Saturday, May 05, 2012

hello, my treacherous friends.

thank you for joining me here tonight.

~ok go

I have no idea why that song is stuck in my head, but it's been there for DAYS and DAYS. I think I need to break out ye olde ipod and rock out to some ok go. I was OBSESSED with their album over my christmas break my senior year of college. I went to see a show of theirs some place (OKC, maybe?) with my friend Dustin and some other people (look, my senior year is fuzzy. I think I was anemic!) and I couldn't stop listening after that! I remember sitting in my living room, being grateful that my apartment-mate I loathed was away for two whole weeks, and wrapping presents while listening to that cd over and over.

Oh, and watching 24. A guy named Josh from my reaction kinetics class encouraged me to check it out. I was hooked. I just watched. And watched. And watched. I think the blockbuster people thought I was nuts. Moving on...

A new plan is hatching at my home. And no, it's not at all related to Small Fry. It's related to food.

Y'see, previously I was soooooo good about menus. I'd make one for two weeks at a time, I'd research new recipes, we'd get the dishes into the dishwasher nearly every night...

but now? please let me tell you that I would be HORRIFIED if you walked into my kitchen at this moment. I think I need to clone myself and devote one whole half of me to housework. Anyway.

So, thanks to suggestions from a few helpful friends, we are trying something new. There is a 0% chance that we will be militant about it. I'm not a go-overboard-making-sure-this-happens kind of gal. But we plan on going through our recipe books and planning the menu together. Because I need to delegate some of the decision-making I'm having to do. Baby stuff + photography + work + offices + house changes + my family + meal planning = too many decisions I'm making simultaneously. So, I'm trying to pawn some of them off on other people. And Matt is my first victim. :)

With this in mind--I'm asking for recipe suggestions. The simpler the better. And if they are made with real food, that's the best of all. (e.g., hamburger helper? not what I want to be putting into my body. whole wheat noodles, veggies, organic/local meat, etc, though? sign me up!)

In the spirit of sharing--here's one of my favorite recipes. I think it's even better with fish (tilapia works wonderfully). I am more than a little obsessed with avocado right now, so this makes me extra happy :)


Leanne said...

I love it! Here are some of my faves currently: - I usually roast a whole chicken at the beginning of the month and use some of the meat for this. I'll also add broccoli to it also for more veggies.

Enjoy! :-)

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