Monday, June 15, 2009


so, I'll tell you about my weekend later.

right now I really don't feel like typing. or posting. or thinking. however: I want to share some pictures.

so, here are some things that are making me feel better right now (I am at home sort-of-sick. It's more like I've felt kind of icky all weekend since Saturday night, and I think I'm just a bit run down. It hasn't all been the same thing, either. first it was stomach problems. now it's sinuses. boooo)

sidenote: I haven't had any of that yogi tea today. but I'm thinking about it. which isn't a good sign. the "throat coat" tastes HORRID. but it works like a charm. if I'm thinking of drinking that (and I am) you know it's not good.

additional sidenote: I love it when things I have make me think of people who are important to me. like that loose mint tea? makes me think of renee. and the trip to atlanta. the tea ball? jennifer lee--we each got one at morgan's imports (which if you've never visited? you TOTALLY should). and that sourwood honey? makes me think of matt, but then also of lisa and richard and janice et al who went skiing in boone. :)

oh and? I made zucchini bread last night. and took some pictures of how the light makes my home look in the evening. so it's like a c.o.m.h./i'm sick post, all in one! and those curtains are one of my favorite things. they are totally vintage, from france and were a gift from my granny. and I love them.

time to take a cat nap (likely *with* cats!) and chug some tea before my 3pm conference call.


Reddiekim said...

{lauryl} said...

oh tea. god i love tea. and photos of tea. i'm drinking some right now. hope you feel better- i was down with icky throat-sinus plague for over a week and am still on the road to recovery, as evidenced by the fact that i woke up with my hubs at 9am and then went back to bed and slept till noon. anyway, lovely things- i have curtains just like that, from my grandmother. slightly different embroidery print. they've been cut, though, so i am trying to find a new use for them...

Jax said...

HA! I'm at home and blogger is working again! So FEEL BETTER, Lovely! I'm sad you're sicky. :( But I second Lauryl in the I love tea dept.. I hate coffee so I always feel like I can hang with the coffee crowd with my hot tea. :)

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