Monday, September 28, 2009

excuse the absense...

but I have been making friends with my rx painkillers, a sitz bath and not lifting things over 5 pounds. I had my surgery on friday, y'see.

not so cool things:

-I am still quite sore.

-I am not able to operate normally (weight limits and other not-for-blogging goodies)

-I kind of super-freaked-out-panicked when they started walking me to the operating room. for one, I was WALKING not being carted in. plus they didn't tell me to get my kiss from matt. and I could see the blood in my IV 'cause it was lower than my arm. AND then they walked me into the room where there was a gigantic table of shiny metal objects. I think I might've almost yelled "I can't see that--I cannot handle seeing those!!!" I was crying. The nice anesthesiologist told me he would make me feel better. the last thing I remember is saying "I feel kind of dizzy..." At first I felt bad about it, but then I was like "um, I don't think most people want to see a tray of metal objects and come to the realization that those objects are about to, y'know, remove things from their body."

cool things:

-I made the nurses laugh. They didn't have to do part of the procedure because my symptoms had stopped. And apparently I kept asking "did you have to use the b0t0x?" The answer (thank goodness) was "no." but I had asked about seventeen times, apparently. so, i'm sitting there, they're coming back to take the IV out and I say "I did have one question....did you have to use the b0t0x?" I waited a beat while both of their eyes got wide (I seemed to be awake....) and then told them I was kidding. They got a good giggle out of it. :)
-I seem to be handle life with ibuprofen or tylenol instead of the rx painkillers--which means I can drive as of 5am Monday morning!

-the nurse after was named Debbie and she was very nice. She told me to make sure to eat lots of vegetables--I said I could totally do that--I had just picked up some from my CSA the day before. She asked who and I told her and get this--her other job, besides being a nurse? Working for the same farm where I get my CSA allotment! I will totally be saying hi to her at the Durham Farmer's Market :)

-AND I knew I was definitely all-together when my anesthesiologist came back sort of to check on me, but also because he'd overheard someone ask what I did for a living, and I mentioned how I'd worked on the greenh0use g@s stuff that had just been passed (and which took up my whole summer). Well, he wanted to know more--about why and how and what about industries that hadn't been covered yet. So just-out-of-surgery, still-slightly-hazy Carrie gave him a little play-by-play of the rule and the reporting requirements and why they put everything into CO2 equivalents.

so: tomorrow I go back to work. my sleeping schedule is alllll out of whack (hence the late-hour blog post) but I think it will be okay. I hope? At least I don't work in a lab anymore--I keep telling myself that!

and if anyone is out there going "hey, wait, surgery? what for?" just email me and I'll tell you if you really want to know. I just don't want to describe it in detail on the blog--or have people google and find it. I'm sure you understand :)


M. said...

Yikes! I hope you feel better soon!

brooke knight said...

glad you are doing better. i am glad that you got to know your medical staff so well! always like hearing POSITIVE hospital experiences.... :)

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