Wednesday, July 08, 2009

being a girl scout came in handy

Before our flight I signed up for text alerts for both flights. I actually ended up informing the nice gate lady that the flight had been cancelled. I'd known for four minutes and they were still unaware.

Yesterday evening we stayed in a hotel paid for by the airline. We chose to keep our luggage checked, which saved us an hour and a half all by itself. I also had clean underwear, socks and a clean shirt! Matt had clean boxers too, so we were good to go. We even had toothbrushes.

things we were missing and wanted:
pajama shorts for me
face lotion
face soap
my memory foam pillow
our bed :) in our house of course...

seriously I even had my retainer! Sometimes people give me a hard time for my carry-ons (not matt, he knows better) but I have to say, times like this make it totally worthwhile!

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brooke knight said...

glad that you had some good stuff in your carryons. we have a bad record of lost luggage, so we often do the same. we also will often get somewhere and only get one of our two checked bags, so we always make sure to put at least one outfit in each other's suitcases as well! sorry for all your traveling woes!

turner said...

Was it the girlscout thing that had you prepared... or was it years of bad luck with anything to do with airports and/or planes?

I think Matt is your traveling good luck charm - because you've had less travel drama since he started going places with you.

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