Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I am.
for a vacay.

I know, I know. I travel a lot. Wasn't I just in the mountains and Florida and stuff? Absolutely. And I had so much fun. And I go to Oklahoma in, gosh, three weeks from today. And to Annapolis in ten days. And to Colorado in six weeks.

But these are trips. With purposes (photography. weddings. family.). I want a vacation. A go-and-lounge-and-eat/drink/sleep and RELAX vacation. Obviously I'd bring my camera, but I want to take the pictures of my choosing without anyone paying me to do it. :)

Matt and I have a roadtrip planned in September/October-ish timeframe. Not sure when yet. And we have been talking about taking a weekend and going somewhere fun just the two of us (perhaps to visit a brewery or to a bed and breakfast or something?) but again, no dice. We seriously don't have a weekend that's free of un-cancel-able commitments until....until...August 1st. and then Labor Day weekend. yeehaw.

happier notes:
TOXIC WASTE is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! We had our first practice yesterday. Man, how I love playing with that team. And I think I'm going to get a new bat--mine is just too heavy. We had a good time and I am SO looking forward to the season. Today, though? I am looking forward to stretching because I am SORE!

also? tonight is a triple date with two of our very favorite couple friends. yay!

and and and, this weekend it's trips to NC wineries. that should be VERY fun. I probably need to get on that whole researching thing though. :)


Nicole Faby said...

LOL I had the same thing this week! I was actually in tears to Dave begging him I needed something to look forward too! So now we are taking the kids to the beach for 4th of July. Founda cheap condo in Ocean Isle! I am SO excited!!

m-m-m-melissa said...


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