Thursday, September 03, 2009

way back wed-thurs-day-ish

um hi. it's one in the morning. I am watching a lecture. er. sort of. I am using both laptops. :) right now this class is a review of my college hydraulics class, and I just am not that interested. I've never liked lectures--give me real problems to complete please!

and it's superbizarre because he's writing on the overheads and you can't see it. but he provides a pdf of the overheads after class. so you have to kind of guess.


so, I am still missing oklahoma. yes, I went there three times this summer. but they were all busyBUSY. and this time? I saw Anna for ~10 minutes on Thursday, and after that I didn't see any of my siblings or my relatives until 130 on Sunday. And I had a 340 flight to catch.

[oh and I haven't mentioned this yet, but somehow Matt's cellphone got left in our rental. and we were running LATE. like we had 7 minutes to get our bags to the counter late. and we were 50 feet from the car when he realized it, and the car was ALREADY GONE. to be cleaned of course.

so I had to carry all three bags to the counter. plus my backpack. between the books I was bringing from my granny's and the OK beer we bought, our three items together weighed nearly as much as *I* do. Plus my backpack, I'm sure I doubled my weight. getting it to the southwest counter was MISERABLE. I was so exchausted after. but matt got his phone and the nice lady let us latecheck it. anyway. more on that later.]

so. I saw Adam for like 5 minutes total. Anna for 15 minutes total. And Harvey for like 40 minutes 'cause I took his SENIOR pictures. Holy crap my baby brother is a SENIOR.  I took some for his best friend Brandon too. I shall share soon. But anyway he's a senior. Holy cow. anyway.

It made me miss these folks. (I miss my mom too. but she's not so huge on being in pictures. besides I think she took this one. it was her picture of her kiddos on her birthday)

our instructions for this picture were: be a fish! you can see there are two fish (the good kids) one monkey (the baby bro) and a moose--that would be adam, sort of doing what he's supposed to do, sort of defying everyone. :)

I miss my siblings. happy wbw. :)


Stacia said...

WBW rocks, thanks for participating! Love the siblings pic!

Jax said...

haha.. so cute.. and is that the sweater you got in DC?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it-STILL. :)

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