Monday, September 21, 2009

livin la vida LOCAL

so, my fabulous friend Renee visited this weekend, and we accomplished a LOT. I'll put that in a second post, but she mentioned something so I decided to look it up...

y'see, something that I REALLY wanted to make sure we did was go to the durham farmer's market. for one, I wanted to ask some questions about the durham central market--I think for my birthday this year I'm going to buy a bicycle and join a co-op--who AM I?--but I also wanted to purchase some local eggs. I think they are yummier, and they are definitely more eco-friendly.


Renee mentioned that her local farmers market has crummy hours. Like, Wednesdays from 3-6 or something. And I thought about people who don't even KNOW that Durham has a farmer's I googled and found an entire website dedicated to farmers markets and finding them!

for instance--if you want to see other farmers markets near decatur, there's a whole list here.

there are a WHOLE bunch in the Tulsa area--Brookside, Cherry Street, Jenks, etc. check it out!

and here in Raleighwood/Durham--there's the Durham, Carrboro, Raleigh and even NORTH Raleigh markets! wow!

I could talk for hours about why buying local is good. Like, literally hours on end. Lower emissions. Some foods help with allergies. Sustainability. Supporting the community. The list. goes. on. forever.

And? It's fresher, it's yummy and lots of the time it's actually MUCH cheaper than the grocery store since you're buying in season! LocalHarvest can also help you find CSAs, Groceries/co-ops and more. Check it out!

oh and here's the yummy pizzas we made for dinner. ingredients=

local bread (farmer's market)
local red tomatoes (my CSA)
local yellow cherry tomatoes (from my CSA)
local basil (from my deck!)
local shrimp (caught on NC's coast on Wed, bought when I got my CSA Thurs)
local creamery cheese (from earthfare labor day weekend)
local asiago (farmer's market)
local goat cheese (farmer's market)
organic olive oil for the pesto--not local, can't find any local!
organic italian seasoning--not local, but at least it's a try, lightweight product
pine nuts--also not local--can't find 'em local
and organic mozz (not local, unfortch. had it from two weekends ago and they didn't have any local mozz at earthfare. but I usually hvave local!)

aaaaaand we had dinner with local wine from Lauryl Gray winery in the Yadkin Valley. :)

and it was deeelish!


Del said...

I want to eat that right now.

M. said...

That meal looks delicious.

Isn't it empowering to eat locally? I feel like it's the modern-day version of a caveman (or cavewoman) taking down a wolly mammoth.

Maybe that makes sense only in my head...

{lauryl} said...

I shop at our local farmer's market once a week! We use 2/3 of our grocery budget at the farmer's market and 1/3 at Trader Joe's for other grocery items we can't get at the farmer's market. I have two farmer's markets within walking distance, and probably 5 within bike riding distance. The produce we get is AMAZING and I'm really starting to notice a different in the taste between organic grown and not.

Jax said...

OMG.. that looks so good!!!!!! I love our farmers market! We've got quite a few going now and it makes me excited.. like Tulsa is finally coming around to things like that!

sarah said...

that pizza looks delish!

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