Tuesday, June 02, 2009

this is probably not good...

but I am already looking forward to the weekend.

and it is tuesday.


why? 8th grade dance at Matt's school, a mini-massage and a pedicure, a little date, sleeping in and other sundry errands, perhaps some brunch and some shopping. carrie=like.

PLUS I will be getting to edit some o' the fab photos I captured this weekend. looking forward to that too. especially because eventually some of them are going to end up on the wedding reception venue's site! and they're paying me for them. woohoo!

so yeah, shot the wedding this weekend in the mountains. geee-or-geee-ous. and sunshiny goodness. and FUN. that bride was a hoot. and she LOVED the pinwheels I brought!

and then did a 20 people family session on Sunday. by the way, that city is Star, NC. It's the geographic center of the state. :) it sprinkled for a very short bit in the middle of the shoot, but other than that it was perfect weather. I really enjoyed it. And we got to have Olive Garden for dinner. mmm.

what else...what else...

I need new music. suggestions? and I need a nap. and I'm reading the 4th Twilight and LOVING it. I liked the first one. I did not think much of the second and third. This last one is kind of awesome.

And I think sushi and champagne are two of the best things ever. I very much enjoyed that last night. :)

pictures soon, I promise.


David said...

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown

m-m-m-melissa said...

suuuuuushi... perhaps i will have some this weekend.. if it ever gets here.

i don't care how lame this makes me, but i really love gavin degraw's self-titled (or eponymous, if you're hoity-toity) album. it came out a year ago, but all but two of the songs are new to me, so there you have it. :) check out "let it go" on youtube. LOVE it.

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