Wednesday, September 09, 2009

at least the fever is gone.

soooo, I had a SPLENDID Labor Day weekend.

Friday night--Matt and I got dressed up and went to dinner at Tosca--which is a cool little restaurant in Durham. It was actually really nice, except they were having a photographer shoot their food, presumably for their website, and it was annoying.

She had her setup and umbrellas and all, but I really wanted to go over to her and say "look, um, I'm a photographer too and I can tell you aren't using the flash on top of your camera for any light at all as it is all being directed towards MY face and not your subject. So could you pleasepleaseplease direct the flash AWAY from the restaurant's patrons? Turn your camera the other direction, angle the flash away, whatever. Let the slave flashes do the work. Right now I'm using my menu to save my eyes and you're ruining my experience."

I didn't go say it. But I really, really wanted to.

Saturday I went to the farmer's market and got all sorts of goodies--green beans, NC apples, potatoes, sunflowers, plants (lemon verbena, cilantro, rosemary, a plant for my office whose name I can't rmeember), blueberries, etc. It was fabulous! I had a really good time with Megan and her friend Ruby.

And then Sunday I skipped church (for SHAME, I know!), slept as late as I could and we headed over to our friends Jeff and Christy's in the early evening to make dinner--we had burgers from local beef with local potatoes, local green beans, local tomatoes (oh my goodness the heirloom tomatoes were SO delicious) and we attempted homemade icecream, but failed since the canister for the machine wasn't frozen. :( And we shared some firefly sweet tea vodka--Arnold Palmer style--yum! We also played Apples to Apples and Jenga at the same time--and got really into Jenga, ha! Oh and I got to hold their turtle, who loooved the hardwood floors. :)

On Monday I was being good and watching my lectures and trying to catch up on life, but I felt a little yucky so I took a nap. I firmed up my dinner plans only to cancel them an hour later because my stomach didn't feel right. And then, lucky me...lots of getting sick. stomach cramps/pains. etc. oh an a fever of 101. I was miserable.

I didn't go to work yesterday and I slept most of the day. Probably was up for like 6 hours total. My fever finally went down last night, but I'm still not eating normal food. Oh and? I've lost five pounds since Sunday. yuck.

But, my fever is gone and applesauce seems to be agreeing with me, so it's baby steps people. Work is REALLY glad I'm not coming in an exposing all of them to this, so I'm glad about that as well. But yeah. I sure do hate being sick.

[edit] oh and I totally meant to put this in before, thanks anon for commenting and reminding me!

yes, turtles carry salmonella. I distinctly remember my little brother crying 'cause he couldn't have one 'cause kids were like licking turtles' shells and getting it (ps: probably a blessing in disguise. can you imagine how many turtles have had toxic substances spilled on them to see if they'd mutate?).

BUT after I held him (their turtle, not my brother!) I washed my hands. and then I realized I had to go to the bathroom and of course, after I washed my hands a second time.'s definitely a possibility, but rather unlikely 'cause I did use soap and hot water both times. I told my doctor this, and she said it could be from that ('cause my stomach isn't in great shape anyway, so I'm likely more susceptible to even the smallest of amounts) but that she'd also talked to three other people that day with similar symptoms--so it could be that too.


Anonymous said...

Not to be weird, or to suggest that you don't already know this, but turtles carry salmonella, right? Do you think it could have been that??? Or just a virus?

care said...

anon--I responded in the blog. forgot to mention that part. thanks for reminding me!

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