Friday, July 24, 2009

I need to take some pictures...

but I am getting pretty excited about this whole "guest bedroom into Carrie's office/creative space" kind of thing.

and I think I might have a color palette.

and I think I might only paint one wall. a very faint yellow. I LOVE yellow, okay? and at least it wouldn't be green.

picture it:

-hot pink velvet fainting couch (will share pictures once I go to oklahoma in THREE weeks. omg.) to arrive next summer. in the meantime, twin bed.

-wallpaper from my granny's old house. this stuff was in her kitchen, and it is AMAZING. I will take a picture tonight. very colorful, very 70s. floral. I have a piece that is probably 20x24, and I will have it matted and frame it and hang it in the room.

-these guys from the container store. probably not the brown, but maybe.

-and depending on space, either shelving or maybe repaint the $17 piece of furniture I have now, or something. the only thing about the piece is that the bottom drawer broke and it now just has an open shelf area there. which is fine, but kind of jangety, and a shelf might be a better use of space. we shall see.

-and I also have LOTS of pink and yellow and orange pictures that I can put in there if I want, too.

bedroom 2 here is what I'm talking about. I need to buy a desk, and before I can buy anything I need to do a LOT of cleaning and going through and whatever, but this could be pretty rad!

Also: question. [with clarification from before]So, we have two bedrooms in our town home, both upstairs, and the whole upstairs is carpeted. I usually put the cats in this second bedroom at night, and they have torn through the carpet at the door already!

I was thinking about possibly putting (fake) wood flooring in this room instead of the carpet that's now in there (and torn up). would it be strange if the only carpet in the house was in the master bedroom, on the stairs and in the bonus room downstairs? meaning: all of the upstairs was carpeted except for the guest room? I don't want to put wood floors in the whole upstairs ('cause then I'd feel like I needed to do the stairs, too, and it'd cost a TON) but would that be totally strange? Just wondering what the internets have to say...


turner said...

So, I am confused: are you saying that the room-in-transition has carpet and you want to make it wood or did you transition into a whole nuther room?

Either way - my initial thought was that a room in which you might be painting and whatnot might benefit from a non-carpetted floor for the sake of cleaning. Also - it's easier to clean up cat hair on a hardwood floor (which I'm sure you know)

care said...

I tried to clarify. 2nd bedroom currently has carpet. I would (eventually) (maybe) put wood flooring in there instead.

my hesitation is that the entire rest of the level would be carpet except for this one room. and it is a bedroom, so when I sell the townhome, will someone want it to have wood? or carpet?

I'm primarily concerned with what it will mean at resale time, you know?

Del said...

I think you should stay with carpet. And maybe get a rug or something to prevent more damage? Then when you sell the townhouse you can just get new carpet for that room.

As a 'buyer', I'd prefer the bedrooms to have carpet over wood.


Jax said...

I love love love wood, soooo...yeah.. that's my opinion! haha! But, I am so excited for this project of yours!! It makes me want to buy a house even more!! XOXO!

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