Tuesday, May 26, 2009

it is never too late in the day to have breakfast.

the universe told me so.

I am terribly behind in blogging. I got TWO fantastic pieces of mail last week, and I've yet to share them. I also cut off all of my hair (which I'm warming up to, by the way--please think "grow quickly" thoughts in the general direction of my bangs). And I had a good LONG weekend.

friday matt and I went on a little date. we drove downtown to a place called bull mccabe's that I'd found out about online. on our way the sun was setting, so we took a 15 minute detour on 147 to watch it set. SO pretty.

when we parked in the first parking lot we found nearby, I saw people drinking wine at a salon. it's called Posh and it's in downtown Durham. Reasonable prices and nice people. AND they serve you wine and beer for free. :) They weren't open at the time, but we did get a tour of their place and I made an appointment for the next day.

Bull McCabe's was okay. We had their wings and I got hot sauce in my eye. While eating it. that was embarrassing. and pretty painful, I don't recommend it. and I had a reuben which was actually quite good. and they had garlic fries. mmmmmmmm garlic fries.

and then we went home and watched the departed. which is quite good, but I don't recommend starting it at 11pm. 'cause, uh, it's two and a half hours long.

Saturday morning was STRAWBERRY PICKING! Megan, Nicole and her son Luke and I went together. And it was FUN! I actually stayed after they left (Luke was ready to go!) and picked some more. I've been freezing them, giving them away, and of course, EATING them. They were SO good. Mmm fresh picked strawberries! The season is getting close to over, so if you have a chance I highly recommend going. Especially because they are SO cheap! and, here are some pics I took w/ my iphone and nicole's camera!

also, hazel thought the strawberries were the best thing EVER. she wanted to play with them. and it was so adorable I let her have one. she thought the stem was the awesome part, of course. and in that last picture you can see that she's licking her lips!

and then it was haircut time. I must admit, when I first got it I was NOT happy. The bangs are way too short. And it is frustrating how it's rather impossible to get my hair off of my neck. And it's too boxy. And it's redder, which I wanted, but darker, which I really didn't want. And when I first tried to style it, I cried. Like, a lot. However, now I am liking it more. I already know I'm growing out the layers and for the love of God telling every stylist EVER that short bangs are the ugliest thing ever in the whole world on my face. But it'll be okay. at least I'm not freaking out like I was on Sunday. :)

[ps? only TWO people at work have noticed my hair. not that I care, because, whatever, they notice or they don't, but I think it means people are overworked if their keen observation skills can't see this big of a change!]

also, this isn't the most flattering picture ever. BUT it'll do, it'll do...

And thanks mucho to everyone who told me how much they like it. Even though it wasn't what I had in mind, the positive reinforcement helped a lot. :) Special props to Jackie for her hair styling email--can't tell you how helpful that was, and to know I wasn't alone, ha!

also this weekend we got to see baaaaabies. Little Reid is so tiny and adorable, and Ryne is super precious. We brought both familes botanas (thanks again Patty, I LOVE them, and so does everyone else!) At Elizabeth and Dave's we also had the hottest stuffed jalepenos ever and enjoyed some skinny dip and landshark--mmm!

Sunday I had church and two FUN photo shoots, I'm looking forward to editing those! And then after a long nap we enjoyed some sushi and went to see Wolverine. Matt was thrilled--he got to see another movie! But, the movie was good not great. A bit too much drama for an X-Men movie. Still pretty cool though, overall I give it a 3.75/5. :)

And then Monday I sleeeeeept in, froze more strawberries, we had Brig's for lunch (if you live in the Triangle area and have not been, you must go!). MMM breakfast for lunch. I kind of regret not having the "Barcelona" eggs benedict again. I am totally going to learn how to make eggs benedict well. It's poached eggs, toasted english muffin, hollandaise sauce and other items, right? Should be easy. and SO good, I bet!

That afternoon after cooking we stopped by Dana and Jonathan's to see baby Ryne before going to Nicole's birthday party. Matt and I brought 40s. We forgot to get a picture though. But the party was fun! And Nicole drank the champagne I brought her almost immediately. :) It was a good end to the weekend--and we went home, watched the hotness that is Ocean's 11 while we both got stuff done, and then I went to bed at 11pm. Yay.


m-m-m-melissa said...

busy and fun weekend!!! and i think the haircut is cute cute. :)

p.s. i got the SAME msg from the universe. :)

Jax said...

The pics of Hazel are awesome! hahaha! So cute! :) I've never strawberry picked. That's fun! And you're welcome for the hair tips. Also, easy=blow dry it upside down. It helps. And get a good mousse for the roots. I have a good one.. I dont remember what it's called.. Hmm.. :)Keep being a haute beast, lovely! XOXO!

ncmunchkin said...

There's nothing better than have breakfast for dinner. We used to do that all the time.

Love the new 'do.

Renee said...

it always takes time to get used to a new style and to figure out how the heck to style it so that it looks like something. but i like it and good for you for getting something different!

and have you seen the star trek movie? it's really good!

M. said...

I think it looks great! You'll feel better once you get used to it.

gurdas said...

Okay, guess I have to step out of line here, but I do not like your new hair style. Something about it is not classy. It looks like you started a hair cut and left it incomplete! I thing your previous style was better. It does make you look a bit younger, but hmmm... can't put my finger on it, but as I said, it brings you down from lady look to interesting for a moment look.

care said...

gurdas, you are nothing if not honest. but I'm glad you're that. I'm not really sure you can realistically refer to my previous haircut as a "style" though. :)

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