Thursday, July 23, 2009


we came home with LOTS of breakables when we left oklahoma (yes, I am skipping the middle. I'll get there).

we brought home two big suitcases and a duffel bag. amongst clothes and toiletries we also had
-two orange pyrex oval dishes, one w/ lid
-three pyrex mixing bowls
-two frankoma pottery mugs from 1969 and 1970
-two sixes of boulevard wheat
-one bottle of boulevard pale ale
-22s of Marshall Brewing Company's sundown wheat, atlas and mcnellie's
-some old Golden Hurricane cups
-a Marshall Brewing Company pint glass
-and lots of cookbooks, which I'll share later.

here are the breakables. most of these came home with us, but I already had some of the pyrex dishes. (the yellow casserole dishes and the yellow and orange mixing bowls). I found the orange ones in my granny's kitchen while rooting around for things I wanted, and I almost did a cartwheel when I saw them! And THEN my granny saw them on the counter, realized one had a lid, and it matches what I already have--WOO HOO! I was so happy!

AND they got home all in one piece. the bag o' beer was searched of course, but even with our getting stuck in st louis and all, nothing got injured. yay!

ps: eventually my posts will be less photos and more text. maybe. if I can crawl out of this craziness at work, that is!

pps: in case you think it's weird or rude or something that I say "granny, can I have this thing you own?" it is a)per her request, b)to avoid future conflict, c)not and d)nunya. :) seriously though, this is how she'd prefer it, and honestly she loves the part where she sees people enjoying her gifts o' fun. she knows I will LOVE using these dishes. :)

off to sushi!


M. said...

What beautiful items! And I LOVE those elephant mugs!! I informed my mom that I get her Waterford crystal, china and silver, so I don't think it's weird at all. It's just being realistic.

M. said...

P.S. Did you hear about this?

turner said...

It isn't all that odd for me to read/hear about. My grandma has been giving away most of her stuff for the last five years now. I think it's because she wants to know that the things she has will be taken in and cared for/used by the people she loves after she is gone.

Kinda cryptic, but sound reasoning. It's cool tho - I enjoy having a bunch of my grandfather's old shirts from when he was my age.

{lauryl} said...

my grammy is exactly the same way, she loves to give us things that we really want or need. i often send photos to her of the items she's given me and how i've incorporated them into my home-- she LOVES that. ;)

Jax said...

My mom used to have a TON of those elephant mugs.. likely still does. My parents were our neighborhood's republican party chairpeople. I remember going to MANY MANY inagural things when I was a kid. I even got to go on stage with George Bush (senior) and help with a drawing once. And now my mom is a democrat. nice. Anyway.. funny that the mugs just jogged my memory..

And love the stuff! SO CUTE! Im impressed with you getting that stuff back to NC in one piece! Go you!!My grandma did the same thing.. giving stuff away and all. :)

brooke knight said...

DUDE! loving those frankoma mugs. i have a few of their things, but they are getting harder and harder to find/afford!

sarah said...

OH my OH my! I am so jealous of your vintage goodies. I especially LOVE, love, love the mixing bowls.

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