Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a different kind of wbw.

also, a kind of positive pat-on-the-back.

and a reminder that one month from today? 29 baby. last year of my twenties. which, to steal Jackie's blog title? ROARING.

so, just shy of a year and eight months ago I went and picked up my brand new camera. I had decided to buy it with my inheritance from my grandfather. I am quite certain he would be immeasurably proud of my for selecting something that is both fun and practical.

before that, I was using my cute little point and shoot. the two versions of it I had had been good to me--they captured the mustang and my first set of engagement pics that I took. And my #1 best selling print of all? taken with my point and shoot. while hungover. in my friend's front yard. without even actually looking. (hey, wouldn't it look cool if....maybe I could....OOH! WOWOWO!)

but so. getting to that wbw...

here's the third picture I took with my Rebel XTi, my first digital SLR.

and here are four of my favorites from the shoot I did yesterday. and maybe you can't tell, as one is of a cat and the other is of two rockin' people who are very much in love, but I can--this wbw is about the long way I've come. and as I keep editing I'm feeling kind of pleased with myself, so pardon this outburst of bragging, k? I knew you'd agree. :)

next week? cute pictures of youngin' Carrie. I found some while Renee and I were cleaning last weekend. which reminds are pics of the room. we didn't take before pictures, but I think that's ulimately okay, as I probably wouldn't have shown you them anyway :)

to give you an idea though...the bed was where the shelf is. and that piece of furniture (which was $17. and I spray painted. and the hardward cost 2.5 times the cost of the actual furniture!)--well, the area on top of htat blue piece of furniture is a pretty good indication of what the entire room looked like. Renee and I hauled two big laundry bags, a crate and a box full of stuff to Goodwill, threw away 2 big bags of trash and 3 smaller ones, and recycled a lot of paper and cardboard. I have little bins for about 60% of the shelf (see the white one at the bottom?) and eventually the amazing pink velvet couch will have a home here.

oh and by the way? getting the piece of that shelf up both flights of stairs was probably the most ridiculous thing Renee and I have ever done together. Let's just say there was a lot of sweating, giggling, cursing, straining and I'm a hoss. And that shelf is going to stay in that room until I pay movers to take it out. And even then, it might have to stay 'cause it is heavy :)

the end.

and thanks y'all for the emails and the comments and the warm fuzzies. I am lucky to have people like y'all in my life--so THANK YOU!


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