Wednesday, September 16, 2009

marginally less...

I am marginally less stressed today. Or maybe I've decided to care less. And I've made a nice long to-do list, so that's actually helpful. :)

I'm quite sure hanging out with some of my favorite people last night helped, too. And we went to a totally cool new place in Durham, called Vita. It just so happened that their martinis were $4 last night, and the olive app was AMAZING, and they had some of the best bruschetta I've ever had. I wasn't wowed by their Margherita pizza, but it was definitely good, and the PLT was great and mmmmm was that ravioli yummy.

And, they are fans of all things local, so you should definitely go check them out!

Also, here's my WBW. I've been saving this one. But now that it's fall-ish and I have pumpkins and pie-baking and orange/red/yellow on the mind, it is time. :)

That's Anna, me and my mom. I'm guessing we're 3? In any case, we're totally cute. And surprise surprise, dressed as opposite as you can get! Can you guess which one I am?

Okay, back to that whole working thing. And hopefully checking things off of my to-do list! I have 25 things left to do...yikesies! But it sure is wonderful checking them off. :)


{lauryl} said...

haha! super cute!

brooke knight said...

awesome cute. you both look a lot like your mom.

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