Tuesday, July 28, 2009

it's pouring right now.

as in, when it rains it pours. and not in the literal raining sense. why in the GEEZ does everything happen at once...

so pictures to appease the masses...

these goodies also came home with us from oklahoma. brilliant matt had the foresight NOT to put them in the same bag as all the beer, just in case it leaked on the way home. anyhoo, aren't they loverly? I need to find a home for them in my house. all in good time, all in good time.

also, next up in the blogging world:

-paying it forward
-nc's policies on wind farms (thanks, m!)
-biodegrading those icky plastic bags...
-a giveaway by yours truly!
-and a story about this guy. ground white pepper. oh, silly me.

just you wait. some day I will catch up.

some day.

perhaps just in time to begin something else, hmm?

ps: hope you can read this. I got tired of my layout and changed it up. I'm sure I'll be changing it yet again soon. and adding a label cloud (thanks sarah!). and such.

pps: the MANY grammatical errors and typos have been removed. obviously, I am thinking about other things, ha!


Zan said...

I super really like your new background. Where did you get it? Or did you make it? I would say, the font is a little dark on parts, but I still really like it!

Jax said...

Herrow.. I miss you. Come back and blog. XOXO!

Misha said...

Just out of curiosity - Why the heck would you want to bring beer home from OK? It isn't even real beer!!!!!!

care said...

good question!!

so, they changed the liquor laws since college--and now you can get some beers at their normal (read: not 3.2) alcohol percentage. soooooo case in point: boulevard. or Marshall Brewing Company's beer. full strength and yummy. :)

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