Tuesday, July 21, 2009

um, hi, remember me?

your friendly neighborhood eco-friendly blogger?

I just saw that it's the 21st of July and I have only posted FOUR times. this is horribly low. I mean, yeah I've spent the night in five different states already this month (omg I'm going to reach SIX this month) and I've already put in like 4 extra days of work or something and I've shot a wedding, six mini photo shoots and some bridal portraits and I have another wedding this weekend, but that is NO EXCUSE!

er, um, perhaps it is.


I went to Oklahoma. I took some pictures. Here are some of them. the only one that I edited was the very first one--of the weathervane. 'cause there was an undesirable sun flare on one side. otherwise, these are SOOC. (straight out of camera for those of you who don't speak photographer.)

tuesday night we got in late. our flights were both delayed a bit, which ended up working out okay as I got to have dinner at 42nd Street Oyster Bar and destress a bit (flying stresses me out. packing. arriving on time. ugh.) by the time we got in it was midnight central time (1am to me) and we met some folks out at another round on brookside. it. was. awesome. we stayed there until ~245 (at 150 they served us one last round and told us we could be on the patio as long as we liked but they had to lock the door and couldn't serve us anymore alcohol). I met THE Mad Dog from TU (dude, it was like I got to meet Mickey, only creepier) and I got to hang out with Randi, SJG, Miranda, Chris, Ashley, Miranda's matt, Miranda's roommate and Loren. too fun. pictures stolen from fb.

we visited marshall brewing company. their beer is GOOD. their owner/founder/brewmaster/awesomeness and I went to high school and college together. we are doing a tour of their brewery as a part of our high school reunion. yay!

a lot are from empire. we went there wednesday night. I got a little camera happy. my friends were good sports. if you look closely, in one of those beef and lemons pictures miranda and ashley are trying to lick the sticker. it was funny. the beer probably made it funnier. but being so dadgum tired probably made it the most funny of all.

also, loving the reflection in the pics of SJG and Andrea. They say "Guiness. Empire Bar." I heart my 50mm lens, I do, I do.

I love how that one of the lamp right above catches the dude playing pool. and I love the stoli sign. and I even love the one of the cigarette even though I think smoking is pretty gross.

and this brings us to thursday morning. I'll blog that eventually. :)


Jax said...

More blogging! More!! I need more! LOL! :) I still havent even been to Marshalls Brewery! Crazy right?! So sad I missed you while you were here. Blah. Stupid work obligations.. ha. We miss you in blog world. Come back to us, Carrie.. come back! haha! ;) Nah Ive seen your recent wedding stuff on fbook and it looks like you've been BUUUSSY! But cute pics you've taken!!!

And thanks for the kind words empathizing with lil ol LL dilemmas. I wish Tulsa had more townhomes/condos. That would help. Arg.

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