Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm not sure how to title this one...

Sooooo....just got this comment from Anon--in case you missed it, thought I'd share

"i don't mean to be hater because i'm not a hater. your blog is on my g-reader and everything. but, your blogs lately have been, well, boring. you seem to have lost a little of your care-for-the-environment edge that you had a year ago. i enjoyed reading about how you are trying to be more green and now your blogs are just about how busy you are. i submit these thoughts as a fan, not a hater."

Of course this isn't the kind of comment you want to see first thing on a Friday morning, and it did sting a smidge, but I believe Anon that he/she isn't a hater. And I would be lying if I said that he/she didn't have a point.

So, let me respond, and please believe me when I say I'm not being defensive or making excuses. I'm just letting you know what's going on. :)

For starters, I have been busy.
- I can't tell you the last time I spent two weekends in a row at home. Oh wait, yes I can--early JUNE.
-I have also been working like crazy on the M@ndatory Greenhouse G@s Report!ng Rule. Seriously, ten-twelve hour days, working on the weekends, etc. It was insane. That is over and should be signed any day. However, I can't really talk about the MGHGRR. And I can't talk about a lot of what I work on--at least not in any level of detail. So it's taking up all my time, it's eco-friendly and mum's the word.
-I have been having some minor-in-the-grand-scheme-of-life but currently-majorly-miserable health issues. I'm having surgery for it from a week from today, actually. At 730 AM.
-and? my photography business is going overwhelmingly well. I am thrilled! But I am also busy with it. This is the "busy season" y'see (June-November) and since I also have a full time engineering job, between the two I end up "working" oh, 50-75 hours a week, depending.

But yeah, you already knew that. And this part is probably more important anyway.

I have lost my eco-fodder.

-I have done a LOT of the things that a someone with the care-for-the-environment edge is gonna do. I haven't, like, given up all things but hemp and decided to walk everywhere, but it's kind of like I've been there and done that. Reusable bags, laundry detergent, alternative transportation, composting (which btw, has not been working right since April which totally bums me out! I blame the pollen when I dried it outside) , eating local, reducing my intake of HFCS, buying eco-friendly products (makeup, clothes, shoes, pens, binders, etc). I do that. I blogged about 'em. I'm kinda stuck, y'know?

-I used up a lot of my info doing EH2ED. Which I REALLY enjoyed, but kind of exhausted my eco-reserves. I know that was a little while ago, but since then, please refer to the 12 weddings, HS reunion, trip to Colorado, Florida twice and Georgia I've gone on since March.

-I also used to get my information from A LOT of sources:

~National Geographic's The Green Guide--which doesn't exist anymore.
~5 Minutes for Going Green--which hasn't really been happening the last six months.
~Scientific American's Earth 3.0 Magazine--which they stopped writing.
~I am still enjoying The Daily Green--but it has been a long time since something jumped out at me and made me want to blog.
~I also get Cool People Care's emails, but those are more social and less eco. I still heart them though!
~I get Ideal Bite, but again, no fire.
~I haven't been to in a LONG time. I should probably fix that.
~And my Air Pollution classes the last two semesters were chock full of eco-friendly goodies. This semester I'm taking a Water Resources class that so far is about how to calculate the head and flow in looped networks, and isn't giving me any eco-nuggets of goodness.

I also think that:

-there was a LOT of eco-talk going on last year because of the election
-I used to have people ask me questions/send me links/etc. Like, I'd probably get one every ten days.

And, last but not least--I, well, I have been, let's go with "informed" that my eco-friendliness can come on way too strong. Which isn't stopping *me* from being that way, but is maybe


I feel like lack of time + reduced info/idea resources + already doing all the "typical" greenie stuff + lack of questions/ideas = lack of eco-blogging.

TOTALLY fixable. I mean, I'm going to be in town for THREE consecutive weekends, so that's an improvement right there. :) And I did just blog on two eco-friendly topics in the last two-ish weeks. Well, one was a little ranty, but the other you should definitely check out if you missed it.

So: Thanks for the input, for being honest and for calling me out 'cause you're definitely right. :)

Now: I'm turning the tables, and saying "hey, you people who miss the eco-ness, what's on your mind? Maybe you wanna know why XYZ is bad for the environment. Maybe you wanna know an eco-friendly substitute for blah-blah-blah. Email me. Ask me. Pretty please with sugar on top? "

Help me get back on track and I promise to be the eco-friendly girl I really am. :)

ps: I do have two eco-posts I've been learning about and researching, both from suggestions. But one is kind of weird and I want more info, and the other just frustrates me 'cause it's a big not-in-my-backyard (NIMBY) problem in North Carolina. So, yeah. I'll work on those. And you email me. k?


Jax said...

What the hell are you having surgery for, lovely?! Hoping all is okay!!!

Misha said...

Eco/Personal Question that may sound "duh" to you: What do you plan to do with the degree you are now working for? If you are so passionate about the environment, I would imagine you have plans to use the environmental engineering education in a positive way? You mention working on the MGHGRR. Stuff like this is important but it's just chasing down emissions after the fact. Do you have any dreams of developing new technology to prevent further environmental damage?

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