Friday, May 01, 2009

"take another picture with your click, click, click, click camera..."

~bishop allen

how do we feel about songs on websites? namely, my photography website? do vote, please. the song I listed above is the one I'm thinking about adding to it...there are a few other possibilities, but this one fits so well!

my new camera is in memphis! on its way to me, of course! this is what it looks like. except I went with a non-kit lens. because it is WAY awesomer.

I got to buy it from one of my all-time favorite camera stores EVER, a little fabulous place on Harvard Avenue also known as Apertures. I am happy to support them from afar--they are amazing and must never go out of business!

I also invested in some more memory cards, spare batteries and a battery grip. and now I must let my pocketbook recover. Thank goodness for bookings and tax returns! I have...lessee...not counting my mini photo shoots I have as few as five and potentially as many as eight sessions plus a wedding to photograph. Crazy! But enough about photography...

As of Tuesday, school is OVER. Speaking of which, we already have our grades!! I am quite happy with my B+, thank you. I kind of wonder if the professor just "guessed" what he thought we would get...

Also, so that picture of Anna and me in the post below? Sorry Charlies, and good job to the rest of you--I am the little girl on the left, the one with my mouth open. :) Fun game, yes? More twin pictures to come, I've a feeling.

wedding 4/10 this weekend. AND some gardening at my church. I'm looking forward to both, though I'm a little nervous about the gardening. Something about carpenter bees being there and since I've never been stung by a bee and I'm allergic to so many things, well, I'm anxious. So let's hope no sting-age, okay? cross you fingers.

have a fantastic weekend, ladies and gents. high five to all of you who guessed the picture right!


melissa said...

i heart apertures! i just bought a new flash from them the week before last. i buy there even when it's more expensive. :)

Jax said...

Woo hoo for the new camera, chica!!! :) You're gonna bring wedding season to a whole new level with all those new appts you're getting! I love it! :) Congrats on how great it's going btw in case I havent said so. :) Taking a risk can totally pay off and in your case, it has!!! :)

And ps.. your word verification for me is "hyper" -I laughed. A lot.

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