Thursday, June 04, 2009

and exciting photography things...

so, first off. wanna see the wedding pictures from this weekend? go to my website, and to the gallery "from your session" and enter the password "jessicaandmark0530." :)

tonight I am doing my first corporate gig. it's a couple of headshots for a local company, nothing difficult or complicated, but still. they need this kind of stuff semi-often, so I'm hoping that I can be their "backup" (they already have someone they usually use).

AND I have found out that my work will be featured on not one, but TWO vendor's websites. it's not on either's yet, but that's the word on the street. one will be saturday's venue, and the other's a secret for now. and once it's up I'll put it on my photography site and let you know it's there (don't want their statcounter to lead them back to my person blog, y'know?)

anyway, EXCITING!

this month I'm anticipating: just married portraits in annapolis, a family session, a newborn session (possibly two) and another set of headshots.

next month: bridal portraits, two weddings, five mini photo shoots in dallas, three mini photo shoots in tulsa, and maybe another family session.

WOW. wowowowow.

I am so thankful. :)


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