Thursday, July 23, 2009

it is 1:13 raleighwood time.

I am still awake.
I have been doing work for the past FOUR hours.
with a few very short breaks for sanity's sake, but still.
FOUR hours.
on a spreadsheet I've been working on since thursday.
that they asked me about yesterday.
and TODAY at 345 pm told me they needed at 5.
obvs, they didn't get it.
folks are supposed to review it in the AM.
I am SO worn out.
but softball was fun.
and my kitties are cuddly.
and yes.

see, now I blogged again. :) I'm increasing my # of posts by 20% this month. sakes alive.

more later. like about seeing ARIEL! or my GI doc visit. :( Or how I think I need to hire a chef. and a maid. ha! okay, I might be serious about the maid. or a helper-with-going-through-crap. volunteers? I will pay you good money and feed you! but you must promise not to judge. :) anyhoo. I must sleep now. g'night!


Renee said...

i would help! i LOVE to organize. :-)

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