Friday, June 12, 2009

oh yeah, and the hair update.

still no picture. I will make Matt take one this weekend while we are out. visiting. wineries!

our friends Courtney and Derek are going with us, I am excited! we are possibly visiting..

Raffaldini (okay we're actually DEFINITELY visiting this one--SO pretty!)

Laurel Gray, Shadow Springs, Dobbins Creek and/or Buck Shoals.

We've been talking about it for a little bit, but I finally started planning it yesterday--and luckily a wedding blog I follow featured a shoot at Raffaldini and I KNEW that's where we would be going. Seriously if you only click on one link, make it that one. Or, if you must, just wait for my pictures. :)

They are all nestled VERY close together, like 10-15 minutes apart, maybe less in some cases. And I am excited!!

But about the is getting MUCH cuter. see: before. My bangs have easily grown half an inch. and when she trimmed it up a week and a half ago she made it a little shorter, and I like that too. So, this is REALLY good news. I'm still growing out the shortest layers and the bangs, but I am way WAY WAY happier with the look now. :) I actually style my hair and think "hey, that's kind of cute!" Whew. I have been waiting for this day.

okay, back to getting work done and then I go to pick up my camera!!


Jax said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY about the hair! Thank gosh, girlie! I told you you've got the face for it-you've got awesome cheekbones. I sound like a weirdo. Wow. Anyway, whatever, you do. :) Loving all the updates about the photography, too! Keep.em.coming. I need to go out to your photo blog/site and peek around! :)

And'll be here SOOOOOOOOON!!!!

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