Thursday, September 17, 2009

so, let me get this want me to what?

I'm writing a thing about stor@ge tanks at work. It is riveting, I tell you.

just riveting.

So, we talk about the t@nks and how to measure the em!ss!ons and all, and talk about a program that the EnviroProtecAgency provides for free. It uses annual meteorological data and has ~200 cities in the database. (by the way, yes, Tulsa is one of them!)

Well, so it uses the annual average temperature, wind speed, etc and not the monthy average, and that introduces some variability into the data, right? And I mentioned that.

so, after I talk about the program, what it does, how it does it and what the results mean (and how they may be inaccurate on a monthly basis, but not on an annual average basis, which kind of matters and kind of does it)

I am then supposed to illustrate the potential discrepancies in emissions that might occur. Oh yeah, and this is the document where we're saying--if y'all have stor@ge tanks, you need to do this. and use this program. and now we're going to tell you how it's flawed.

So I'm telling them to use something and then telling them why it's not very good. Yeehaw.

back to the typing and the trying-not-to-roll-my-eyes. yeesh!


Anonymous said...

i don't mean to be hater because i'm not a hater. your blog is on my g-reader and everything. but, your blogs lately have been, well, boring. you seem to have lost a little of your care-for-the-environment edge that you had a year ago. i enjoyed reading about how you are trying to be more green and now your blogs are just about how busy you are. i submit these thoughts as a fan, not a hater.

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