Friday, June 12, 2009

deja vu.

um, so remember a month and a half ago (TO THE DAY) when I posted this?

well, do a double take. except that this time? my camera is sitting in Raleigh waiting for to come pick her up! After the wedding I did two weeks ago, I realized that if the 50D I had broke, and I had to use my XTi? I would be hard-pressed to get photos that were as good as the ones I can take with my 50D.

now before anyone starts thinking that you have to have a fancy camera to take good pictures, let me assure you: you don't. you can get amazing stuff with a point-and shoot. most of my early work y'all love? (the tree from underneath? the mustang photos? the sunflower photo published in Our State? and while we're at it, ALL of these?) point-and-shoot.

and furthermore, just 'cause you have a fancy camera does not guarantee you're going to get breathtaking shots. believe me, I know. you have to learn how to use it right, and then...then it's beauty.

but I'm rambling here.

SO I realized that if I'm at a once-in-a-lifetime event (e.g., a wedding) and my 50D were to malfunction and I had to use my Rebel, I would be mucho disappointed to downgrade my equipment for the rest of the day. I don't think the bride would know, but *I* would, and that's enough that it made me decide to look for a second 50D.

I was going to rent a camera for the weddings this year--for Leanne's, Beverly's and Julie's, etc. I was going to spend about $480 total renting the dang thing one week at a time. So, as long as I use it, I'm good. And if I suddenly decided to stop doing weddings (which is SO not what I'm expecting, but I like to logic things out, here...) and sell the camera ('cause I would TOTALLY keep one of them) then you know what? As long as I didn't lose more than $230 in the process? I win. :)

and I really don't think that eventuality is going to happen anytime soon.

so anyway--decided I would start looking. maybe find it, maybe rent for Leanne's wedding.

But you know what? I found it. And I saved $250 off of what it would've cost me new. Someone sold it to a camera shop in Raleigh--Peace Camera. They'd taken ~300 pictures with it, and for whatever reason, decided they weren't going to keep it. It works perfectly, it comes with a warranty/guarantee and it is now owned by yours truly.

(sidenote though: the people at Peace? Their customer service is LACKING. I'm hoping it's just 'cause they don't like talking on the phone or something. But they were less than pleasant. I think I'd say gruff. But for $250 in savings? I'll take gruff.)


and enough about photography for one post. :) except that now I'm thinking about getting rid of my rebel altogether, maybe. hmmm.

more later this afternoon.


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