginning of Claudia's birthday week and for scoring a 121 the first game. That game I had the highest score other than Matt!!

Thanks, Janice, Claudia and Brian!! We had fun! :)

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