Wednesday, July 15, 2009

wbw. like, waaaay back. like ten days ago.

this is why I go to Oklahoma.

I go to Oklahoma so my brother adam can pick me up and throw me over the back of the couch. So he can do so without any regard for my personal safety or for the couch arm that is located just below my shoulder in this here picture (there are two side by side)

additionally, I am crazy-ass busy, and am trying to stay afloat. I'm experiencing that thing where you have so much to do in such an unreasonable timeframe that you actually start procrastinating instead of working furiously.


back to the grindstone.


sarah said...

this is funny.

your photog blog looks absolutely fabulous, btw! really great.

Stacia said...

looks like you are suspended in air...too cool!

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