Tuesday, June 16, 2009

just one picture from our trip. well, one of each!

because I don't have time for more than that right now...

while we were out and about visiting wineries we saw some prettyprettypretty spots! made me wonder if in the future I can talk an engaged couple into visiting a winery for pictures because they are BEAUTIFUL! It also made me think that if Matt and I do engagement pictures someday (okay, who am I kidding? when Matt and I do engagement pictures someday...) we should do some of them at a brewery. :)

here's Matt and me at the barn behind the original house from Westbend Vineyards. The grounds here were just AMAZING!

and here are our friends Courtney and Derek. What a RIOT! Derek is doing the classic kick-up-the-leg pose typical reserved for the women in the relationship. Ha!

We were not in love with this place's wine (except for their sparkling one that was thirty-friggin-five dollars a bottle!) but the grounds were just stellar. I took 146 pictures at this place alone, and we were only there for an hour!

More about the wineries soon. Now, back to work!


Nicole Faby said...

Very cute!

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