Friday, June 26, 2009

working two jobs--one for your mind and one that you love.

before I begin, the typical Carrie-caveat. After it happened ONCE I am now uber-paranoid that people will think that I talking about them when I am talking about *me.* I am simply not that subtle or passive-aggressive. So, this isn't mean to reflect in any on any of my artsy, camera-clicking, paint-brush-using, leather-working, bead-making, etc friends, okay? Okay.

also? I really wish I didn't feel like I had to put statements like that on my blog. But I seriously don't even want to talk about the drama that could ensue when people decide that you were definitely talking about them when you very very much weren't. anyhoo. yeesh.

So, I am getting more and more of the same line of questions--are you a full time photographer? oh, you have a second job? when are you gonna do it full time? you totally *should!*

and while that is totally a huge compliment, and thank you for saying so, my answer is still the same: I really like being an engineer. I worked really, really hard to become one, and I enjoy my job SO much! I love photography--it is such an important part of my life--but I am a photographer because I choose to be. Because I love it. I don't want to make the switch to relying on that for income.

I mean, what's that saying--it usually applies to relationships, but I think it applies here--to be happy you've always gotta want and love something more than you need it. And in the foreseeable future, I don't want to need it.

It was actually kind of refreshing talking to a) my best good friend Sydney C and b) this dude, Nate, who worked in a camera shop and takes awesome pictures and was a friend of Adam, who got married this weekend.

Nate told me something that no other photographer has said to me: keep it as a side thing. He actually urged me to do so. And for the very reason I say I want it to stay that way--because you fall out of love with something when it becomes what you rely on for your bread and butter. (not everyone, mind you--there certainly are exceptions. but a whoooooole lot have it happen. particularly in fields that rely on artistic talent.) I seriously needed to hear that.

Syd and I were talking about her wedding plans--two months and three days! I am bridesmaid in her wedding, and I was editing photos while talking to her. She laughed and then as we were making plans for next week we realized I was going to go try on my dress, she was gonna teach a riding lesson and then we'd meet up for beers, so she was kind of in the same boat. Her second job--the thing that she loves--sometimes interferes with her life, but it's worth it. And it's also not something she wants to do full time.

anyhoodle. things on my mind this week. as I've spent the past two weeks editing constantly and work is crazytown and cows. (I seriously might spend this entire weekend either editing photos or doing work so I can go out of town other than the haircut, seeing Dad Fry and a Saturday morning photo shoot. yikes.)

ps: I bought a new site for my art prints!
pps: I had to make a collage. you might have seen it on facebook. but I'm uploading it again 'cause this long post needs a picture!
ppps: I have this totally rad thing called a lensbaby, right? well I just pimped it out and saved $40 in the process. I cannot possibly tell you how excited I am--it is the most "Carrie" lens ever, and I just made it even more versatile. Just. You. Wait.
pppps: no more photo purchases until August!
ppppps: that is all.


brooke knight said...

i totally know what you mean about doing something so much that it becomes like work, rather than fun. that is why paul no longer plays in a band (and also why he doesn't much care for bars), and it is a lot of why i haven't painted in a loooong time. the energy spent in self-promotion straight wore me out. good job for keeping it balanced.

gurdas said...

The greatest single sentence I have read on your blog is:
"to be happy you've always gotta want and love something more than you need it."

Can you please capitalize, bold, and underline that?

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