Monday, July 13, 2009

this weekend was good for my ego and bad for my left foot.

so, friday night I came home. I took a nap. I got pei wei takeout. And I sat on the couch in my pajamas and watched tv and edited photos. lots and lots of photos. dear god, will the editing ever stop? I mean, I know I chose this, but whoa. must.schedule.fewer.sessions. yes, yes.

saturday AM--bridal portrait shoot in downtown Chapel Hill.
I had about an hour and a half of down time before my next shoot in Raleigh.

and once that was over I came home, showered and got ready to go out with the girls! and I ended up deciding to keep the cute black dress I'd picked up at target. I'd show you, but it isn't on the website. black linen/cotton blend with a cute little belt.

here's the group-well, those who went out after eating dinner at globe (which was YUM but the service was slooooow)


while we were out I
-heard how hot and smart I was. repeatedly.
-was told how skinny I was. [I am not skinny. I am not fat either, but skinny is inaccurate too.]
-was told that if they'd had girls like me at Duke, that this dude we were all talking to might not've ended up with his wife. terrible TERRIBLE sentiment for his wife, I know. terrible. but it's nice to hear how awesome you are, so I actually consider this a wash. I also am writing it off to him being hammered? Eh, whatever.
-nicole talked to my ovaries. this was more hilarious and less good-for-the-ego. see?

I also had a funny moment--Nancy, the bride, drew a card and went to fulfill it. She was having a bit of trouble finding someone who fit the bill, though, so I got up, bought her a shot and presented it to her letting her know that the card was now complete. The requirement? "Get a nerd to buy you a shot." :)

But speaking of Nancy...she had on these killer shoes, right? I mean, these awesome, bright pink, sparkly and tall things, see? (ps, thanks to nicole for all of these pics!) Just, killer.

Well, we're in Hi-Five, and Nancy steps backwards, and she steps While rocking these puppies. Oh and I'm getting JUST the stiletto, thank you. wanna talk about pounds per square inch, hmm? So as if that weren't bad enough, she doesn't realize she's stepping on me. And she then starts to lose her balance as the crowd pushes her, and rocks back on her heel. I'm trying to move her foot off mine, and this is all happening so fast, and somehow her shoe gets stuck in my sandal!

She's falling over, I am crying in pain, it's too loud for her to hear people telling her what's going on, and to make matters worse, the people who are, thankfully, holding her up are completely oblivious to what's going on. It was a MESS.

we got untangled, I sat for a while with a drink against my foot, and am now watching a gross bruise slooooowly develop. It's about the size of, I dunno, the diameter of a can of soda? And grayish. And you can see multiple places where her heel dug into me. Don't worry, I'll share pics when it turns yellow and purple. :)

more pics: the girls who like beer and non-sweet drinks, and us w/ some of the guys from that evening. apparently it was very important to someone that I put my leg up and out. NOT my idea. but see the shoes?

Yesterday, Matt and I went to see The Hangover. Which is mostly friggin' hilarious. There's some good casting and we liked it a lot! I laughed HARD. But then there's this whole section that really doesn't make sense to me--with the Asian man, if you've seen it. NOT funny. And with full frontal, which I was SO not expecting. I mean, I expected some nudity, but not that much. Anyway, it's good for a giggle but probably even more crude than you think.

So, when I'm buying the tickets? Two of the girls behind the counter tell me how awesome my haircut looks, and how you have to have a certain bone structure to rock a cut that short and how I do and it looks fantastic. :) Made my day!

Annnnnd, that's it. Other than my updated site, with my new logo and all. :) Check it out!


katandkarl said...

those shoes are pretty hot - painful...

violet m said...

Any idea where I could fid these heels for my wedding?

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